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DMC 5 review. It's official. 2019 has the best early months release for games EVER

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Holy mother of God, I thank this year for so many amazing games to play!

Image result for dmc 5 vergil playable


Let's see the summary of recently released games this year that are really freaking awesome:

Resident Evil/ Biohazard 2 Remake

Kingdom Hearts 3

Ace Combat 7

Metro Exodus

Apex Legends


We can add DMC 5 to that list, and this is a potential GOTY contender.


Before we start, let's get the obvious thing out of the way: the microtransaction. You can pay money to get red orbs, but it's just fucking nonsense really, same as DMC 4 Special Edition which I don't even pay attention to and that stupid thing from MK X with buying coins and "easy fatality". Just pretend they don't exist and you can enjoy this game without worry!


DMC has never been a series with an award-winning plot. Across all games, 3 has the best story as it's the most straightforward, with a couple of strong character development moments for both Dante and Lady. Ironcially the DMC remake has one of the best story because of good believable drama thrown in that the other games lack, even though everyone wants to forget about that game. 4 is complicated and it's too safe because Dante is on top of everything, 1 is dumb fun, and 2, well, nobody cares about 2. Including the dev since there's a recap of the plot before DMC 5 in this game, and 2 has the shortest recap of them all as if the dev were saying "yeah 2 sucks ass, we know so let's just forget about it eh?" 

5's story is pretty much one of the best in the series. No scratch that, it has the best story in the series for now, even more than 3. On the surface it seems like the usual plot of "bad guy shows up, now it's up to Dante & Nero to destroy him", but then the game throw in a few twists and turns which makes the plot freaking awesome right to the very end. There's a new character named V that shows up to recruit Dante in dealing with a new villain named Urizen. He is, without a doubt, one stylish individual. He quotes William Blake poetry all the time while kicking demon asses, and his gameplay style is really damn cool which I will get into later. And once you know who he really is, you'll be like "oohhh, so that's why he's so awesome". 


A couple of Dante's friends shows up in this game, including the usual Lady + Trish, and even a grown-up Patty + Morrison from the anime! Though sadly Patty's only a voice cameo, and it's....... interesting that they change Morisson to an African American even though he's white in the anime. Don't know where Lucia is still, even though this game takes place after 2 & 4. Maybe she's still helping her mother rebuilding her clan. 


Pretty much what you can expect from a DMC game is in this game's story. A couple of surprisingly touching moments are sprinkled in to make the game not too silly, but other than that, it's all business as usual: There's a lot of cool moments of Dante and Nero and V kicking ass, funny shit with Nico the crazy driver weaponsmith which just gets sillier and sillier the more the game goes on

who believe it or not, is the daughter of Agnus from 4,


and, oh man, the Faust swanky hat which has the BEST weapon showcase cutscene in the entire series. Holy shit, that scene makes me laugh so hard, and you pretty much have to play the game to see it for yourself. I thought it'll be as silly as the Lucifer scene from 4 with the Mexican guitar thrown in

but no. Oh my God no. It's way, way better. You can youtube the scene, but trust me, seeing it by playing the game is so much more worth it.


The gameplay of this game is quite simply, fucking smooth as a tasty cake icing spread across a giant cake fit for 50 people. More specifically, it's like if DMC 4 has new weapons for you to play with + V + other sweet surprises - usable items except for the gold star.


You read that right, you can't use items in this game anymore, so no devil star or vitality star. Weird I know, but considering how I don't even use those items in the other games anyway and using them give you a penalty for the mission scores, I think it's about time that they do this.


Nero plays the same as before with his Red Queen sword and cool revolver, but with a twist. Since Nero lost his Devil Bringer arm at the start of the game, he now has to make due with a bunch of crazy robotic arms that Nico made for him. It ranges from being able to discharge electricity, a rocket arm that you can surf on, a laser arm that lets you shoot out a giant beam and many others, including one that acts the same as the Devil Bringer, and the Mega Buster.

You can hold down the circle button, or the button you use to usually use your Devil Bringer in 4 to charge up your robot arms and unleash even more damage, but in doing so you will break the robot arm. The arms will also get destroyed if you get attacked in the middle of attacking. You can also use L1 to destroy your robot arm to get out of a tricky situation. He has a loadout that you can customize with different arms, but the only way to switch to other arm is if you destroy it. You can't manually switch it which is unfortunate, but you'll get the hang of it.


And don't worry, he'll be back to his old self from 4, but only after the final level.


