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Should Joe review I am Jesus Christ?

2 posts in this topic

New game is about to be released on steam and its allot different from the usual games. I want to make a proposal to JOE! Lets collab and do a review over this game together! I have a youtube channel called Bible Prophecy Made Clear https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcRHN9mZ6YWARkgq-wCjmrw Right now when comparing it to the bible its already a little off. Joe I can bring allot to the table what do you say? 

Even though this is a "religious" game, would you guys think it would be pretty cool idea for Joe to do? If so then make sure Joe knows in the comment section below :)


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I checked your youtube channel. 4K subscribers in 6 months is a great milestone, congrats! And it's good that there's a modern channel talking about the Bible while also being relatable to the current times. We need more positive stuff like this in youtube, not nonsense dramas!


I think it's a cool idea to have Joe cover this game with you, but unfortunately, he most likely won't see this post. He's not here a lot. He's busy with his own stuff & most people in the community go to discord to discuss stuff. And I'm not really sure that Joe wants to cover a religious game with seriousness cause he likes to play games for fun. 


Maybe you can cover it on your own channel? That'll be pretty neat. That is if the game ended up being a harmless game where you play as Jesus throughout his historical recording & not a bait and switch game which turns the game into some monstrously distasteful game. I saw a game called the Priest Simulator recently, and that game just...... it sucks ass because it's just WRONG.

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