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rockstar games
Rockstar shuts down mod for emulated Red Dead Redemption

3 posts in this topic

Near the end of september, recieved an interesting notification on YT, a reveal trailer for one mod for Red Dead Redemption on PC?  PC? RDR?


Then Noticed the video Update and the Info in the GTA forums topic, Rockstar gone too far IMO... its ONE guy alone vs a Giant.


Edited by Lonerx0
Commander didn't like the clickbait title... Sorry :S

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I don't know why you made such a weird reactionary style title that isn't at all related to this, so I edited that to be related to your thread.

I don't where this guy is getting that calling people or having his email is illegal, and would have no idea how he personally or his family shares or doesn't share that information so this is a really strange thing to be bringing up like that. If he's modding an emulated title to be used on a platform it isn't intended for and likely after being downloaded illegally (and the project itself likely leading to more downloads) they probably are more than justified in taking it down. Other companies have taken down translation projects before.



Yeah, I'm sure they know what they talking about. Nintendo might not stop the emulators but they have shut down multiple sites and are attempting to sue Rom and modification site owners for millions.

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Another billionaire company making themselves look like azhats bullying random people for trying to enjoy their content more and inspire more people to buy and play the game with mods instead of vanilla. nothing new in the rust-age of gaming.

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