Dante plays like, well Dante. Still the same old crazy broadsword swinging Ebony and Ivory shooter we all know and love, and with the same 4 styles like in DMC 4. Of course this time he has new weapons to play with

My personal favorite ranged weapon is the DOUBLE Kalina Ann. Yes, Dante has 2 of that sweet rocket launcher this time, and the Gunslinger ultimate for this thing is so fucking sick. Melee though, whoof, that's tricky. Balrog aka this game's punching + kicking gauntlet is really fun as hell since now you have 2 stances that you can switch up: the boxing and the kicking mode. If you hold down the attack during the kick mode or punch an enemy more than 10 times, the gauntlet will heat up, and you can unleash even more damaging attacks in the Swordmaster style. Cerberus has 3 forms to use this time which makes for sick looking combos, and Dante's sword has 3 different variations, the last one which is so damn good because it pretty much changes how you use the sword. You don't have to switch to Swordmaster to do the usual 4 slash midair combo for instance because the Swordmaster button does something else, which is a spoiler so I will just say, it's freaking awesome.


V, on the other hand, is a completely different beast altogether.

He fights by using 3 creatures alongside him. You use the shoot button to control Griffon the electric discharging bird, the melee button to control Shadow the shape-changing panther, and activate the devil trigger to drop in Nightmare. Yes, those 3 have the same name as the guys from the first DMC game, but these guys are not related to them. The way you play as V is to just avoid contact with enemies and let the 3 creatures fight for you. You still do combos as you do with Dante and Nero, only with the creatures you summon. And once the enemy health drops, they'll get stunned & you have to press the circle button to teleport to the enemies and finish them off. Shadow and Griffon do have their own health bar & they can get knocked out when they get hit too many times, so you have to wait for them to heal up before using them again which is faster if you are close to them, but you can pretty much heal them in an instant if you have enough Devil Trigger and just activate it. You'll find that it's a lot easier to rack up stylish points using V if you master him properly, especially when you summon Nightmare at the right time & reduce every enemy health in an instant, which is so damn satisfying to do.


Now you may ask yourself "cool, V and Nero have sick new moves, what's the new thing that Dante has besides new weapons? Does he have new tricks up his sleeve?" The answer to that is quite simple: play mission 12 to find out. It's so damn good that I can't say anything about it.


The music for this game is also freaking awesome. Nero and V has their own sick ass theme, and the best part is that depending on the style rank you have in battle, the songs will change as well. Too bad Dante's theme is not as good as theirs. Although they change the singer which makes the song a lot better than the Godawful original version

The way the song is played in battle lacks OOMPH. There's a couple of parts of the full song which has these sick ass instruments

But during the game, you hear the whimpier intro version of the song instead which reduces the coolness. Thankfully for me, I got through this issue by muting the music and play kickass songs on my iTunes when I play as Dante, and once you finish the game, you can actually customize what kind of song you want as a battle theme, which lets you swap Dante's theme with other better ones, so no big deal!


The only thing that I can consider a negative in this game is that I have to wait for the Special Edition to play Trish, Lady, Vergil and Sparda skin for Dante and Vergil again like 4 before it. URRRGHH, I HATE WAITING! But hopefully they'll be added into the game as DLC instead.


Ohohoho, dataminers have found out that there's going to be a "Ladies night" DLC and Vergil will be playable in the "Bloody Palace" DLC?? FUCK YES!!


Also the fact that I have to buy DLC to have the previous game's battle songs included in the game, which I don't have to do since I can just mute the song and play the previous game's songs on my iTunes. HAH, take that DLC!


I can say with absolute certainty that DMC 5 is currently the best DMC game in the series. Better than 3. So many times of me going all out and go ballistic on monsters and wrecking shit up to increase my rank to SSS. So many stylish looking combos. So many skills I bought, and best of all, SOOO many times I play certain levels over and over again because they're so much damn fun.


Oh yeah, and that final boss in the final 2 stages? FUCKING INCREDIBLE. Story moment, music, and the badassery in that final fight is all mixed together into one epic moment. Hands down the best final boss in the history of this series, and the music that accompanies it is PERFECT.


I actually bought this game on PC, and I won a PS4 copy from a high score challenge I took part in. And I actually play this game on PS4 again after I finish this game on PC because this game is that fucking awesome. Which is perfect because I give this game my rating of "so damn awesome you will play this game again and again on 1 console, and then play it on another console again and again" with a badass seal of approval.



At this moment, this game is my GOTY for 2019. Well done Capcom, RE 2 Remake and this have put you on top again!


And this is just March for God's sakes! We haven't even gotten to the middle of the year yet with more amazing games coming, including Sekiro this month, MK 11 and who knows what games are coming when they're announced on E3 this year. HOLY SHIT I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHAT'S NEXT!

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15 hours ago, Bartordermen said:

awesome freakin review, intense, stylish, well-written, informative, excellent job friend!

Thanks. :) 

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