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A further look at the fraud and deception involved in the CoD: Mobile $100 rigged loot box gambling thing

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Here's looking a bit more at the point made about the claimed scam-wheel drop-rate of items being a lie:

When the game publisher reports that there is a drop-rate of, for example, 42% for an "epic" (purple) item, that's actually a lie and fraud because, looking at the YouTuber results, that 42% is not the chance of a drop for spinning the scam-wheel once, but is for spinning it a whole bunch of times to have completed the entire scripted sequence.

A 42% drop-rate means that that item drops roughly 42% of the time when that game is played. And the definition of playing that game is not playing it some particular number of times that the publisher hasn't even disclosed to people, but is to play it any single time including the first time. To play the game once is to have played the game that claims to have a drop-rate of 42% for an "epic" (purple) when it's played.

In reality, a player likely has a 0% chance to win certain items on certain spins, but then eventually has a 100% chance to win that item after spinning that scam-wheel 7, 8, 9, or 10 (or whatever number it is) times.

So, to claim that each possible item has a certain drop-rate when the game is played is a lie and I suspect it's a wilful act of conniving and manipulating players of the scam-wheel. And that lie might be fraud that can be criminally charged, or for which a class-action lawsuit could take place to get everybody's money back. It's also something that can be given as an example of how feckless current practices oversight is, and as an argument for regulation against these cheating, lying, stealing, and manipulative fraudster companies like ActiVision.




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