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2019: the year where long running series ends. Some ends brilliantly, and others falls down HARD

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I hope you all had a nice Chrismas with your family & friends! And since the latest Star Wars movie was released & I watched it, but I don't even want to review it because it was so okay it's not even worth mentioning, I actually noticed something interesting about 2019 in entertainment:


This was the year where there are a couple of games + series + movies combined that ended their long-running journey, or in some cases returned from the dead to continue their resurrection. The first half of 2019 hit us with some freaking epic stuff. But why was it that after April, long running series/ franchises for established franchises ended the series on such an epic failure of gigantic proportions?


The first couple of months brought us the resurrection of Resident Evil/ Biohazard 2 remake + Ace Combat 7, and the long-awaited conclusions of Devil May Cry 5, Metro Exodus, MK11 aside from the bullshit lootbox mechanic & Kingdom Hearts 3, as well as the best event in movie history that is Avengers Endgame. My God, these games + Avengers Endgame are SO FUCKING AWESOME, that I truly believe that 2019 has the best early start of games + movie in any year before. It was so awesome that I still watch + play these games when I still can. Especially Endgame which I watched like 10 + times already, specifically the final battle. That's the best final battle in movies PERIOD. Lord of the Rings can't even compare to that moment!


Then after that, disaster immediately struck with, sigh, Game of Thrones, aka one of the biggest butchering of a series I have ever seen. And it just continues to a downward spiral from then on. Next comes the disastrous Dark Phoenix which I bet NOBODY even remembers existed because it was so damn bad, then Men in Black International, then Terminator Dark Fate, and of freaking course, Rise of Skywalker. For games we got everything Bethesda did like Rage 2 & Wolfenstein & delaying Doom Eternal to next year, Gears 5 which isn't bad but still nothing special, that abomination that was Contra Rogue Force, and oh...... OH GOD....... the absolute borefest that is Shenmue 3, which btw now that I think about it, is the worst game of 2019 that I have personally played. I have NOT played Left Alive which I heard is the worst game of 2019, but looking at the game's gameplay,

I actually would prefer this to Shenmue 3, because it's entertainingly bad that it's somewhat fun. Not like Shenmue 3 which THINKS it's continuing Shenmue 2 faithfully, but instead it makes you slog through mandatory chores that sucks your soul dry everytime you do stuff, and in the end it's the equivalent of a completely pointless filler tv episode.


In summary, the first few months of 2019 is like this:

Fun & awesome.




While the ones after April makes you do this:



WHY?? It's like these people had some sick ritual to ruin their franchises after April! I have never seen such an atrociously obvious pattern where everything descends into madness this hard! 


I hope to God that 2020 will not share the same fate. I wish 2020 will be the best year for games, shows & movies. And if a long running franchise are going to end or resurrect, PLEASE let them be as good as what we had before April this year! 

help pray praying dave chappelle half baked GIF


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