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This Week In Gaming 7-30-19

1 post in this topic



Patrick Klepek covers the 20 year journey to translate Fire Emblem Thracia 776, Noclip releases part one of their documentary on Hitman which reveals some information on the future of the series, former Naughty Dog employees talk about studio's crunch hours, Mechwarrior 5 timed exclusivity to Epic and Epic starting to add cloud saves, indie game recommendations from RagnarRox looking at relaxing and non-violent games and Kimchica looking at recent releases, Rockstar receives £42 million in tax relief after not paying taxes, Doom Eternal's Quakecon presentation, Cecilia D'Anastasio reports on the way 25 developers got scammed into working for a nonexistent company, New Frame Plus looks at the animations of Guilty Gear Xrd & Dragon Ball FighterZ, and more.


Gaming News (Announcements, previews, release dates, interviews and writing on upcoming games, DLC and game updates, company and developer news, country news, tech, mods)


What Cyberpunk Dev Actually Said About Religion - IGN Now


CD Projekt Red clarifies how religion will be handled in Cyberpunk 2077. With special guest, Bruce Greene!


MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries is delayed, will be an Epic Games Store exclusive



MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries, the single-player game of giant fighting robots in the 31st century, has been delayed by exactly three months, from its scheduled launch on September 10 to December 10. Developer Piranha Games also announced today that when it does arrive, it will do so as an Epic Games Store exclusive.


Warsaw is a harrowing Darkest Dungeon set during WWII



There are many different depictions of war in videogames. You have the bombastic spectacle of the FPS genre, which uses war as a launchpad to create action-packed experiences. There are strategic war games that test you tactical instincts and tend to favour either the depiction of historical battles or some far-flung future conflict. Then there are narrative-driven games like This War of Mine and Bury Me, My Love that depict a devastating account of war from a civilian perspective.


Phoenix Point release date delayed to December



The new tactical alien-blasting strategy game from X-COM’s original designer has been a long time coming. And now that the Phoenix Point release date has been delayed – again – it’s going to be a good while coming still. The game’s dropping from a release date just over a month from now all the way to the end of the year – but some players will have something to do on that original launch date.


“Hitman is a trilogy” that will have over 20 maps by Hitman 3



Io Interactive is at work on the last pieces of Hitman 2’s expansion pass, but the studio is already diving into what’s next: namely, Hitman 3 and something entirely new. In a new documentary on the history of the Hitman series, Io teases what’s coming next for the studio.


NHL 20 Interview: Why Planned Improvements to Its "Be a Pro" Mode Got Pushed Back and More


We catch up with creative director William Ho to talk improvements to the gameplay, online franchise, and Year 2 of World of Chel.


Jupiter Hell, the spiritual successor to a Doom roguelike, comes to Steam Early Access next week


The Early Access launch trailer showcases top-down, turn-based demon-killing action.


Death Stranding Official Trailer - Heartman Character Spotlight


A member of BRIDGES, Heartman is committed to researching the truth of the Death Stranding.


Project Sakura Wars Introduces The Shanghai Combat Revue And Its Action RPG Gameplay


Project Sakura Wars had a bit of a showing tonight thanks to its monthly livestream for July, which revealed two characters hailing from the Shanghai Combat Revue, as well as revealing the new action RPG gameplay that forms a core part of the game.


First Impressions: Little Misfortune Demo (Gameplay)


Little Misfortune (yes, that's this adorable child's name!) has the opportunity to gain Eternal Happiness...or so says Mr. Voice. But how can we trust Mr. Voice when he's told us on the side that today is the day that Misfortune dies?! In this adventure game in the same universe as Fran Bow, venture into the woods with Misfortune and guide her safely on her journey.


