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Any reaction to gameplay reveal at E3 from Starwars The Fallen Order?

5 posts in this topic

Please make it so MR Angry..


This shit looks like a remake of the force unleashed, no effort made to pay attention to the lore.

and once again Lightsabers are glowing bats that can colour orange lines on enemys

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Well, lightsabers in these Star Wars games hasn't cut people after Jedi Knight.

It's probably so that kids who play these games won't be traumatized for life. But it's still dumb! Lightsabers in the films cut people, why not the games???

Actually Fallen Order looks pretty good. Definitely the only thing worth a damn in EA's press conference. It's miles more interesting than Battlefront that's for sure, it has skill progressions + a bit of Uncharted, and the combat is gonna be actually challenging since you're fighting Inquisitor troopers that can put up a fight. I've just played Sekiro & I want more sword duels so this makes me happy. Respawn knows their shit with Titanfall & Apex Legend, so they can do this game justice. Please have the game be more than 10 hours long!

As for the lore of the game, I don't even give a crap about these things since all I care about are that the gameplay is fun and in the end it's just backstory anyway, or will end up as not canon like Force Unleashed. But it seems that the game is gonna be canon, at least for now before it's non canon & take place before Rogue One since Saw Gerrera is in here. I never heard about Cal Kestis before this game so I'm just gonna say that he's gonna die in the end, go into another hiding, or become one of Luke's teachers after Star Wars 6. Whatever the case, it's just backstory & I'll just enjoy the game for what it is.

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Jedi academy had the same cutting of lightsaber... you just had to activate it with a console command " Gsaberrealisticcombat 1" if i remember corretly..

The lightsaber conversion to a bat, started with the fighting game made for the original xbox for episode 3, and continued in the force unleashed, and is now standard i guess.

and if you dont care about the lore, you are part of the problem!

In the star wars universe the lore is everything, that is why the new movies suck so much, they dont pay attention to the previously established rules of the universe, and just breaks them if needed for their story line or a cool visual shot. it pulls you out of the story, and you stop believing in it, ruining your immersion.

Lore is everything that is sacred to telling a good story, story's fall apart if you dont care about the lore, and gameplay alone will not carry a singleplayer game.

Single player games is where the good storys are needed to keep you entertained, where gameplay alone can work for a multiplayer title

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I don't mean "I don't care about the lore" in THAT way. I mean I'll just enjoy the game for what it is because it's not going to affect the plot of the films anyway. I played all the great Star Wars game from the Super SNES games right down to my personal favorites Jedi Outcast + Jedi Academy, which I love so much because they nail the lightsaber part so damn right and they have good Star Wars story even though they're non canon.


I actually quite enjoyed the newer films. Force Awakens more than the Last Jedi. They don't suck, they just have different story directions which, well, piss a lot of Star Wars lore enthusiasts. They're still fun films that did the lore better than the fucking prequels did, and I hope Rise of Skywalker will redeem this new trilogy in the end. 


Also, as mangled as the lore are, they're not as bad as how horrible Game of Thrones betrayed the fans with the fuck up that is the last season after years of loyalty to the series.


Joe has a vid on the game impression. 

Well, he and I like the game preview. Looks like we just gotta see if the full game will be as good as it looks, or if EA will fuck it up. 




Wow, so here's something unexpected: after this conference, people get to see an extended session of this game + play the game for themselves. And their response is the same:


they all love the game & apparently, the press conference gameplay was made easier because the real game is like Sekiro level difficulty. Maybe not THAT hard but it's certainly challenging. And that the game will be like Mass Effect 2 where you can explore different places & do main + sidequests, and that some areas require unlocking abilities to open them. Well, now I'm even more excited about this game! It'll certainly be 10 + hours long & make me able to do saber duels like Sekiro. I am expecting Darth Maul / previous Jedis to fight as bonus bosses since Cal has a flashback ability. I can totally see him having a flashback to fight those guys to unlock mind reading, or some other cool abilities like that. Can't wait!

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I think the game looks promising but I don´t want to get my hopes up too much already. It is still EA and their actions the last few years have not been consumer-friendly at all, so I will wait for the review from Joe. 

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