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Resident Evil 2 Remake review. One of the absolute best RE game, EVER

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Words cannot describe how fucking amazing this game is.

Image result for resident evil 2 remake


Anyone of you who is alive in the 1990s definitely would know RE2. This is the remake of said game, and an absolutely FUCKING BRILLIANT one. It still follows Claire and Leon as they visit Raccoon City that's in the middle of a zombie outbreak, and how they have to get the hell out of this place. The best part about the game? Not only are the dialogues in this game WAAAY more fitting and realistic which is what anyone in a zombie apocalypse would definitely say, you still get Leon A/B and Claire A/B scenarios, as well as segments where you play as Sherry and Ada. What do you know, the rumor of those not in the game are false after all! So that's 4 content packed in 1, and that's not even counting the extra 4th Survivor and Tofu mode!


The gameplay of this game is the perfect blend of old school RE exploration with RE Revelations 2's controls. Move and shoot, or at least try to shoot since the enemies in this game can avoid your bullets like a baws, strategically managing your inventory, running the hell away from enemies that you don't want to encounter, backtracking to solve puzzles, and of course the usual conserve your ammo for your powerful weapons so that you can use them against the bosses. What's different here is that this game has the gunpowder mix mechanic from RE3 and the "defence item" mechanic that's in the RE 1 remake in that you equip either a knife or a grenade, and when an enemy grab you whether it's a zombie or a licker or whatever, you can use these items to push them away, or possibly blow their damn heads off if you use a grenade. 


Speaking of zombies, I applaude this game's potrayal of them. Back when the original RE 2 & 3 were out, I don't get how the police have such trouble fighting these guys, as seen by this intro

Look at them, they didn't even shoot them in the head. Haven't these guys seen any zombie movies?? They even go down fast when you fight against them in the game.


But in this game? The zombies are FAAAAAAR more durable and because of how realistic everyone act, I totally understand them getting their asses kicked. These zombies are a fucking menace. You shoot them in their damn head 4 times, you'll be lucky if the shot is a critical and blows their head right off, because most of the time, even if you shred their head skins off, they'll still come for you. Shotgun to their head is the number 1 way to end them, or a lucky critical shot which is oh so so satisfying to pull off.


You know who else is a menace? MR X. AKA Sergei Vladimir's most swanky Tyrant. (he's the creator of the Tyrants btw. And that is probably the most Russian name ever)

In the original RE2, he's quite easy to beat. You just pump him full of magnum/ acid rounds and he'll go down. Here? Just do what I do and RUN. You don't want to waste your ammo against this guy.


The one thing that's such a shame about the gameplay though is there's no melee attacks. It's been in the series since RE4 and not having it feels..... incomplete. You know what I mean, these moves: 


I get it, RE2 is supposed to make you feel like you're an inexperienced rookie trying to fight zombies, but what about when you play as Ada and Hunk who are secret agents that kills people on a regular basis? Why can't they have the badass melee?? I mean Chris and Joe Baker in 7 has them when you play as them, make me feel badass when I play as these 2!


Outside of that, this game is awesome. 2019 starts with a bang already, and it's for a REMAKE! Damn, first Yakuza Kiwami 2 and then this? I wonder what other awesome remakes there are going to be in the future! I give this game my rating of "welcome to Raccoon City again, 10 times better and even more scary to play than the first time! And it's so awesome you'll play it over and over again" with a badass seal of approval


Candidate for GOTY 2019. Get this game NOW!

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