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Games Beaten By the AJSA (2019)

56 posts in this topic

Completed: Katana Zero
Platform: PC

2D action game where you can slow down time, deflect bullets, and roll to dodge through attacks and traps while trying to kill all enemies in each area with your sword or thrown weapons. Dialogue choices and occasional actions in a level can change how plot details play out. Gamepaly can change up a bit with stealth or a motorcycle chase. Excellent soundtrack and artstyle for characters, world, and backgrounds. Endgame sword unlocks can change attacks for replays. Too simple in most sections until you start getting near the end of the game, it's fun but most sections just wouldn't be that interesting to replay and are too simple to take much effort even the first time. Not that long of a game and ends on a cliffhanger likely for a sequel or DLC.


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70) Rochard

Platform: PC

Steam Spring Cleaning does it again.


This game is what happens if Shadow Complex removes its Metroidvania elements, replace the gun with a Half Life gravity gun which can fire bullets and grenades, have it be funnier & you have access to change gravity at will. It's a pretty sweet combination. You basically play as a miner named John Rochard who got screwed by his boss, so now you're kicking his ass. There's a lot of levels to explore each with their own little unique puzzles on how you can use gravity to platform your way across, and each levels also have hidden collectibles for you to hunt. I managed to collect 90% of them with the ones I missed being in the early levels. 


Unfortunately, the game ends on a cliffhanger, and there's no sequel since 2011. URRGHHH, I WANT TO SEE HOW THE STORY CONTINUES DAMN IT!

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Completed: The Daedalus Encounter
Platform: PC

FMV puzzle game where they had a somewhat interesting idea for your character and hired two people that could act well enough but did nothing else remotely well.

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71) Dead Space 2

Platform: PC

Since RE2 Remake was damn good, I'm in the mood for RE4 - 6 esque shooter esque games of the past. One of them being Dead Space, 2 specifically because that's my personal favorite. Now that I replayed 2, it has aged really damn well & still really damn fun to play. It doesn't scare me one bit since there's too many obnoxious jump scares, all except that fucking eye needle section that I still am scared to play even now. Shudder. Still, all that matters is that it's still so much fun killing necromorphs by dismembering their limbs by any means necessary, and the natural futuristic HUD in this game is still very refreshing to see, though I do wish that you can skip cutscenes so that I can get through the talking parts that I already listened to before.


72) The Surge

Platform: PC

This is that game from the maker of Lords of the Fallen, that game which has a smooth fast paced combat with Dark Souls mechanics. This one still has Dark Souls mechanics, but the combat emphasizes more on aiming enemy limbs so you can perform fatalities on them and get separate gears & materials for each limbs. And it takes place in a futuristic setting where there's a lot of robots & people that went haywire and tries to kill everyone in their sight.


I actually played this game last year, then I got really bored with it because the grinding in this game is so damn obnoxious that I had to kill 30+ enemies just to upgrade my gears, and no matter how much I upgrade, it seems that my character dies so quickly that I question if there's any need to upgrade at all. When I got back to playing this game, turns out there's actually implants that significantly upgrades your max HP, but I found it WAY LATE in the game which suddenly turns the game from way too hard and grindy to actually being a normal Souls esque game...... WHY CAN'T I ACQUIRE THE HEALTH UPGRADE MUCH EARLIER???


This game actually achieves one of the rarest things in gaming nowadays: it has a final level that destroys any good thing it had before. The game starts fun, then it becomes boring, then it becomes fun again towards the end, then the end section has to add a fuckload of mazes for you to navigate through which sucks the fun out of it. The entire games' level design have mazes in the form of maintenance tunnels that sometimes can lead you to a shortcut to your savepoint. It's all well and good, but the final level in this game went WAAAYYY too far with putting so many hard to kill enemies & making navigation a pain in the fucking ass because there's so many freaking maintenance tunnels that looks the same, so much so that I actually went in circles 5 times just trying to figure out a way out to my save point. By the time I beat the final boss, I immediately uninstall the game & don't want to play it anymore. THANK GOD that's over with! Oh please don't let Surge 2 have any more of those annoying mazes to deal with!


73) My Friend Pedro ( flash)

Platform: PC

To prepare myself for the upcoming insanity of a game that is My Friend Pedro,

I decided to go back to a previous version of this game, which is a flash game that can be played here.



It's definitely way simpler than the upcoming game, but it's still fun. You can slow mo & shoot guys with style, though there's no score to rack up & you can't do the stylish stuff that the upcoming game has. The final boss though is quite crazy, that I can't wait to see if the Steam version will have a similar level. Only 1 week to go!

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Completed: Total War Three Kingdoms
Platform: PC

Beautiful map and the best one I've seen in a Total War game. Massively improved diplomacy, economy, spying options, and supply system that all works perfectly for a Three Kingdoms game. Characters with their own personalities, likes and dislikes, and background uses (though things will start to overlap as you see many characters with similar backgrounds or passive skills from their class tree). Starting factions, resource locations, and gameplay elements unique to each lord can drastically change how you want to build your force/economy. Has more realistic records mode or powered up character romance mode that makes generals similar to heroes in Warhammer. Seasonal changes effect economy, food, and battles.