Doom Eternal details its multiplayer Battlemode


Id Software have given some more details about Doom Eternal’s multiplayer experience, Battlemode, at its QuakeCon presentation. It’ll be based on an asymmetrical structure, putting one Slayer up against two demons. There’ll be five different classes of demons to choose from, so you can mix up how you play. Or, you know, play Doom like you would in the singleplayer campaign as the Slayer, except you’re goring your pals instead of AI monsters. Here’s a vid showing it off and breaking it down.

Doom Eternal features the series’ first hub area


The Doom series celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, and the latest game in the franchise – Doom Eternal – is due out this November. The series spans numerous games, expansions, and spin-offs, and yet in all that 25 years there has been one gaming feature that none of those games has featured – a hub area.


Dice-roll deckbuilder Dicey Dungeons tumbles out on August 13th


It’s normal to have a little dice-rolling in a game. Putting them in the hero’s chair, not so much. Dice are normally the silent judge, deciding clutch victory from horrific failure on a whim. They’re what separate mission success from a pile of dead XCOM squaddies. Maybe it’s time to put those bones through the wringer themselves. See how they like it.


Darq, a creepy game about lucid dreaming, was made almost entirely by one person


How long does it take to learn everything about making videogames, come up with an idea for one, and then build it from scratch? The answer depends on the game and who’s making it, of course, but for the developer of Darq, it’s two specific numbers: three and a half years, and around 100,000 hours.


PS4 exclusive Concrete Genie is a unique exploration of bullying's impact


"We hope it gives younger people a chance to share their experiences, and talk about them more easily."


UK exclusive: Control’s new trailer is an eerie warning about The Hiss


The trailer doesn’t identify him, but he appears to be one of the people we’re going to run into over the course of the game. In the footage, the mystery man tells a brief story of a dream he’s had about the arrival of The Hiss – the supernatural entity at the heart of Control’s story.


Borderlands 3 Trailer Introduces Zane The Semi-Retired Corporate Hitman And Tech Expert


Gearbox shared the latest trailer for Borderlands 3 and it introduces us to one of its playable characters, Zane, who is described as a semi-retired corporate hitman with plenty of experience and gadgets.


Cat Lady to be released for PC, gameplay trailer


Cat Lady, the June-announced dungeon crawler developed by The World Next Door studio Rose City Games, will be released for PC via Steam, publisher VIZ Media announced. A release date was not announced.


River City Girls Feels Like A Step Forward For The Kunio-Kun Series


At ACGHK 2019, I was able to give River City Girls, the latest game in the Kunio-kun/River City series a try. The game stars Kunio and Riki’s girlfriends Misako and Kyoko, who previously appeared in games such as Kunio-kun-tachi no Banka on the SNES.


Persona 5 Royal Introduces Haru Okumura With A Bang In A New Trailer


Atlus shared the latest character introduction trailer for Persona 5 Royal and today we have Haru Okumura who shows a sweet and thoughtful moment followed by a wild ride with Morgana.

Persona 5 Royal ‘Morgana’ trailer


Atlus has released the Persona 5 Royal character trailer for Morgana, who is voiced by Ikue Ootani in Japanese.


This War of Mine: Stories - Fading Embers | Official Teaser


The expansion features story-driven scenario that tells a story of Anja living in a warzone and carrying a heavy burden as she has to answer to herself what is more important - survival of human legacy or the survival of a man.


Arma 3's been invaded by aliens in the new Contact expansion


Livonia. The Baltic frontier. These are the voyages of gruff digital army cosplayers. Their continuing mission: to drive tiny robot trucks. To seek out new assault rifles, new combat arenas. To boldly go where… hold on, is that a ruddy alien? Sergeant, there’s a bloody great extraterrestrial in my area of operations. I’ve seen films before, sir, you can get this one yourself.


Agent 47 starts a prison riot in Hitman 2’s upcoming Siberia expansion


IO Interactive released a new trailer today for Hitman 2’s upcoming Siberia Sniper Assassin Map, and it shows that Agent 47 has his work cut out for him.


