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60 posts in this topic

Completed: Respawn Man
Platform: PC


Completed: Nioh 2
Platform: PS4

Has the strong gameplay of the first title, as very little has changed. There is a wider variety of weapons and new Yokai abilities that allow you to either shift into three different forms (not too useful due to how short the duration is) and you can use enemy attacks (many pretty useless and some very powerful) by binding their spirits to the two guardian spirits you have equipped which also give you stat bonuses and passive abilities. There is a better skill system that has each type of weapon and the other trees (ninja, magic, samurai, shifting) gaining their own experience so you aren't awkwardly ranking up your Axe skill and using the points to put into your Ninja skills. Faster unlocks for the more interesting moves. Good variety of character creation options. Still really appreciate how easily the game allows you to use all of the weapons and abilities without forcing you to go down an upgrade path completely focused on one thing, at least in your first play-through a focus on one thing would be stronger but never to the extent that it matters much allowing you to see everything the game offers. The new skill system makes trying everything even easier. Still some cool looking weapons and it's nice for the forge to be able to change the appearance of any weapon you are using to look like something else.

The story is poor, not helped by the character creation causing your protagonist to now be silent, unlike the last game, seeing your character from the first game near the end of this game reminded me how much I missed his accent and the amusing moments of seeing characters deciding a white guys name is just too hard to say so they rename him. No real changes mean no real improvements and the game has kept the same problems. The maps are fine but you are never really doing anything that interesting on them when their could be more interesting demon areas or sites of famous battlegrounds. There are still hit detection issues which seem to be more that enemies can have very odd invulnerability frames, with the worse cases being some enemies that the game decides just can't be hit after being knocked down onto the ground. Bosses and some arena style fights like to abuse that the game really isn't made well for fighting multiple agile enemies and the lock on system still has a needless range limitation that can prevent you from locking onto enemies even in enclosed areas. The weapons are all fun to use, including the new ones but they have done nothing to improve their terrible lacking skill descriptions and for a series where they even said with this title they wanted to focus more on demon enemies over humans many of the skills (including most of the most fun ones to see in action) are meant more for human opponents (or will just not work at all on demon enemies). No real visual improvements and there isn't that many new enemies.

Nioh is one of my favorite games and with the exception of the story this is better in basically every way. If a third one is released I would hope to see more notable improvements though.

Completed: Strike Gunner S.T.G
Platform: Arcade

Vertical shoot em up with a nice varied weapon selection system and not much else going for it. Dull enemies, locations, upgrades, and graphics for its time. Large hit box ship frequently surrounded by shots and frequently stuck in very limited spaces (two players must be awful). Each of the six levels and final boss encounter starts by letting you pick one of 10 varied secondary weapons. Homing missiles, locking vulcan guns, mines, summon two support ships on each side of you that can be shot off, shield (didn't seem to do anything), etc. Can only select each one one time for one level. Secondary gun is used with alt fire and powered by a meter that can be charged by taking the emergency powerup over the speed or weapon powerups. But you'll probably die so fast you will never need the powerup as dying will fill it.


Completed: Resident Evil 3 (2020)
Platform: PC


Completed: Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales
Platform: PC

Finally finished this after playing it on and off for two years.

It makes a good use of its setting. Has a great main character, it's well written even putting in world details or the inner thoughts of character for every minor battles, very nice artwork in the environment, in the cutscenes, and for some of the cards. The framing of the game is a guy telling a story and everything that happens is either narrated by him or voiced by the game's characters, all with well done voice work. There are important and difficult decisions throughout the game that can change what cards you get and what named allies follow you, with characters have dialogue in and out of battles and can help in random events, there are some weak elements to decision making as your army morale never really matters but choice can come back to help or hinder you long after you make them and the game only keeps one save file automatically updated.

