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Judge Eyes PS4 game review. New Ryu Ga Gotoku/ Yakuza spin-off detective drama.

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This is it. The new spinoff game from the creator of Ryu Ga Gotoku/ Yakuza is finally here. Played the shit out of this game and just finished it. And...... well......

Image result for judge eyes

I think it's better to mention the negative first that I found in this game, which are just nitpicks of mine. I don't get why you can't equip weapons in this game. Yakuza 6 doesn't have it so Kiwami 2 brought the option to equip weapons which is awesome, but this game removes it! And the weird thing is you actually have a lot of specific weapon based heat moves, like the nunchakus and the tonfas, which are only in specific parts of the game's same as usual Kamurocho. Why?? 


Then there's these "follow this person while hiding from their view" minigames. You know those minigames where you need to keep your distance and not get too close to someone whether it's on foot or by car? It's also here. Most are alright, but there are some of the minigames where it's either too long, or the npc do a fakeout "oh wait, I'm not supposed to go this way. I'll go back" which can screw you over and get you detected, unless you keep your distance from them. One of these minigame have more than 1 person which really gets annoying because it means more line of sights for you to keep an eye out! Thankfully for me I never fail a single one of these.


And then there's the fact that there's only Kamurocho to explore again. Which is ok for me because there's new stuff which you can do that makes exploring this city fresh again, but a second city like the previous games would be nice! Then again, this game is a new spinoff series, so they're definitely saving the other cities for the sequel.


Also, no karaoke & hostess clubs. I get why there's no hostess clubs since in this game you help a few girls out & hang out with them before officially dating them, but no karaoke?? You got a boyband vocalist as the main character, and he doesn't get to show his singing skill??? That's such a shame! Then again, I think he probably doesn't want to revisit his former boyband past so I get his decision. Still though,

His voice is pretty good. Would love to hear him sing Yakuza made songs. Maybe in the sequel.




First off, just look at this intro

That is the hypest thing ever, and it sets the tone perfectly for the rest of this game.


The plot of this game is completely seperate from Ryu Ga Gotoku and it's a completely new story with new characters. The story is that you play as Takayuki Yagami, the guy played by popular Japanese boyband SMAP member Takuya Kimura, looking the same as this photo of the guy.

Image result for Takuya Kimura


Yagami was a defence attorney, who unfortunately got disbarred after his recent client was arrested after murdering his girlfriend. 3 years later, he opens his own detective agency with a Yakuza friend Kaito, and they both get into a lot of funny banter & bro moments with each other throughout the game. And of course detective work, most importantly a serial killer investigation involving a killer whose MO is to gouge people's eyes out. As Yagami and Kaito investigate further, they go deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole involving a pharmacoutical company and a drug they're developing called ADDC9, and it all relates back to Yagami's past client 3 years ago. What exactly happened? How does ADDC9 fit into all this? Who's the true killer? Play the game and find out!


Love the story of this game so much. Unlike the Ryu Ga Gotoku series which has crime stories with a lot of crazy stuff happening, like a golden castle showing out of nowhere, tiger punching & baby football, this game is more grounded in reality with its detective murder mistery plot. Each chapter brings new twist to the plot until the final chapter which brings everything down in an awesome conclusion. I am surprised how lengthy the final chapter is, and how every loose end is tied up neatly in the end of the game. Surprisingly there's a lot of funny moments as well peppered in the serious story which makes for some amusing moments that makes me chuckle here and there. Especially with this co worker of Yagami named Saori

Image result for judge eyes saori

who is a completely serious no nonsense girl that you can play as in 2 sections of the story, and has to act like a seductress + cabaret girl after getting a makeover. You can actually choose what she does in these section, and I choose to make her this loud "aw my gawd I'm so girly" girl. I did not expect her to do the things that she did....... Oh my God this girl is hillarious!


If you have played any Ryu Ga Gotoku/ Yakuza games in the past, specifially 6 and Kiwami 2, then this game is definitely right up your alley. You got your combat which is just as awesome as usual, especially with new heat moves introduced like these:

Yagami is a completely different character from Kiryu. Kung Fu is his martial arts, and he gets to show off so much fancy moves. He has 2 stances, one is for crowd control and the second is for one on one combat. Combat is like 6 & Kiwami 2, but with a lot more versatiliy since Yagami can parkour all over the place. Of course there are a couple of shared moves with Kiryu & Akiyama, he even has the Tiger Drop that you can unlock. But all in all he's his own beast. The way you unlock moves is WAY simpler compared to 6 and Kiwami 2 in that you only need to keep track of 1 character attribute points instead of 5 like before.


