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Fallout 76=The Division

3 posts in this topic

Problems The Division had that Fallout 76 also has:


Bullet sponge bosses

A story that already happened that you only experience after the fact

No variation in gameplay

Flying final boss that is very underwhelming

Sudo MMO with horrible PVP

Going Rouge/Being wanted is highly discouraged by game mechanics


There are more parallels that could be drawn. If we are going to make a game in the same vein we should definitely play what came before and learn from its mistakes. But hey The Division became pretty decent after almost a year and a half of updates. So I still hold out hope.


I still am playing the game and enjoy parts of it. But I also acknowledge all the problems and issues the game has right now.


I actually was watching the Angry Joe review of The Division and listening to his complaints. If you took the script and did a find and replace for the game names it would work for either. I just hadn't thought about it till that moment.

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John Carmack said that story in a video game is like story in a porn video, it's not necessary but you expect it to be there.  I believe he meant that when you consider the story told by clothes, setting and category of porn, a porn without a story would be people bumping caught on camera.  In fact the person watching the porn has a perfectly clear idea of what is happening in porn-meta terms.  If not implicitly told, the story has to be meticulously suggested.  The failure of both F76 and The Division is that they are not communicating enough context to substantiate the player's actions/decisions.  How many times did you see a pile of corpses in the Division and thought nothing of it.  The story in both F76 and the Division is dispensed in flat, un-imagined, unintelligent information bites that fall short of making a satisfying whole.

Edited by Bamboe

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now that it has been almost 6 months. have you retried the game? I hope so. there is so much more now that will be great for a 6 month review updaye. things like the festabule that had a glichy boss that would die and not give any loot, to player being allowed to nuke the even to stop other player from doing it. The fact they added a special mode for pvpers with the advertisement of more reward for more risk. then they tell player how to make it so they loose less items and then lock in the lesser loss when killed. Also the complaints of players camping the limited spawn points for quick kills making them put in ta temp involunablity. Then when these players get the free legendary item they go back to the adventure mode and exploit the game to kill other players that are non pvp. The first "dungen" that is not an instantce. does not need a group tho advertized as one. Also thoe it is an "inside" zone like whitesprings. it is affected by nukes. LAst the compleat ignoring of the pve player base wile giving the pvp people everything they want. I think doiing a 6 months on this would be so funny. 

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