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Remember that Valve game Artifact?

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Remember this?

Me neither. And that game was released on November last year. How??? How can such a game fall to obscurity so damn hard so quick???

Well, other than the fact that it's a blatant attempt by Valve to compete with Hearthstone in the card game genre, they actually do it worse by making the RNG mechanic annoying to deal with, and they make you have to pay to play the game. And the problems mentioned in the Steam User section. Even though Hearthstone and dozens of other games are free to play with less problems. This game is doomed from the start.


Valve needs to bounce back from this hard. Release a new series for one, or Half Life 3, if they decided to do it for real, which is very freaking unlikely.

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I remember buying it and entering my first match, after it, I just logged off never to return again. Such an outcome was only to be expected, they weren't prepared as much as they should've if they wanted to compete with freakin Blizzards Hearthstone.. o.o

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Funny how Valve can find time to rip off lame card games but can't make a sequel to their most beloved franchise... Day of Defeat. I mean it's been 14 years since DOD:S, you'd think they'd have released a DOD:GO or something by now...

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Half Life is dead, and it should stay that way.

I'm a HUGE fan of the franchise, I have yet to play anything that came even close...with the possible exception of Prey. But at this point, I'm considering the possibility of a third game from the point of how the games would play if you binged them one after the other. The jump from HL1 to HL2 isn't bad, and there's always Black Mesa to make the transition easier. But game design and technology has changed too much since Episode 2 came out; Valve would have to purposely release a down-graded game so that jumping from HL2:E2 into HL3 wouldn't feel completely jarring.

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