He also has a few dual heat moments with his pal Kaito. Just look at this:

That right there is what you call dual heat fit for bros!


Bosses and long battles are also here like usual, and to add tension to the fights, the bosses are now capable of reducing your max health if they attack you with their super moves. Or if you get shot by anyone with a gun. To recover your max health, you can either use a first aid kit or go to a doctor in the sewer that can heal you completely. And this game has one of the most badass boss in Yakuza's history.

He's one of the most persistent boss for Ryu Ga Gotoku ever. He's pretty much like Yoneda, but it's actually a boss instead of an easy foot soldier


Or the Man in Black from Kiwami 2, but with more weapons.


This guy keeps on getting his ass whooped, run away, and somehow bust out new weapons with him in each phases. He starts with a sword, then he has a knife, a spear, a cane that transforms into a shotgun, then 2 kail sticks, and then go back to sword again. That's 5 phases back to back in the same stage, and the weapon design is so cool that I want them. I like it so much that I want to fight him again.


The final boss itself is probably the first boss in Yakuza's history to be defeated, and then immediately fight you again with full health bar. Ryuji from 2 comes close, but he's more like fight him once, then fight another boss, then fight him again kind of deal. 


Then there's the plethora of side activities just like the Yakuza games do. You got the usual baseball, dart, SEGA arcade games which aside from SEGA classics also include an awesome House of the Dead esque minigame which I can play over and over

eating & drinking at every restaurants + bar for completion bonus, doing sidequests for various npcs, your basic stuff. There's also new activities not in previous Yakuza games. Since Yagami is a detective, he partakes in stuff like tailing people which I mentioned in the beginning, crime scene investigation, lockpicking doors, taking photos of illicit stuff for their clients, running towards a suspect to catch them & using disguises to enter restricted buildings. Generally being Sherlock Holmes. Aside from detective works, this game has 2 major side activities: drone racing and VR board game, which are both really fun. Drone racing is your usual "upgrade your drone and participate in races against the others",

while the VR board game is like this

You have limited dice rolls, and your objective is to reach the end, while collecting items which will then be converted into cash for the real world. You can stop in either a "get item", "fight people", "do an unlocking minigame" or "lose/ gain 2 dice rolls" tile. But the one you want to get is the golden cat tile which lets you get money gaining opportunities for your next 3 dice rolls. This is how you gain a lot of money in this game which you can use for many2 things. You can't just enter VR in an instant though, you have to get tickets for entry by fighting thugs & hoping they drop the tickets. But the cash is all worth it.

Finally, since Yagami was a former defence attorney, you'd expect that there will be a Phoenix Wright esque court battle with evidence showing and deduction. And well, THEY'RE HERE! And I'm so happy! Sure it's a lot simpler & it's not as long as Phoenix Wright, but they're in this game! It's also very forgiving in that you can screw up and look at Yagami rebounding after said screwup, which is good for me because I brute force my way through the dialogue choices as they're in chinese. And it's funny seeing Yagami saying wrong things here and there. lol


I spent 40+ hours playing this game, and just like previous Yakuza games, 40+ hours is the bare minimum since I'm only 60% complete with the game. There's SO much stuff to do that I'm going to do as many of them as I can. Some of the post-game missions I found: Solving a crime where the culprit switches his mascot clothes from Yakuza 6, this outfit

Name - Yakuza 6 - All Substories in Yakuza 6 - World and Maps - Yakuza 6 Game Guide  


And playing as a vampire.

Image result for æ­»ç¥ã®éºè¨ vampire

So much more missions to discover, like more VR missions, fighting Amon like before, and dating all the girls. Gonna unleash my Persona 5 charm and get these ladies yo!


Which is why my rating for this game is "so awesome that I will play this game again and again" with a badass seal of approval!

File:Badass Seal of approval.png

Another Ryu Ga Gotoku game, another GOTY candidate. Wait for the english version which surprisingly has a dubbed version. That's a first since the first Yakuza game, and enjoy this awesome game. This is certainly another great work by the Ryu Ga Gotoku team & I can't wait for their next game, which is probably the Shin Ryu Ga Gotoku with the afro dude. Show us what you can bring SEGA!

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I'm making sure I get this when it comes in English.

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