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Anthem: truth revealed.

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Ever want to know why Anthem was such a fucking disaster till now? Now you know! 


Wow..... what a horrendous mismanaged game this is. So bad that EVERYONE is at fault from Bioware to EA. Good thing the truth is revealed and I don't have to guess what happened during the development of this game. Still, this is just freaking sad. This is actually the exact same situation that my company had before I was made redundant 2 weeks ago: no clear structure until it's too late. Whoever it was on the high management at EA has 5 freaking years to make Anthem as great as it can be, but they decided to do it after that 5 years is up and only 1 year to develop the game. WHY DO THESE IDIOTS THAT DOES ALL THIS GET PAID??? They should be kicked out & replaced with competent people! Good thing the great developers already left Bioware so now I don't feel bad about Anthem getting ripped apart. My best wishes to those people & hope they have a better job.



I haven't bought any new EA games since Battlefield 1, and thankfully I will not buy another one anytime soon. Maybe if that upcoming Star Wars Fallen Order ended up exceeding expectations, but I highly doubt it considering how atrocious the situation is with Anthem.

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