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I thought the Game Awards was bad, until..........

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When I followed the Game Awards and noticed that 4 of the awards was won by Red Dead Redemption 2, I was fucking pissed off. We got a few neat reveals like Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 for Switch only which caught me off guard, the Crash Team Racing remaster, Far Cry New Dawn which thankfully continues Farcry 5 after that horrible true ending, that new game by the creator of Bastion and recently Pyre, that Outer Worlds game which is definitely a giant fuck you to Fallout 76, and that Shadow of the Colossus esque archery game made by the same people behind Abzu and Journey, which makes me happy because FINALLY they're making a game with actual combat gameplay.

Other than that, I was annoyed and I thought this whole show will just be a giant Red Dead Redemption 2 showoff.


Then Ed Boon comes out, only for me to groan because he's nominating the best Sports/ Racing game. AND THEN SCORPION'S SPEAR CRASHES THE NOMINATION, THUNDER SHOWS UP AND MORTAL KOMBAT FUCKING 11 BITCHES!!!!



And after that point, when it looks like Red Dead Redemption 2 will win another award, it thankfully doesn't, then my main character from Persona 5 is coming to Smash, and GOTY goes to God of War. Fucking well done Game Awards, you actually managed to turn me from being pissed, to being happy in an instant. My applause goes to thee! 




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