So why did it take two years to finish? Because, Gwent is a terrible card game and the battles tend to be so easy that the problem is more the length of the game forcing you to play such a large slow number of dull encounters in between nearly every good story moment. It would be difficult to explain why for people not at all familiar with it. It was a passable distraction in The Witcher 3 with an interesting element of leaders getting use of a one use battle order that could change the field up, weather effects, and having to place units in melee, ranged, and support areas which was hurt due to overpowered character cards you could keep adding to your deck and with the game only being a side focus. So of course, when they go to make Gwent an official game weather is basically removed, leader abilities are done frequently, and the melee and ranged rows now do nothing except for effect a very small handful of the game's cards.

For the majority of the game (all but the final battle) I used roughly the exact same deck, only adding in a few hero cards from the characters I kept with me. I made no use of spending the gold, recruits, and wood you gather to create new cards until I realized that there were achievements for having all of them in the last chapter of the game. This does hurt the decisions and narrative a bit as you end up swimming in money and wood by the last two chapters of the game. Do you help the peasants? Well that will cost a small fortune of 1,000 gold. Good thing I have 60,000. The game is so mindlessly easy that I just never cared to exploit any of the ridiculous strategies you can make use of. Gwent is a game where you could pull off bullshit like this if you construct an annoying enough deck with hero, relic, and main cards that interact with each other enough

Your choices effecting who joins you and if they ever decide to leave you (not counting ones who always will leave you) is obviously perfectly fine in a normal game and how it works is handled well here, but when those characters also act as cards that you might create entire strategies around you have a developer that clearly doesn't know what they are doing. Nonsensical siege battles when you have to take forts or towns are frequently said that they will be costly battles but never matter in terms of story, only gaining you resources, and the fortification walls that block the entire melee row for the enemy side, only hurt them as they limit where they can play cards and for some reason provide them no benefits. As my deck always used guys that could set a row on fire to deal out damage to ever character on it each turn, limiting the defenders to one row is certainly not helping them.

The game's final main battle resorts to doing what all games like this do, just blatantly cheating with two massively overpowered leader abilities and overpowered cards in their deck. Luckily the AI is nonexistent when it comes to actually using card abilities so I built a deck (really for the first time in a 30 hour game) that gets stronger as characters take low amounts of damage and gets much stronger when characters are killed and the AI used the 10+ turns they had on me after I could no longer do anything to keep constantly attacking me (on average doing about 10 damage to my side, and then gaining me 20-40 additional strength from the game each time). ...And I still barely won. Good think I made the story decisions that got me and allowed me to keep all those cards I needed.

The game is full of optional puzzle battles in a game that doesn't really function as a puzzle style card game, so these are frequently throwing you into situations where cards do completely different things that you need to try to learn for a brief extra event or they might have the puzzles just play like different card games (Hearthstone or even one that is just a flip over pair matching card game).

I still kind of recommend it. It's an enjoyable narrative with some good events to interact with and a good use of The Witcher's setting. But if you've playing any kind of remotely good card games, Gwent is just terrible by comparison. Even dull simplistic things like Hearthstone are better.


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Hope you guys have a happy easter today! It's not ideal since we're stuck in our homes, but there's games & foods to enjoy!


48) Sengoku 3

Platform: PC

There's a GOG SNK games bundle that I got. This was a game that I saw a long time ago and wanted to play on PSN, but back then it was $13 so I skipped it. Good thing the GOG bundle gave me 5 games including this for $5!


This is a modern day ninja arcade beat em up. I like how in this game, after you beat stage 3, you instantly unlock the previous 2 bosses as playable character, and then you can get to play as them. I have never seen an arcade game do that before so this was a nice surprise. The combos you can do is also pretty cool in that you can alternate between weapon & bare hand attacks to get maximum damage. It's unfortunate that doing the combos leaves you vulnerable to many bullshit attacks because the recovery time is so long, and I understand if this game actually took at least $20 from a person in the arcade, because it's pretty damn hard. The final boss is, man, typical SNK bullshit final boss. This guy just keeps spamming his super attacks non stop, and you can only damage him when he stopped doing it. And most of time time, he will immediately do another super attack! Come on SNK, this ain't one of your fighting games, give us the satisfying feeling of beating your final boss without needing to rip our hair out for once!


