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Games Beaten By the AJSA (2019)

102 posts in this topic

136) Spin Rhythm XD

Platform: PC

A funky ass DJ rhythm game..... hm that's not quite right. Let me show the game:


You control that circle thing on the bottom & make sure to hit either the red or blue note in tune with the song if it's a solid line, and you sometimes press spacebar on the green parts & spin to the left or right when it's an arrow part, which translates to moving your mouse in that direction. It is definitely harder than it looks. It took me 5 tries to pass the first song in the game. Granted I right away go for the hard difficulty, but it's so much fun doing it! Cool song collections, and one of the song is actually the exact song that a game called Just Shapes & Beats have.

Spin Rhyhm's still in early access, but it'll be a lot more fun when the full version is out. My favorite song in this game atm is this funky tune.



137) Superliminal

Platform: PC

When I saw this game on the PS State of Play,


I didn't know that it was already out on Epic Games store. This is the full complete version of the game that I saw here in the forum years ago where you use forced perspective to make an object bigger or smaller that I like so much.


So of course I immediately play it. The story, yes there's a story, is that you're taking part in a dream experiment conducted by the Pierce Institute for people who wants to get rid of self doubt & negative emotions. And the entire game is basically just you in this dream world doing a bunch of cool as hell illusion based puzzles where you either use forced perspective to get through a puzzle, and many optical illusion stuff which will blow your damn mind after you completed them. Even though the game is quite short, I mean I beat it in around 1 hour, the game ends on an uplifting tone that makes you happy to get through it. Well done def team, you have finally made your game & expanded on that mind blowing tech demo. Can't wait to see what you will come up with next!

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Completed: Sigma Theory
Platform: PC

Sigma Theory has you choose a team of four agents each with an intelligence and strength skill and passive traits that make them better or worse in different areas. Each playable country is trying to acquire scientist to research technology that will greatly push forward advancement in different areas. You can hack other countries to lower their alert levels, find what scientists they have through hacking or having your agents travel and investigate, convince scientists to become double agents, extract or capture them on short missions that give you a few decisions that will make things easier or harder on your agent, and if you want to use researched technology yourself or give it to powerful secret factions for less victory points and probably terrible results for humanity but bonuses in other areas.

It's an interesting idea but it is all way to limited. You usually only have two choices, faction missions will always play out the same way, extractions are limited, your agents might have some detail in their backgrounds but will almost never say or do anything interesting in the game and have no relationships among each other, the research plotline makes the game short and the game would probably be more interesting without it and the focused moved to expanded character and mission interaction. It gives you no real information about the actual numbers behind outcomes making it difficult to judge how effective some things are, many of the agents you could use seem like they would basically be useless, and intelligence and hacking abilities is so much more useful than anything else that there is little reason to go with any other type of agent as your game has no real reason not to play out in almost the same way every time once you know what to do.


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