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Revenge is a dish best served cold, and slimy...and full of bugs

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So...about a month ago a good friend of mine announces he purchased two copies of Anthem for $10 apiece...and he would be sending me the code for the other one.
Grudgingly, I accepted. It's...OK. It really isn't optimized at all, and my 7-year-old PC barely runs it at low graphics, but it was mildly enjoyable to play with a friend. I really didn't care at all about the game and was just going through the motions of hanging out online with one of my best buds. Flying around was fun, but overall the game was just a chore to play.

Well, now I will have my REVENGE!
Steam had Aliens: Colonial Marines on sale for $6...so I bought two copies!


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Fun fact: there was a game while back by Capcom called Dark Void. That game is essentially Anthem, but surprisingly much2 better.




Also if you don't mind, can I.......... maybe have Colonial Marines? I have never played the game, but I want to see how bad it is. XD



Here's my personal suggestion though. If you want a much sweeter revenge, I suggest giving him this game:




This was made by the same people who made the Rambo rail shooter, and believe it or not, Rambo is actually a much better game than this borefest. 


Also the latest Terminator game they did is.... actually ok!

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Do the AU laws prevent Aliens from going on sale? I know you guys are nuts about violent video games over there. To be honest, I've been enjoying it. There are still bugs, but you can fix a lot of them with some ini tweaks and it has a half-way decent campaign. There's also an overhaul mod out there that I haven't tried yet that made a bunch of changes to the game. If you can grab it cheap, I'd actually recommend it.

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Hell no. There hasn't been a violent games ban since 2013 after they decided to put a new R18+ rating for games since GTA5. Well, Hatred is banned, but that's a good thing because that game ended up sucking hard anyway. 


The game has been improved over the years compared to the initial release, so that's not surprising to hear. Now total conversion mod that makes the game a lot better? That sounds great! Modders make everything awesome. I believe it's this mod you're talking about.


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