Seeing this game makes me want to see SNK making different games besides fighting games though. Maybe one day they'll bring back Metal Slug, or a new series never been done before. That'll be nice!

49) A Short Hike

Platform: PC

Ahhh, a nice harmless little game that is actually a harmless little game. This is a cute game where you play as a kid girl bird named Claire. She arrives in this mountain place with her aunt & she wants to take a hike up the nearby mountain. So that's what you do pretty much, and you do it by collecting golden feathers to make you jump higher and higher so you can finally get to the top of the mountain. Along the way, you meet quirky animal people & do plenty of sidequests with them, which usually results in getting a new golden feather to make you jump even higher. Once you reach the top, a nice cute surprise awaits, and then you go back to your aunt & sleep after the nice little adventure. The End.


I expected a short hike out of a game that's named a Short Hike, so good for you game! And I got this for free on Epic Games Store, so I'm happy. I want to see more adventures from this game dev after this! And meanwhile listening to the soothing songs in the game again.



Platform: PS4: Dreams game

Another Dreams user made game. This time it's a cool take on Bejeweled. Instead of swapping gems to get 3 - 5 in a row, you press a colored gem & they'll all break depending on how many are bundled in one collection. 

The better you do, the cooler the stage & dragon becomes until you reach level 25. Afterwards you just aim as high as possible. I was planning to stop after I reach 100,000. I ended up playing till I reach 220,000. I will definitely get back & get better scores, when I feel like it.


51) PIP Gemwalker

Platform: PS4: Dreams game

Yet another cool Dreams made game. This time you play as a sloth that gains superspeed, as shown in the funny intro. It makes me laugh. 


It's funny how because he's a sloth, gaining super speed just means he's in regular speed now. 🤣


You explore the different stages, try and collect all the gems marked by X on walls, and get to the end. It's simple fun & it's for free to play on Dreams. And it's so pretty. Man these people never fail to make me happy playing their creations. Makes me sad to see how many early access games are now just hollow cash grabs compared to what these people made for free!


52) Steep

Platform: PC

It's that Ubisoft game that's kind of like the Crew, but with snow sports instead of vehicles. I got it for free from Epic, and thankfully this also comes with the dlcs for the other sports like base jumping, rocket wingsuit & speed riding aka skiing with parachutes included, so that's more fun! The game all around is a bunch of challenges based on whether you want to do ground sport or flying sports. Some of them are "mountain story" missions which can range from movie shot filming, to destroying evil snowmen (I'm not making this up) and following a skiier downhill a mountain while listening to whatever stories they have in store related to the mountain you're on. Expect to restart these events over and over and over again until you get the gold medal. Not quite crazy as SSX though because it's mostly realistic. It's definitely a lot of fun, but by the 40th challenge you have seen everything with only the need to level yourself up to drive you forward. Good thing I play it for free because I would be annoyed if I actually pay for this game. Besides, there exists another game that has wingsuit like this game, but you get to blow shit up. It's called Just Cause. And Just Cause 4 is gonna be free around Friday on Epic, so you bet your ass I'm gonna play that!

53) Tormentor X Punisher

Platform: PC

This will be quick: imagine Doom, but instead of Doomguy you play as a really loud sweary girl with purple hair, and she just kills demons Hotline Miami style. You only have a machine gun & a shotgun, and you reload the machine gun by firing your shotgun. You also die in 1 hit. All you do in this game is rack up the highest scores as you can, and kill demons. Simple, you will die so many times, but really fun. The intro pretty much sums it all up.


54) Close to the Sun

Platform: PC

This was that game that was exlusive to Epic Games Store when the thing launched. I got it for free so yay!


This is pretty much Bioshock, except replace Andrew Ryan & Rapture with a MUCH more likeable guy that is Nikola Tesla & his giant ship the Helios, take away all the combat & make it like Outlast with all the gores & gameplay where you have to run all the time from enemies. And make moving so damn slow, even when you're running. And it's all over in around 4 HOURS! Good thing I play this for free because I would regret paying money playing this game.


