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Jedi Fallen Order is finally here! Are the positive reviews correct? Well..............

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I am really happy that I was right about this game when I saw it at E3, that this is going to finally be a good Star Wars game after years of mediocrity for this series. Reviewers for this game have all agreed that this is a really damn good Star Wars game, and they say this game is Star Wars Dark Souls with Uncharted mixed in, so I was excited to play this game for myself.


I just got Jedi Fallen Order for my birthday & played 5 hours of it. I am a bit worried that maybe the reviewers are overhyping this game a bit because it tends to happen in the past with Star Wars Battlefront. And people, this game is not good...................






This game isn't just a copy of Force Unleashed, or just Star Wars Dark Souls. Oh hell no, those reviewers are just scratching the surface. This game is this decade's long awaited spiritual successor to Jedi Knight Jedi Academy. WOW, I can't believe I just said that. Jedi Knight Outcast & Jedi Academy are both one of the best Star Wars games that I have ever played. So much fun to just use your force power & actually have great intense lightsaber duels with other Siths, ahem I mean Reborns in those games.

Jedi Fallen Order is pretty much what happens when you mix Jedi Knight Jedi Academy with Sekiro, Tomb Raider 2013 & Prince of Persia. You get to travel on planets with SO MANY collectibles, actually solving puzzles with your force powers, doing platforming that requires fun jumps to do, and all of that mixed with EXCELLENT combat which is pretty much like Sekiro, but replace ninja tools with force power and your sword with a lightsaber & make it like Jedi Academy with all the chaos that you can bring upon when fighting multiple enemies at once, as well as customizing your lightsaber with many different unlockable parts, with both single saber & unlockable double lightsaber at your disposal. Here's an example of the MANY fights with the cool & challenging Purge Troopers you will encounter throughout the game.


The story is also really good, and surprisingly funny. And best of all, IT'S SINGLEPLAYER, WITH NO MULTIPLAYER MICROTRANSACTION BULLSHIT! The right thing to do is just have Respawn do their thing without EA's involvement, and the next best Star Wars game is instantly born. Why the fuck didn't EA do this sooner?? 


If it's not clear enough already, this game is the Star Wars game we had been waiting for. It makes Force Unleashed look so freaking lame by comparison. 5 hours in & I barely scratched the surface with this game. I can't wait to spend 20+ hours collecting every single collectible, fighting various epic bosses which means the lightsaber duels I have been longing for so long, and I will do it all over again once I finished the game on the hardest difficulty. 

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