The Division 2’s Big New Update Is As Promising As It Confusing



Ubisoft’s sprawling loot shooter The Division 2 just received its biggest free update since its March launch...except most of it isn’t really free until next week, except for two parts that won’t even be free then, but some of the free stuff won’t be out until the week after next, and one promised part is on ice and…Shall we start this over?


Male Byleth Lines Being Re-Recorded in Fire Emblem: Three Houses After Controversy, Nintendo Confirms



After quietly being replaced in Fire Emblem Heroes, Nintendo has confirmed in a statement to USgamer that it will be re-recording and replacing lines for Male Byleth in Fire Emblem: Three Houses as well. This comes after allegations arose last week over the voice actor's abusive behavior.


Former Naughty Dog Employees Tell Crunch Horror Stories About 24-Hour Shifts



One of the many issues with crunch culture at video game studios has to do with the way contractors are treated. Several ex-Naughty Dog employees, who did not wish to be identified, told COG Connected stories about workplace practices at the company and revealed that contractors had it worse than full-time employees. But, apparently even full-time staff was not immune from working long hours.


Colorblind Rainbow Six Siege players are begging Ubisoft for basic features



Ubisoft has no plans for colorblind modes, but ‘wants’ to in the future.


Gambling Laws Appear to Block GTA Online Update In Over 50 Countries



Stringent local laws appear to be blocking Grand Theft Auto Online players in over 50 countries from gambling in the new Diamond Casino update.


Unity valuation hits $6 billion following latest investment deal



Unity's valuation has climbed to $6 billion after the company signed an investment deal with D1 Capital Partners, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, Light Street Capital, Sequoia Capital, and Silver Lake Partners that will finance a $525 million tender offer to common shareholders.


Epic Games Store starting to support cloud saves


A player spotted the new function in the setting pages for recent Epic Store freebie, Moonlighter, and Epic boss Tim Sweeney confirmed the feature is enabled right now for a select few new games.


Rockstar under fire for its £42 million tax relief claims


Research from TaxWatch has found that the amount of tax credits claimed by the makers of Grand Theft Auto in the last three years is the equivalent of 19% of all tax credits granted to the video games industry since the relief was introduced in 2014.

Rockstar North operate within capitalism, says report


There’s no reason to suspect anything unlawful is taking place, however, and it’s worth noting that although tax dodging and corporate loopholery are very much a Bad Thing, nothing about this is remarkable or unusual. Half the point of multinational business is to set up in whatever arrangement is necessary to take advantage of precisely these kind of tax cuts and opt-outs, and although I’d happily set Astrid loose with her fighting shovel, this is less a story about Rockstar than it is about a specific failure of the HMRC to examine an obviously poor decision. The report concludes with a somewhat plaintive “it is open for HMRC to challenge the allocation of profit under the transfer pricing system and we urge them to investigate this case urgently.”


Hand of Fate 2 studio Defiant is 'ceasing development'



Studio has 'not been able to change quickly enough' to adapt to changing game market.


You need a Bethesda account to play the original Doom on Nintendo Switch


UPDATE: Bethesda says login should be optional, working on a fix.


This is just the start: Takehito Soeda



With console gaming being a nascent market in China, Sony Interactive Entertainment Ltd President Takehito Soeda is working with local publishers and distributors to bring the company’s PlayStation 4 to gamers throughout the country.


Esports News


From 0-40 to champs, the Shanghai Dragons are an esports story for the ages



The Dragons' unlikely win proves Overwatch League is an anime after all.


A British teenager is taking home $1.25 million in Fortnite World Cup prize money


A 15-year-old boy from Essex was one of the prizewinners in the Fortnite World Cup Saturday. Jaden Ashman and his partner Dave Jong place second in a duos round in the tournament.

Nyhrox and Aqua Win Fortnite World Cup Duos Finals


Fortnite duo Nyhrox and Aqua won today’s World Cup Duos finals. The European pair scored 51 points and splits a prize pool of $3 million.