I like the world this game presents. It's what happens when Nikola Tesla becomes so successful & invent so many stuff that he makes big changes to the world. Your main character is called to the Helios ship because her sister wrote her a letter to come, but it's of course not as simple as that. 


It's unfortunate that this game have a lot of events that happens, but only half of them have clear answers. There's green Treyarch symbols scattered all over the place which comes from someone in the future.


But you never get a clear answer to what this symbol actually means. And in the end of the game, it all ends on a sequel bait which possibly will lead to many of the background events that happens in this game. Urgh I hate it when it's this blatant. The big bummer though is that there's no combat in this game even when the game is perfect for it. There's health boxes scattered everywhere, but they're just for decorations. I would definitely be down if the game is an fps where you can use Tesla's electricity weaponry to fight enemies in this game, rather than running all the damn time from instant death encounters.


But at least the ending song is pretty good.


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Completed: This is the Police 2
Platform: PC

This is the Police 2 is heavily story focused and tells an interesting, slow, and uncomfortable story of fetization of power and those with it, toxic masculinity, and people doing or trying to convince themselves that they are doing the right thing often while abusing the power given to them to combat other people abusing their own power. Rarely getting into how the police force as a whole abuses the town through their normal actions, you won't be causing accidents with speeding cameras, meeting quotas of black people to arrest, no stated abuse of the sex workers you arrest, and your officers aren't framing people for crimes on their own time. It's not a story about the systemic problems of the wider organization. The plot primarily follows the main character of the previous game, former police chief Jack Boyd, now on the run and hiding out in a small snowy town of the poor and forgotten middle America in the late 80s. A town filled with a cartoonish level of crime, murders, gang wars, sacrificial pagan cults, and Christians wanted to purge the nonbelievers, and all with a new sheriff that is unable to control the men working under her.

Voice work has the the characters sounding like they are always on the edge of a breakdown if their own sudden monologue become incapable of convincing them to keep going. Everyone is perfectly acted, even when overacted, and practically everyone is unlikable adding to the uncomfortable nature of the narrative. The scenes are primarily done in motion comic style panels with characters that are given no eyes and at times appear completely faceless, there are random lengthy dialogue bits about what color and how long the mold has been showing on the roof of the dilapidated police station, even done in a motion comic style it effectively allows panels, sounds, and darkness to linger long enough to convey the mood of the scene. Even the moments that could easily be cut or shortened were such amusingly strange or foreboding things to watch that I wouldn't want them to be.

The main gameplay involves looking at an over-world map of the town as you answer emergency and investigation calls that have you choosing what officers to send on the call and if you want to send your volunteer sniper with them, or if you think the call is a prank or a mistake that you should just ignore. The prank calls are often pretty easy to identify by what kind of information is being given and who is giving it. There are certainly some Karen wants to speak with the manager style call ins. You will choose what and how many officers to send based on their professionalism level with each calling having a minimum required amount, what their skills are and what you believe you will need, what equipment they each carry, and how much energy they have. Skills consist of strength, intelligence, speed, stealth, shooting, and negotiation with each having three levels. Every call gives an officer 10 professionalism if they were just there for the ride, 30 if they were the one that solved the situation, or -10 if the offender wasn't caught. Officers can become tired or drunk which can cause them to crash their cars leading to a few days of injury if they are sent out in those conditions. Once your officers arrive you get a description of what is going on and then choose an officer to take on of three options that might either end the event or continue it with a new series of choices until it is solved. An event might end with an escaped, killed, or captured offender, a safe, wounded, or killed victim, and possibly a wounded or killed officer. As you help townspeople you will also unlock options where you can pay to train your officers in each skill, help them to end their alcohol addiction, recover their stamina, or you can gain access to stores to buy and sell given or confiscated materials.