Not a wide variety of units to use with many going to be locked behind reforms that you won't reach or behind starting lord choices. The one artillery piece seems extremely powerful, even ignoring its uses for siege and settlement battles, I tended to finish fights with each one getting between 3-6 hundred kills, wiping out around 3-5 units alone before even getting into all the unit routing they cause. I never really lost a fight even when outnumbered by quite a bit once I threw two of them into every army I had (I suppose I could have used six), and would assume they would be even more powerful in records mode. Maybe more balanced on a higher difficulty. The actual battles are fun but aren't near as interesting as the Warhammer games, but that is going to be helped quite a bit by being on the second game and with all the added and freely updated content that Warhammer has gotten over the years. You can't really watch the character duels that well in romance mode since you need to command the actual battle going on while characters fight and the game really likes to make your characters lose duels for no reason when you choose auto resolve. Some of the pre and in battle dialogue is terrible and not at all matching with certain characters. Odd to see certain characters not being legendary (though some that should be still start with better equipment or a unique description), maybe more of a balance reason with more likely being added later.


Completed: SILPHEED
Platform: Sega CD

Vertical shooter. Art of the enemy ships and weapon effects doesn't look very impressive with the early polygon graphics the effects going on around you, destruction and laser fire, visuals of your movement making it look like you are getting further away as you near the top of the screen, and impressive level design that can have you flying across enemy ships/bases or making death star style trench runs make up for it. Enemies swarm around you from all sides., effects can hide enemy shots, and you can very suddenly be surprised by large objects or fast moving lasers that you will have almost no time to dodge unless you knew about them beforehand, these things combined with no continues or lives can make the game more of chore to play at times. Good music, dull sound effects. Dull bosses.


Completed: Ranger X
Platform: Genesis/Mega Drive

Looks good for a Genesis game with some nice backgrounds. Charging weapon power by staying in light is interesting. Awkward to control with how you shoot and having another bike with you that can be controlled if you have a six button controller or that you can merge with to swap weapons or make use of auto aiming main weapon. Can't shoot up, leading to awkwardly trying to hover to shoot enemies. Dull weapons. Hit detection is off. Enemies aren't satisfying to shoot and rarely let up. Weird exploitable enemies and bosses. Only five levels with some of them or parts of them severely limiting your already awkward movement.


Completed: Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth
Platform: 3DS

Higher production value, surprised to like the art and love the opening. Good moments between the characters. Elizabeth is always amusing, as are Yukiko and Yusuke together. Battle system is good but not a major step up like the system of P5 was to P4. Removal of extra new character from Q1 to now include P3 female hero and P5 cast gives way to many characters for a five person party set up and later introduction to some characters is unfortunate. Characters are fairly well balanced, with only a few seeming like they just wouldn't be good to use (Yosuke and Junpei). Reserve characters don't level with you so you can't do much switching out even though the extra missions seem to have been thought out as needing certain characters and the game allows for multiple saved party set ups. Some extra attacks or team attacks can trigger with people not in your party but it is a shame you can't use more characters or at least put more in positions to be swapped out or to use supporting abilities. Simpler dungeons, map drawing tool is still fairly pointless, really no reason it can't just fill it in for you. Poor bosses. With the much slower pace of getting through dungeons and frequent switching of persona along with all the side missions that may switch things up objective wise but take you back to the same old areas, the game can start to overstay its welcome. Still easy to recommend for a dungeon crawl and more so for Persona 3-5 fans.

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74) My Friend Pedro (full PC version)

Platform: PC

At last, after this game's preview at E3 2018, and after playing the flash game, the circle of Pedro is now complete. Even the launch trailer is awesome


As for the game itself, it's like the flash game on steroids with more platforming puzzles that makes you have to shoot switches to open up locked platforms. There's 40 levels in this game and each levels has rankings depending on how long your killing combos are. If you can kill everyone in sight without resetting the kill combo, you'll definitely get S rank easy, though it's impossible in some stages since you have to do platforming puzzles which resets the combo multiplier. Good thing is you can rack up the points if you play the game on the hardest difficulty which reduces your healthbar to just 1 and makes almost every enemy shots very deadly, if you like racking up points that is, otherwise you can just enjoy the game without care which will take around 3 - 4 hours to complete. Shame it's that short and the only replayability is just you trying to S rank every stage, but it's still a lot of fun regardless.


75) BirdGut

Platform: PC

This is a free Steam game where you play as a deformed insect that's thrown out of your home, and you're eaten by a bird. So your goal is to get out of that bird while traveling through its intestines. Interestingly this bird's intestine is pretty much a factory for insects, so you'll see each intestines having their own divisions & workers. It's like Bugs Life, only with modern tools!


76) Assault Spy

Platform: PC

This is quite an entertaining game. Basically, this game is what happens when you take Dante & turn his sword + Yamato loadout into a single character, and then make his fist gauntlet + Pandora's box + Ebony & Ivory loadout into another character. Then make it all anime as hell. The plot of the game is pretty much this:

You're a spy working to steal info from a robot factory. Then you get inside the robot factory & turns out the factory is taken over. Then plot twists left and right ensues which I can't say because it's quite fun to go through. 

I hope there's a sequel to this game. The combat is quite fun even though it's pretty much and elseworld DMC & I would love to see more characters with their own special move lists added. 


77) Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Platform: PC

OHOHOHOHO MAN, the creator of Symphony of the Night has come back to make his own game universe with the same Metroidvania stuff he's known for, and it is beautiful! Freaking Snake is cast as one of the cast which was the main character of the 8 bit throwback game Curse of the Moon? Shovel Knight is also here? There's many unashamedly cheeky Castlevania esque enemies & areas put together? There's THIS?



Alucard is also here, right down to having the same voice actor??



And there's even giant dogs & cats as enemies??


This game is freaking awesome. My nostalgia sense was tingling every step of the way I play this game from the beginning right down to the very end after I completed 99.80% of the entire map. IGA, well done. You made your kickstarter goal & created the game that everyone requested, and you added so many more awesome stuff in it, including free upcoming dlcs. This game is definitely one of the best of 2019 & I can't wait to play the upcoming dlcs!

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