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Hero of the Unknown State!

3 posts in this topic

Hello fellow army members!
  My Name is Zetra! If you prefer a more formal approach Joe is fine.
I am from the Unknown state of Idaho in the United State of American. I own as many consoles and things as possible. Though i prefer a single player experience nothing beats the thrill of multi-player action.

I have 3 favorite series. These are the games i collect, adore and support without a reasonable doubt as long as they and i quote "Dun fucked it up" From our Lord Commander joe.


This series i grew up sense it came to PS1 back in the late 90's. 
I own.. Almost every game in the series. I'm missing notably 
1. Most handle helds games minus Peace Walker. Finding copies have been difficult.
2. Japanese MSX so i have to deal with Subsistance's MSX versions.
3. NES titles, mostly cause they were not worked on by Hideo Freakin Kojima himself.



I have not been into Zelda as long, i got into in 2005 when i played Ocarina of time for the first time as i never got a chance to own a N64 or any Nintedo console past the NES. I know everything Ninendo console except the SNES. I also own a decent chunk of them most notably.
      - A Gold Copy of The Original Zelda on the NES, and the Gold/Holographic imagie Majora's Mask for the N64.
All else are basic carts/discs. Even if i haven't beat them all know there stories down to a near science.


and last but not least.


I used to have an SNES as a kid, till it.. was destroyed by my Nephew.. and what did i play on it? Starfox. To me, there are 4 star fox games
1. the Original NES title
2. The canceled squeal
3. The Remake on the N64.
4. The Reskin upgrade on the 3DS of the Remake.

Nintendo has not treated it's games well, at least that aren't Mario related and A Zelda game. And Any gamecube fox game are just not right in my eyes.. Adventure.. was.. Shameless Fox girl T.N.A. and Assault was a failed attempt to rekindle an old flame.


Currently i am sitting at 250(ish) games on steam.
my most played are Multi-player games are.
1. Civilization 5 and all it's expansions.
2.  Minecraft
3. Resident Evil revelations
4. Boarderlands 2
5. Assassin's creed games. (Brotherhood-Revalations=PC) (3=PS3) (Black Flag= PS4 Soon)

I have more then that, if you want someone to play with. Just go ahead and ask me if i have it and ill make an attempt after work to have some play time. Can't do Xbox cause i won't pay for gold.


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So you like mgs eh? Man I love those games, welcome to the army! Enjoy your stay and if you want to play with others be sure to check out the teamspeak! Have fun and I'll see you on the battlefield :D

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Welcome to the AJSA Forums. I hope you enjoy your stay and become an active member in the community. We are all here to help one another to achieve total unity within the AJSA. We all here contribute in some way to help all of us move forward in the community and help Angry Joe in his fight against the evil, diabolical and nefarious Corporate Commander! If you have anything to share, we all be happy to accept it.

Anyways I have some info that will help you around the site.

These are the AJSA Rules & Code Of Conduct and everything you need to know about the Warning System and other important things. Please give them a quick look so that you won't get in trouble in the future.

If you have any questions, search out these members, which are mods and admins. They are of the highest authority and need to be respected. They will help you in any way possible.

Game Officer- Officer.png

AJSA Commander- Commander.png

AJSA Coucilor- Council.png

If you wish to do some monetary contribution to the community, you can Donate to the site to help improve the site and maintain servers. You can donate any amount you wish without taking a Monthly choice. There are 3 types of Club Membership depending on the Monthly payment you choose within the AJSA Community. They all come with different benefits, becoming better when choosing a higher Club than the last. Whichever you choose, we all thank you for the help. It's greatly appreciated..

Note: Click on the Icons to be directed to the Membership Pages.

Gold- Gold.png

Platinum- Platinum.png

Founder's- Founder.png

Again, I hope you enjoy your stay and become an active member of our beloved community. Enjoy! ^__^

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