What you will need in calls often makes sense based on what kind of call it was, if two otherwise normal people are fighting a negotiation skill will likely work, if someone seems to be trying to beat someone to death you will likely need more strength and possibly a baton or taser to deal with the situation, armed suspects might be negotiated with but might be better dealt with stealth or a stun grenade, car chases are unlikely to need your personal strength or speed skill, investigations need intelligence, and a call sending you to respond to someone armed and with a body count will likely need an officer with a high shooting skill and possibly a taser for a better outcome. When receiving call for favor from town residents they will tell you what they need your officers to be good at and if they need them to being anything.

When a day starts you can assign available batons, tasers, taser ammo, stun grenade, shockers, and pepper spray to your officers with each one having four open slots and each one always carrying a gun and knife. Each new day will likely have officers not show up to work, ask for the day of for mostly ridiculous reasons, and disloyal officers that refuse to wear their full uniform will only come to work every other day. You will also assign your more intelligent officers to investigations, Each investigation can have 1-3 people assigned to it with one looking for clues and the others looking into the 2-3 potential suspects. You will have to look at the clues and piece together the events that took place for the suspect you believe did the crime before being able to arrest them. There are two larger gangs where you will follow a chain of crimes by asking the right questions of the gang members you capture, or torture if you fail to ask the right questions, that will lead you to missions where you arrest the leader of the gang.

Officer skills also come into play during the tactical turn based events. Some days will have a hostage situation, bomb threat, gang assault, or robbery that will need you to choose officers to respond to call. Once they arrive each officer can choose four skills based on what they have unlocked through their skill ranks. They might be able to move more spaces, get an extra turn if they remain undiscovered, hide better and with more cover, see further, go into overwatch, shoot faster or more accurately, locate and disarm traps and bombs, negotiate for more time in hostage situations, hold up and ask criminals to surrender, break open or silently open windows and doors, jump fences, etc. Combat is lethal, every shot allows you to aim for the head, body, arm, or legs. Headshots are kills, body shots down a person and put them in a bleed out timer, and leg and arm shots create a slower bleed out timer but prevent either movement or shooting while leaving the combatant active. You never want to get into a gunfight as it is better to use stealth to get into range where you can hold up or stun with gadgets so you can handcuff your enemies, both safer and leads to a better outcome. Sending a cop that isn't loyal to you will cause them to be AI controlled, they will basically just run up and shoot at people causing everyone to get killed, meaning it shouldn't even have been an option to send them in the first place. It's overall a decent system with tense combat if you end up in it or are forced into it, stealth is pretty simplistic, some skills are clearly better than others, and some skills that would be cool in a more focused game are never really utilized. The sequel to this, Rebel Cops, made an entire game focused on this turn based stealth combat with additions. Each tactical stage allows you to retry it, so messing up or being bad at it won't cause you to have to suffer a huge loss or to replay the rest of the day.

Something I can certainly praise this game for is that when it comes to your decisions during events it is often quite clear what would be a good or bad idea, what skills would effect your options, allowing having the right equipment and using it to almost always be a successful option, and the events that allow you options outside of your normal skill range usually give you all the background information you could need to make your decision or are only set dressing. You will never get a random left, right, straight option where two of the choices lead to failure and random death. Though I can't say the same for some of the game's overworld events where taking on a cleaning lady can make one of your officers retire to marry her or where taking in some pound dogs can either lead to two of your cops playing with them for fun or one of your cops getting bit while trying to pet them and instantly dying. If something just utterly ridiculous does happen that is out of your control, you could even just reload the fairly short days to either make a different decision or for the random event to play out differently.

It would be nice if this loyalty and ridiculous number of calls-ins system was mostly dropped in favor of giving you fewer officers with more interesting and varied personalities and backstories. As it is now you do have a few characters with unique quirks, typically only shown with an annoying habit or one unique line they say. Two work very well together and double each others professionalism score, two are germaphobes, one won't use batons, one steals things, one likes to play dress up and won't go on tactical missions, one refuses to go out on call more than once a day, a man refuses to work with women, a woman refuses to work with less professional men but doubles everyone's experience when sent out in all female squads, and a few characters tend to be naturally loyal or disloyal or start out as alcoholics. All of them also have their own appearance, with most definitely looking cooler in their street clothes and hair when they are disloyal to you, you both gain and lose when they finally put on their officers hat that they respect you.

