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E3 2019 Press conferences thoughts: which is the best & worst

4 posts in this topic

I will of course update this once every press conference has been done. But for now, here's the press conference that nailed this year's E3:


Since Sony's not in this year's E3, the competition of best conference is certainly much more interesting since anything can happen. And Microsoft actually did it: they didn't fuck up. You got your expected stuff like Xbox streaming which copies PS Now, Gears 5 & Halo, also Battletoads with an art style that's pretty interesting + that George R Martin FromSoft game which is depressingly a Lord of the Rings clone, like come on! Dark Souls has infinitely more original & interesting lore than that!


The winning part of their conference are definitely Phantasy Star Online 2 & This

Like....... you can't beat John Wick/ Neo being an important character in your game!



Also Devolver Digital's conference. They just keep getting sillier every year & I love it!


And of course, Square Enix actually did what they should have done: show off FF7 remake & the Avengers game. They pretty much won E3 because of it

You know, this gameplay is like if FF 12 has FF 15's combat instead of point & wait to attack. I dig it! Not so much that the game will be episodic, but still it's pretty sick!


Wait a minute.... are you telling me that the reason the Avengers didn't help Spiderman deal with the villains in that game is because they're on a parade celebrating themselves, and they fucked up so badly that they destroyed San Francisco and got everyone to turn against them for 5 years? Wow..... what shitty luck. That means Spiderman is more popular than the Avengers in this new Marvel universe. Looks like luck is on Peter's side this time! XD


Side note: it's so damn weird seeing the different actors playing the Avengers. They're so far away from the films & the past games that it's actually jarring, well except for Hulk which is Hulk. But oh well, I can get used to it.


The absolute shitfest this year is undeniably, most definitely and depressingly:

The Bethesda press conference...................... OH GOD THAT IS SO DEPRESSING TO WATCH. There are actually stuff that I love, like DOOM Eternal, Wolfenstein, that cool looking Deathloop game + Ghostwire Tokyo. BUT OH MY GOD, WE DON'T FUCKING CARE ABOUT FALLOUT 76 + ELDER SCROLLS BLADE!


And this.......

Oh.... Oh God...... what have they done to you Comander Keen........ my soul is ripped in half with this...... ABOMINATION. Ok actually at least the animators did a pretty good job on making it look good but COME ON, WHAT HAVE YOU TURNED COMMANDER KEEN INTO?? HE'S BJ BLAZKOWICZ'S GRANDSON!! SHOW THE KID MORE RESPECT!!!


Those 3 things destroyed the entire conference. EA HAS A BETTER CONFERENCE THAN THIS!! I mean sure, the only good thing about EA's press conference is that Star Wars game, but the other stuff they have are ok & definitely will have people who like Sims 4, Fifa or Battlefield 5 interested. They don't have a massacre of a legendary game series like they did last year with Command & Conquer on mobile! 





I need to play a happy game after witnessing that Bethesda shitshow....... I can't believe they stoop this damn low..............




Outside of those conferences, the game that really sticks with me is Watch Dogs Legion.

It's all because you can play as a 70+ year old and shoot people, and you can create a gang of killer grandparents. That...... is one funny ass shit. I can totally see this being the bridge between Watch Dogs & Assassin's Creed. These are the sort of people that embodies the ideals of the assassins. Can't wait to see them working together & fight Juno in the future.

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The most interesting news so far has been Stadia and Bethesda's Orion. I'm intereting to see how open those techs are and which platforms are being supported.

I can't say I'm disappointed because I didn't have much expections for E3, since it is not an event where type of games I like are being announced. If there is something to be disappointed is that there still wasn't a game announced like Star Citizen. I look forward to see big game companies to do something similar or even more than what SC is.

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Update? Whoa boy, has it been an interesting couple of months! Stadia is trash and E3...time to invest in identity protection.

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13 hours ago, PlasticFrogCG said:

Update? Whoa boy, has it been an interesting couple of months! Stadia is trash and E3...time to invest in identity protection.

Yep..... Stadia ain't looking so good. Pricing is fucked, the internet requirement for that thing is fucked up, and pretty much everyone who owns a PC already have a better gaming library than what it had to offer. It's definitely a good idea, but it's gonna take 5+ years until our internet goes beyond 35mbs for just a basic internet package. Like VR, we need to wait until its ready for mass audience consumption.


And E3...... why did they have to fuck up and leak contact info like that??

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