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Is Battle Royale style movie a good new trend?

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I notice that there are very few movies that are battle Royale style. I only known two: the Japanese high school killing Class that is literally called "Battle Royale" and a western movie called "Hunger Games". I heard there's super heroes battle Royale movies but normal people killing each other seems more interesting. Should there be more battle Royale movies? Anime already has multiple Battle Royale shows. 


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Hollywood is a bit more unforgiving when it comes to genre movies. Not that another movie with this premise doesn't have potential to be good, but the critics would automatically be drawing comparisons to what they know (Hunger Games and Battle Royale). If the new movie wasn't up to standard, production companies would drop the idea quickly and look for the next "big thing".

This is something the video game industry actually needs to learn to do.

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There are also quite a few battle royale style movies, they are mostly just direct to video or cheaply made ones that aren't really mentioned.

I wouldn't say there needs to be more just to be more. The Japanese movie is a culturally relevant movie about Japan's educational systems treatment of children, surviving in an elitist corporate society, and generational conflict. Anything else just copying people kill each other tends to be pretty uninteresting.

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