Fortnite World Cup Crowd Cheers Defeat Of Notorious Cheater


Fortnite fans have had mixed opinions of North American East duo XXiF and Ronaldo since they qualified for this weekend’s World Cup Finals after serving a 14-day ban for cheating. At today’s Duos finals, the crowd booed XXiF when he appeared on the feed, then cheered when he was eliminated.

The Fortnite World Cup Was A Kids' Paradise


The people who filled Queens, New York’s Arthur Ashe tennis stadium for this weekend’s Fortnite World Cup were people who love Fortnite, or at least those people and their parents. The bulk of the attendees I saw were young kids, swimming in soccer shorts and baggy Fortnite t-shirts. They performed the game’s emote dances. They played miniature golf holes designed after in-game icons like the Durr Burger mascot and the Battle Bus. They competed in Fortnite trivia contests, demonstrating so much knowledge of the game that one young contestant even corrected the host on a prior day’s question. The World Cup, like Fortnite itself, felt like a kids’ world.





Five Swedish and two Danish players — Byström, Anna “aNNa” Nordlander, Malin “Malla” Ohman, Emily “Vixen” Clewett, Sofie “zeleNa” Sandager, Thelma “Queen” Lundin, and Louise “AurorA” Thomsen — officially started playing under the Les Seules name in 2004 for a tournament called the Electronic Sports World Cup. In Paris, the team placed fourth after losing to Chinese team EIBO in the third-place match. Only the first three teams in the women’s event in Paris won a piece of the $18,000 prize pool: $10,000 for first place, $6,000 for second, and $2,000 for third. There was no prize for fourth.


Content I found interesting this week (interviews, recommendations, think pieces, history, music, culture, design, art, documentaries, criticism, etc)


The Near Impossible 20-Year Journey to Translate 'Fire Emblem: Thracia 776'



The game was built on indecipherable “spaghetti code” where moving one piece can result in the game imploding for no logical reason; there isn’t enough space to fit English translations without crashing the game, which means you’d have to hack it and force it to accept more; one chapter in particular—the dreaded chapter five—was coded in such a perplexing way it lead to the whole “translation patch killer” branding. It’s where translation attempts go to die.


How Over 25 People Got Scammed Into Working At A Nonexistent Game Company



“Professionally inexperienced but passionate team manager looking for a hobby project to help support and manage,” she posted to a subreddit for assembling game dev teams. It was just a lark, yet a half dozen replies accumulated under the post. One in particular stood out, from an account with an active Reddit history on developer recruitment boards. The poster’s name was “Kova,” and he told Holden that his small team of three developers had recently ballooned into a 48-member operation that needed a manager “on everyone’s ass.”

Holden was exhilarated. On June 22, 2019, she signed a contract with Kova’s company Drakore Studios, accepting the position of junior production manager at $13 per hour.

There was just one problem: Drakore Studios didn’t actually exist.


The irony of Oddworld


The idea of exploiting workers in order to tell a story condemning the exploitation of workers is grimly ironic to put it mildly, so when we sit down at E3 to speak with Lanning and Oddworld executive producer Bennie Terry III, we ask what crunch was like for Oddworld on Abe's Oddysee, and if it's improved since.


The Witcher Netflix trailer captures Geralt’s most relatable trait: reluctance


You can understand, though, why somebody might underestimate Geralt’s social consciousness. In his world, witchers are rumoured to have no feelings, and he doesn’t exactly go out of his way to demonstrate emotional range – instead greeting a chaotic world with a visage of eerie calm. He eschews factional affiliation, fighting to stay politically unengaged with the same vehemence as the Ohio man who listens to white noise tapes at the coffee shop to avoid learning anything about US current affairs.


From 50 Cent: Bulletproof to Oxenfree, indie Sean Krankel has wild stories from making licensed games



The Night School founder tells us his wild licensed games origin story.