The game is unfortunately, full of half baked ideas that, luckily, effect so little or it is so easy to get around them that most do little to sully the experience but they do interfere thematically. The collection of goods and money needed to continue the game or to complete side activities becomes pointless as once you have access to two of the shops money no longer means anything as you can just buy leather shoes and chocolate from one store to sell to the other at 2-4 times the price. Money no longer being an option and two activities you can pay for to help with stamina or to raise loyalty essentially make stamina meters, loyalty, and to an extent even call ins have no real effect on you. One of the shops will even sell you police equipment which you are unlikely to need as you can already buy more by doing well in main activities, this and the lack of a need for money makes all side missions where town resents and organizations request you to do terrible things pointless. Sitting on $200,000 with everyone loving me after a couple weeks kind of hurts the narrative of desperately trying to acquire money and power. You can refuse to perform the more questionable actions that people want out of you, but you can never take the good option and arrest the person making the request, and the linear narrative of the game gives you no reason to believe your character would have the morals to deny many requests.

There is a brief point where the station's cook leaves and you need to spend a combination of station and your own money to feed the on duty officers, some of them will make requests, some that contradict other officers, and not getting someone the french fries they wanted that day might cause them to lose their loyalty to you. This strange distraction is likely over a few days later as you are given the option to pay for catering for the rest of the game. Most of the tactical missions happen on each day but two force you to plan for four days, assign officers to roles, and gather information, this would all be great except that it forces skill and equipment choices on characters and adds in an extremely odd system where the chosen six characters are unable to come to work until the assault happens but they are unable to be used at work but they can be taken off the team and just added back to it if you want to use them in a normal day but taking them off gives them no equipment for the day. Even this really doesn't matter as you will likely have more than enough officers to just not assign anyone until right before the mission happens, it's just a very what the hell were they thinking kind of system.

It ended up being a lot more interesting that I thought it would be, with some good ideas, some common ideas that were better realized than most games, and some bad ideas that for the most part came together in a way where none of them caused many real issues with the overall experience.


Completed: Raiden V Director's Cut:
Platform: PC

Vertical shoot em up. Nice looking rotating stages and ground vehicle placements. Shadows of enemy ships is a good visual way to warn you about what would usually be cheap sudden enemies. Three ships and three types of weapons that have three variants to choose from. Colored drops will give you matching weapon and upgrade it to level 10, upgrades kept after death. Stage paths based on kills but the game allows you to reload a stage or chapter of a stage and there are multiple difficulty and starting bomb options to help you. Can build up a cheer meter that you can use to summon extra firepower.

Way too busy with people talking all the time, the sides of the screen taken up room, bullets blend in to the background, ridiculous patterns of sped up shots even on the normal difficulty, your own shots blind you. Dull bosses, and normal enemies aren't that varied or interesting, and terrible bonus stages. Got in the Humble Choice Bundle, really not worth the $30 asking price.


Completed: Mega Man Zero (Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection)
Platform: PC

The compilation has good options for filters, better quality audio and cutscenes, easier gameplay options with checkpoints, good options for the DS game's second screeen. But it does makes L and R buttons for the DS games and prevents you from rebinding them or even using L and R in the GBA games, which feels more awkward to me on the Xbox controller.

The first game in the series has gameplay that feels like the X series on the SNES and has good animations for the GBA. Your attacks and the bosses look good and enemies will be cut in half by your sword or flinch and are knocked back when they take damage. There are only four weapons (gun, sword, extending speak, and boomerang shield) but each are useful, at least I suppose the shield could be useful for some people in certain situations I never found much reason to use it with my style of playing (which is, enemies drop health and respawn so I don't care if I take a few hits). You get access to a lightning, fire, and ice element you can equip that add to effect to your charged attacks. The elements don't mean much against regular enemies but bosses are typically weak to one and as was the staple with the X series become very simple when using the correct element.

