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Darksiders Genesis review. The best game in the Darksiders series so far.

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Darksiders, a series about becoming one of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse, and oozes style & seriousness that you would expect from a game influenced by the bible. The previous 3 games had been released, focusing on War, Death and Fury, but not yet Strife. Which is weird that they change the name of the last two because it was supposed to be Famine & Conquest, but I guest Fury & Strife are cooler. Thankfully, Darksiders Genesis had been released recently, and you get to play not only as the long-awaited Strife but also War again, because this time the game is not like the other 3 with their open world action adventure format through Heaven, Hell and Earth. Now the game is more like a top down Diablo esque but thankfully no continuous swapping of loot linear co-op action game with a bunch of collectibles put all over the place. And this game is surprisingly the best game in the entire series.

Image result for darksiders genesis"

This game is a prequel to the other games. Basically it's a day at work for the horsemen for the asshole council from the first game before War was framed for starting the apocalypse on earth. In this game, War & Strife were sent to kill demon lords who are plotting something evil with Lucifer, and the whole game is them slaying demon asses, while also collecting health, MP power ups & other tools they can use to progress & solve various puzzles throughout the game. The story is ok, but the game isn't really going for deep plot but more about Strife bonding together with War over demon-slaying. Strife is probably the best Horseman in the entire series. He's pretty much Deadpool, minus the katanas & the fourth wall breaking jokes, but sometimes he did crack those too only not as often as Deadpool. He cracks jokes all the time, but a couple of times he can be dead serious, and in the end he's the kindest horseman out of his entire siblings. War is, well, War from Darksiders. Always dead serious & angry all the time, which makes his banter with Strife quite funny here and there.


If you have played a Darksiders game before, then you will be right at home with this game. Sure the camera is different now & it's not an open world game anymore, but the game loop is still the same as before: kill demons, press the execution button to finish off enemies so you can get health, collect items that will permanently increase your health + mana ahem I mean Wrath meter, purchase upgrades from Vulgrim and another demon, in this case a sassy demon lady named Dis that gives you combat moves upgrades, and do a lot of platforming here and there. There is a difference in how you make your character stronger though because enemy powers scales up as you progress through the game. To increase your attributes, you have to acquire souls from dead enemies, or from rewards after completing side objectives in each mission and insert them into this Creature Cores menu.

Image result for DARKSIDERS genesis soul menu"

Purple are from normal enemies, yellow are from big boss enemies you fight. You get a better result when you fit the right creature soul into the right slot, so experiment with your soul placements until you're satisfied.


Another thing that's different is that like I said, it's a linear game now with missions to select, and a couple of the areas have items that can't be accessed unless you have an item that you get in later story missions. And you can do co-op with other players, but you can play the entire game by yourself because you can switch between playing as War & Strife on the fly.


When you play as War, he's pretty much the same as the first Darksiders with his sword combos & fire based powers. He only uses his sword this time which makes sense because it's a prequel, but he does have runes that buffs his heavy sword attack, my favorite being the continuous fire spin attack & the one where you turn enemies into living bombs that detonates after you kill them.


Strife on the other hand is a different beast entirely, and he's DAMN COOL. When you play him, it's like half playing a twin stick shooter because he has his sick 2 guns with him, and you have different ammo you can switch into from the normal bullets to lasers, electric rounds that travels between enemies & the best one which is a spread fire that gives you health when it hits enemies. When you hit enemies enough, Strife will have an improved version of his guns which makes the weapons deal more damage, and sometimes even change how the weapon is used. There's an ammo that's an exploding flame round which turns into a flamethrower for example. The other half is like playing as Death in that he dodges a lot & uses dual knifes to kill enemies in close combat, and damn his finishers against enemies are just as awesome as his other brothers. Not his sister Fury because as we all know, she doesn't have one in 3. His abilities are more of a trickster sort because he uses his clones to deal extra damage & spread exploding mines, but he also have an ability that's pretty much Genos' Incinerate. 

man using GIF


Both of them have many more ammos + sword runes that you can collect by playing the game, and which one you want to use more depends entirely on you. Also both of them have their cool Devil tri I mean Super forms. Strife has the better form because unlike War which is just a giant swordsman demon, he's more like..... like..... a scorpion with a Gatling gun arm & laser tail.


Goddamn that is cool. And a lot better because his attacks deals the most damage in the game, and they look awesome too.


The game is surprisingly quite long too. Took me 17 hours to beat the game, granted that's because I backtrack previous levels to collect all the collectibles I can find, but still, it's a pretty good length. And unlike Darksiders 2 which is longer but get annoying real quick because of the annoying Diablo looting gameplay of forcing you to switch equipments over and over again, you never feel like the enemies get even more spongey, but you get even more powerful and by the end of the game, you can plough through everything in your path like slicing butter, because THAT'S how being a Horseman of the Apocalypse is supposed to be damn it! And I haven't even mention that you can also do an arena gauntlet with increasingly difficult wave if you wish. 


The game's soundtrack doesn't disappoint as well. The previous games have great songs, but I don't know why, quite forgettable. Probably because of how grindy those games are which makes the songs fade in the background. This game's songs though are epic & even stuck with me, especially these


The second one most definitely because it's the main villain's theme, and he's voiced by Keith freaking David. That makes everything more awesome!


Not everything about this game is sunshine and rainbows though. The platforming in this game, while pretty good for the most part, can get annoying because of the sideways top-down camera angle. Especially when you try to jump into plaforms in midair. Like, how on earth can I tell if I was too close or too far this way? And there's a couple of these too! Also, there's a couple of glitches where enemies just get stuck in a wall or object even though they're supposed to go forward to attack me. One of the last mission of the game especially where I fought these mini hordes, and the platform fell because it was a trap door. What's supposed to happen is that one of the elite enemies was supposed to fall down as well so I can fight him, but he ended up getting stuck above, so I had to travel 5 minutes to get back on top again above the platform so I can kill the enemy. Annoying? HELL YES IT IS! Also this

Hopefully this will get patched.


I had a great time with this game regardless, and like I said, it's the best game in the series so far. I give this game my rating of "so good you can't wait for the sequel". With a badass seal of approval.


Now that I know how Strife plays, I can't wait to finally play as him again in Darksiders 4, maybe to play as him alone, or as him & all the other 4 horsemen together. It's about time these 4 finally join together in battle, and hopefully we get to kick Lucifer's ass this time!

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