The Psychology of Internet Gaming Disorder



Since 2016, internet discourse has been consumed by discussion on Gaming Disorder. Gaming Disorder is the proposed diagnosis for gaming addiction put forth by the World Health Organisation (WHO). The WHO has approved of the Gaming Disorder diagnosis and will feature in the International Classification of Diseases 11 (ICD-11) diagnostic manual when it releases.


Fire Emblem: Three Houses Directors Have No Clue Why The Series Is So Popular In The West



"I don't know." I'm on the phone with Toshiyuki Kusakihara, one of the directors of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Shadows of Valentina, and an art director on many others. And that's what he tells me through a translator when I ask what he thinks is the reason the series has suddenly skyrocketed in Western success over the last decade. It's a pretty amusing answer. "I actually don't know why it's been so accepted by so many people all over the world."

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Is Catching Heat for Queerbaiting


The furor largely centers around the treatment of Alois, a male teacher and knight at the boarding school where the game is partially set, and Gilbert, the school priest. They both can achieve an “S-rank” relationship with the protagonist Byleth when the latter is a man (there are binary gender options for Byleth). They are two of the three same-sex “S-Rank” options for male Byleth, along with Byleth’s long-haired, effeminate student Linhardt. Achieving “S-Rank” between characters typically entails a romantic confession and marriage at the end of the game. No unit can “S-rank” more than once; the mechanic is practically synonymous with wedding vows. But players who hope for a romantic ending between Alois or Gilbert and Byleth are in for an unpleasant surprise.


Nihon Falcom’s Toshihiro Kondo On Creating The Trails Of Cold Steel Link Attacks, Rean’s Arc, And Being The First Person In The World To Play Each Entry



The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel has found its place in the west. This successor to Trails in the Sky has given JRPG fans a saga that has stretched across years and platforms. Ahead of Trails of Cold Steel III’s English debut, Siliconera spoke to Nihon Falcom President Toshihiro Kondo about the series, its reception outside of Japan, and its more unique elements.


Streamer Sparks Debate Over Whether Twitch Should Allow Breastfeeding



“I thought that I would get some creepy comments, because it’s Twitch,” she told Kotaku. “But I’ve honestly been shocked by the negative community reaction as a whole. It seems like there’s a lot less people coming to my defense in terms of breastfeeding, and it’s been a little shocking and a little demoralizing and kind of sad. It’s actually put me in a corner where I feel like I actually need to take a stand for this, because clearly there’s a lot of minds that need to be changed or enlightened when it comes to breastfeeding, I think there’s still a lot of things that are misunderstood.”


Q&A: Behind the new open-ended design of Wolfenstein: Youngblood



This week, MachineGames and Arkane Studios launched a pair of new Nazi-hunting slaughterfests. In VR, the pair teamed up to make Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot, and on traditional platforms, they've launched Wolfenstein: Youngblood, a co-op first-person-shooter that puts players in the shoes of BJ and Anya Blaskowicz's twin daughters.


Young Women Are Reclaiming The Slur ‘Egirl’



“Egirl” is a word that has followed female Twitch streamers and cosplayers around for years. Derogatory by nature, “egirl” is wielded by naysaying trolls to undermine a woman’s legitimacy as a true gamer and nerd based on her looks or internet popularity. In 2013, right before it hit the mainstream, one Urban Dictionary user’s early classification of egirls went, “Often seeking the attention of professional gamers. . . Live sightings of eGirls can be found at gaming LANs.” As gaming culture moved onto Twitch, and streamers garnered a modicum of micro-celebrity, public-facing girl gamers like Diaz began receiving the popular put-down and have been waging war on it ever since.


