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Control game review. Take. Control!!

1 post in this topic

The return of Remedy, and another great game has been released.

Image result for control


The plot of this game is pretty simple: You're playing as Jesse Faden. Through a cool backstory that you should find out about yourself, she ended up trying to enter a building named the Federal Bureau of Control, a place where the US Government apparently store a lot of paranormal objects & study them. She entered as the janitor because she wants to find her missing younger brother. Then for some reason, the director of the building committed suicide, and then Jesse immediately becomes the new director. That's the first few minutes of this game, yes this game is fucking weird, and this is pretty much a game made by the Remedy that made Alan Wake. Max Payne & Quantum Break realism has no place in this game, we are going ham on mindfuck yo!


When you play this game for the first time and see the basic overview of the lore, a couple of you might be thinking to yourself "wait a minute, this whole thing is like the SCP Foundation". And you would be correct. The entire lore and world of this game is absolutely like the SCP Foundation because there's a bunch of monsters that this game dub the "Hiss", weird supernatural creatures, and of course everyday objects that has superpowers which can break reality. Just like that one time when Caddicarus made his own SCP fanfic after he got wasted drunk on "adult juice box".

Unfortunately this game doesn't have a music box that can play Livin on a Prayer in CD Quality. :( 


Most of the fun of this game is spent exploring this building you're in which has a lot of sections & documents for you to collect, just like Remedy's previous games before which give you more information about the lore of the game. There's a couple of collectibles in this game that are SO DAMN AWESOME because it pretty much confirms that this game takes place in the same universe as Alan Wake. Not like Quantum Break where Alan Wake exist in that universe exist but he's a celebrity that's very much alive with his own TV series and the games actually exists, but takes place after the event of Alan Wake in canon. Remedy shared universe confirmed boyz, we're gonna have ourselves an Avengers esque team up in the future!


All of the video collectibles you find are played in live action, a Remedy staple, and there's even these creepy-ass puppet shows called the Thresehold Kids.

................................ Uhuhuhuuu this creeps me out:unsure::unsure::unsure:


Fun fact: this show was supposed to be an educational show for the kids in the building to follow the rules of the FBC, but well, they succeed in creeping them out instead............ on the plus side, it's pretty charming in its own way though!

The cool part is that this building is very much a living place that can shapeshift itself, and you're going to see some really cool looking weird locations. It's awesome that even though the whole game is pretty much like a Metroidvania, or like Prey where you're exploring an entire building with many sections, every part of this place always have you seeing something new and exciting until you have pretty much seen everything. Surprisingly this building operates like a normal office, so you pretty much will see npcs that has already dealt with a lot of weird shit from dealing with supernatural things often that everything becomes normal to them. I love that, makes them actually feel like real people.


The combat of this game is really damn fun. The enemies you fight are mostly possessed soldiers, with a couple of weird-looking enemies here and there. Fighting them requires using a lot of cool abilities. Think Quantum Break, but remove most of the time control ability except the super dash, have telekinesis + force push + Mind control that Jedis have, a shield creation which protects you from super damaging attacks, and the ability to fly. Not like Superman fly but like Magneto from MVC kind of flying where he can float in the air. All of these abilities are acquired by doing side quests which involve you going to one of the SCP objects and harnessing their powers for your own. By the end of the game you'll be like a Jedi Magneto, with a badass gun on your hand.


Oh yeah, speaking of a gun, that's another cool thing this game has. You have what the game dub a "Service Weapon". It has unlimited ammo which does need to be recharged, and it can change shapes into different forms. You'll start with a default pistol mode, and then later on with the upgrades you can turn it into an SMG, shotgun, sniper rifle and a grenade launcher. That's it though, which is such a shame because according to the lore, this thing was once Mjolnir and Excalibur. Why can't I have those cool ass things??


The game also have a bit of a light RPG mechanic thrown in. You can level up Jesse to increase the usual stuff like more damage, health, upgrade your abilities, and also equip different perks for yourself and attachments for your weapons.


The more you upgrade your weapons, the more attachments you can input into it. Both perks and attachments can be received from enemies & boxes you open in the open world. The further you get, the better the rarity of them. Though this also means that because the loots you get are random, you get to have these repeat side missions that pops up once in a while. They tell you stuff like "go to the research centre and kill this enemy" or something similar to that so that when you complete it, you'll get more stuff, but you can pretty much just ignore these things unless you really want a weapon upgraded and you can only get the upgrade part from completing one of this mission.


The weird thing about this game is that the side quests are pretty much the best parts about the game because they all involve you having to deal with reality-warping SCPs I mean "Objects of Powers" and do cool boss fights in a couple of them. One of them have you enter a mirror and fight your doppelganger, and once you complete it you'll get a cool ass costume to use which I pretty much use for the rest of the game.

Control Outfits menu

The main quest is pretty straightforward with just generic + elite enemies & once you complete it, the game pretty much tells you "it isn't over yet. You still have a lot more stuff to do in this place so go explore" which I can tell is an intentional decision by the game dev. And the game definitely sets up either a sequel, or an upcoming story DLC because one of the end game information straight up tells you "we hope to see you soon for the Expansion". Cheeky devs. Now I know that people don't like how the end of the game turns out since there's no traditional boss to fight, but I've played Alan Wake before and that game doesn't have a final boss as well. This game does give a pretty damn epic final section with a plot justification to why there's no final boss, so I'm ok with how it turns out. It's such a damn shame that there's no 100% completion extra scene though. Days Gone has it and it was freaking awesome, and I was so damn sure that this game would have it as well, but nope! You just complete everything and that's it for now until an upcoming DLC I think!


Although the main story is pretty straightforward, there is one mission towards the end of the game that is just so fucking awesome. There's this maze that was previously endless, and you're given a music player that you have to use to traverse through this maze. So while you're traveling inside this maze, this epic as hell and appropriate music plays while you plow through every enemy you see. This is pretty much the best music in the entire game.

So good in fact that it's one of my favorite song from a game in 2019.


The one thing about this game that I don't like is the awkard as hell moments during dialogues. Why is it that the main character has to open her lower jaw when she's just standing still sometimes? And there's so many times she does inner monologues that it just breaks the flow of the conversation and makes things so damn cringey and awkward. And 90% of the dialogues in the game are like this because the game decided to approach dialogues like Fallout 4, minus the natural body language and game affecting choices. 


Also, the background combat music. Other than that awesome maze song, the rest of the songs are just these drums playing in the background with ambient noises. Even the final stage has the same ambient song playing instead of a cool song. Why?? Luckily for me I play my own custom music in the background to fill the void. I recommend this song during the final stage. Because this song is EPIC SHIET.


This is a great return to form for Remedy that's for damn sure. It sets up a great potential for a sequel & I can't wait to see what's next. I give this game my rating of "so awesome you can't wait for the sequel, and potentially a crossover with Alan Wake + Quantum Break to officialize the Remedy game universe!" with a badass seal of approval!


Phew, been a while since a great game like Sekiro was out, and Control thankfully has filled that void. Onto the next few days where Gears 5, Greedfall and Blasphemous will come out, ON THE SAME DAY. We'll see how that goes!

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