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Ace Combat 7 review. The return of dogfighting awesomeness, and Godlike soundtrack.

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Man, RE2, Kingdom Hearts 3, and now Ace Combat 7. And later in the year, DMC5, Crash Team Racing and Shenmue 3, with FF7 remake. What is up with 2019 and long time franchises coming back from the dead? That's not a bad thing though because it's FUCKING AWESOME!

Image result for ACE Combat 7


The plot of this game takes place 5 years after Ace Combat 6, and it involves the nation of Osea and the kingdom of Erusea. For those that don't know, Osea is the setting of Ace Combat 5, and the stage for the absolutely epic final mission with one of the best song to ever grace Ace Combat.


while Erusea is the enemy nation of Ace Combat 4, also known as the place with the badass railgun you had to destroy

Basically after the event of 5, the president of Osea Harling, who's in Ace Combat 5, decided to build a space elevator on Erusea's teritory, because it's a symbol of peace and also based on every single Civilization game ever, the point where a country of your choosing won the science war and go to space.

Image result for ace combat 7 space elevator


Problem is Erusea was all "you wanna build this thing on OUR soil and win through science domination? GTFO bitch", and the game is spend on you fighting a war against Erusea. 


Fun fact: Ace Combat 7 is where drones & ai pilots are introduced prominently, which will lead to the event of Ace Combat 3. Not the garbage US version, but the superior Japanese version. OOOOHHH I can sense a remake of that game coming, I'M SO LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!


I like the story of this game quite a lot, because the narrative is told through the personal stories of 3 people that got caught up in this war: a girl mechanic Avril Mead, the kind and misunderstood princess of Erusea Rosa, and this scientist Schroeder, just like how Ace Combat 6 did it before. Weird that the cutscenes uses a lot of real life static images in the background mixed with the animated characters, like a real life dog image that just stand in place..... that was weird.


 As the stages progresses, not only are you following their story, but you're also following your main character pilot's journey from a rookie to the usual unstopabble pilot that this series is known for. Just like the other main characters except Assault Horizon, your character doesn't talk on screen which everyone makes fun of, but his plane skills is all he needs. And the plots all ties up in a great way in the very end.


Gameplay of this game is back to basics Ace Combat. If you have ever played any of the old numbered games, it's pretty much the same thing. Just aim at a plane/ ground enemies & either fire your machine gun or release your missiles on them, but make sure they’re in a stable position or else your missile will miss. The plane control is still as smooth and tight as before with freedom of movements. If you play using the expert control scheme that is which I reccomend using, not the dumbass normal control scheme. I miss the epic dogfighting mechanic of Assault Horizon, but back to basics Ace Combat is great so I ain't complaining.


The new thing that this game have though is that weather will affect your flight. So if you go into a storm cloud or a thunderstorm, your plane movement will be heavily affected and disoriented, so it's best to just be in the clouds for a short time. That and the Aircraft Tree which lets you unlock planes & plane modifiers before combat, which is from the free to play PS3 game Ace Combat Infinity.



It's so much fun playing through missions and unlocking new aircrafts + upgrades to use, especially the ones further down which has amazingly good plane stats.


There are 20 missions total for this game, and as with every Ace Combat games, there are of course ones that are so epic it makes me want to cheer & go ham. My favorites are definitely mission 12, because you get to go back to stonehenge and partake in an epic defence mission, mission 13 because of these 2 amazing songs



And mission 19. That mission is just........ so damn good. The bossfight, the hectic dodging of relentless enemies, and of course, this Godlike song

These missions are so good, that I will play them all again.


The only part of this game that I don't like is that some missions are "annihiliation" missions, which pretty much means you have to destroy as many enemies as you can and reach the high score before the time limit runs out. These are definitely fun, but the problem with most these missions is simply this: THERE'S NO CHECKPOINT. So imagine playing one of these missions which can take up to 12 minutes. And when you're 30 seconds into the end, you got shot down/ hit the pavement. You have to do the mission all over again! GAAHH, curse you mission 6!!


Other than that, this game is awesome. A welcome return to another dogfight plane game from my childhood with an entirely brilliant OST for me to listen to. I give this game the rating of "so awesome you will dogfight and destroy so many things with your newly acquired combat planes over and over and over again." With a badass seal of approval. 



I know it seems I'm really generous with my reviews this January, alongside RE2 Remake and Kingdom Hearts 3, BUT THESE GAMES ARE JUST THAT DAMN GOOD! GO GET THESE GAMES!

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