“Street Level Judgment,” by Yussef Cole



Like Whitehead and Snow, Yagami is well suited to solve the dilemmas and issues facing the people of his neighborhood because he actually lives and works in that neighborhood. He isn’t cooped up in a law office or stuck at a courthouse. Instead, he’s beating pavement across the streets of small, but densely populated Kamurocho. Meanwhile, the story provides us with multiple examples of people from large organizations like the courts, the police, and even the yakuza doing an awful job helping Kamurocho’s residents, thanks to distance, detachment, and ambivalence. But Yagami was raised in Kamurocho; he knows all the drunks at Bar Tender, he recognizes the faces of the yakuza skulking on the street corner, and the more time he spends working in the neighborhood and solving cases, the better he comes to know it and its people. The tragedy that cut short his prestigious legal career did not interrupt his ability to help people; instead it freed him to serve as an engaged amateur, precisely the role where he is able to do the most good.

“Playing for Time,” by Chris Breault


Back in 2008, when the developers of the TV-aping Alone in the Dark (2008) reboot made “Previously On” sizzle reels for every chapter, they were proud enough of their work to leave gameplay excerpts in. I am not suggesting that Alone in the Dark, which is remembered only as an unintentional comedy, is a better game than Judgment. But I think its creators thought harder about the experience they wanted players to remember—and the danger of suggesting that it wasn’t worth remembering at all.


Why Banjo-Tooie is a True Adventure



I am twenty-four years old. I have owned a Nintendo 64 for, I’m sure, just shy of my entire life, given that the console came out in 1996. I’ve played and completed Super Mario 64 half a dozen times, super smashed every brother, and know every track in Mario Kart 64 better than the roads of my hometown. I’ve even beaten Donkey Kong 64 to 101% completion at least twice, a fool’s errand and endeavor that is, suffice to say, bananas.


Games from Underground #2 | Non Violent & Relaxing Games


This channel is made possible by the support of my Patreon supporters - follow this link to support this work: https://www.patreon.com/RagnarRoxShow


IndieWatch: Top 10 "Don't Miss!" Indie Games (July 2019)


July has gone by so quickly! I feel like I’ve barely gotten to head out and enjoy outdoors this summer...but with games this good, I also can see why my attention has been diverted! While I hope you all have the chance to enjoy the great outdoors, here are 10 indie games that released this month that I think you should be sure to check out!


The Fall & Rise of Hitman (Documentary)


Become a PATRON to unlock more videoshttps://www.patreon.com/noclip

In the first of our four-part series on Hitman, we investigate IO Interactive's split with Square Enix and how the studio survived long enough to bring the Hitman series back from the brink.


The Animation of Guilty Gear Xrd & Dragon Ball FighterZ - New Frame Plus


Between Guilty Gear Xrd and Dragon Ball FighterZ, no game studio captures the look of anime in their 3D games like Arc System Works. Let's break down how they achieve this faux-2D look!

To request an episode topic, support New Frame Plus on Patreon! http://www.patreon.com/newframeplus


Falling in Love With Super Smash Bros... (Again) // HeavyEyed


patreon// https://www.patreon.com/heavyeyed

I felt disconnected from Smash for way too many years but recently, I found reasons to love it once more. This is a video on how I fell in love with super smash bros, again.


Exploring the World of Evangelion Games


Even in the west, Neon Genesis Evangelion goes beyond almost every other anime in terms of its popularity and influence; this is only set to grow with the recent release of the series on Netflix. This got me thinking - where are all the Evangelion games? Turns out there's a bunch, and despite almost all of them releasing exclusively in Japan, curiosity got the better of me. Action RPGs, visual novels, fighters, a strange rhythm game produced by Suda51... join me as I attempt to figure out what it takes to turn this beloved show into a game.

Support the show on Patreon - http://patreon.com/writingongames


Things I found entertaining throughout the week relating to the game industry


Total War Community Manager Calls YouTuber A ‘Dickhead’ On Final Livestream



In his final public act as community manager for Creative Assembly, makers of the Total War strategy game series, Michael “Wheels” Whelan said this at the end of a livestream earlier this week: “Arch Warhammer is a dickhead. Goodbye.”


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