The game is short and this has much more limited and reused locations compared to the X titles. You can walk around your base but with few base interactions it feels like the game might as well have just used a stage select option rather than the somewhat open feel. You find things called cyber elves which you can either use right away or grow to use, you can equip three but they die permanently after use, so while their effects may be somewhat varied it is unlikely you will ever use them even less so in a game without checkpoints (unless you turn those on). You will get nowhere near enough points to raise many of the ones that require it. The only ones I used were two that slightly increased my health, making the game pretty easy. I believe there was one or two more minor health increases and a major health increase that doubles it, I had but never used that one as a gathered nowhere near the amount of points I would need to grow it. Suffers from a bit of slowdown at times.


Completed: Florence
Platform: PC

Beautifully drawn and animated slice of life moments giving a short story of falling in and out of love with another and becoming more in love with yourself. Color scheme, beautiful music, and small simple and calming bits of gameplay (such as putting together small puzzles that get shorter as they connect with sharper pieces if they fight) all come together perfectly to add to and enhance the narrative.

Completed: Mega Man Zero 2 (Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection)
Platform: PC

Different armors to unlock, more abilities, and stage selection with varied stages. Adds in the new ability to gain boss abilities and to give them a new attack if you beat them while entertaining their stage with an overall S or A rank (ridiculously hard but you have 4 cyber elves that can set you to an A rank). Element attacks and beating certain bosses can effect other stages. Better music and minor voice acting. Spear weapon changed to barely functional grappling hook that can pull objects.


Completed: Mega Man Zero 3 (Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection)
Platform: PC

A lot more stages than the previous two. Removes tedious weapon upgrades with use and armor unlocks to instead start with more skills and head, body, and leg chips to be found and equipped. Better use of elves with permanent options. More practical to unlock boss skills by keeping an A or S rank the first time through. Maybe too easy this time around as I never bothered to upgrade my health and maintained an A easily all game. Spear/Chain Rod replaced again with fun useful new tonfa style weapon that can knock enemies and objects back when charged or increase your jump height, gives you a lot more useful combat options and combo opportunities than the old two. Collection includes options to turn on cards that add cosmetics changes/upgrades.


Completed: Mega Man Zero 4 (Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection)
Platform: PC

New ability to destroy enemies with your hand and steal their weapon from them or to get weapons in the environment, can be used as a straight upwards attack but weapons grabbed usually aren't that useful. Removed your other weapons other than the sword and gun. Stage rankings no longer do anything but give bosses an extra attack if you keep an S rank. A weather system where you can set an easy or hard weather for the stage with hard giving you a boss attack if you beat it and both altering the stage. One elf that grows many times and equips three abilities one from each class of former elf. No longer any elemental effects other than by using EX attacks. Crafting parts for head, body, leg chips, your options are much less interesting and the guessing nature of what makes what was poorly thought out. Narratively seems like a complete afterthought, even removing characters that they later decided died in the previous game for no real reason. Normal length like Zero 2 not with more bosses and stages like 3 or shorter like the first. Better than the first but disappointing after the third.


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55) 007 Nightfire

Platform: PC

Because the 007 film No Time to Die was cancelled, I decided to watch a lot of old 007 films on my cable tv service. And then I decided to replay Nightfire because I didn't beat this game a long time ago.


It was a big mistake.


This game..... is SO BAD. I can't believe that I actually played this game a long time ago & sort of had fun with it. Most of the shooting in this game is just fucking broken. That is not good, especially because this game has a bunch of enemies that swarm themselves towards you in an instant. 


Here's an example: the shotgun in this game is absolute dogshit. Most of the time I tried to shoot someone close range, this thing doesn't kill them in 1 hit. And the recovery time it took for this thing to fire the next round is ridiculous, that most of the time you'll lose 60% of your health because the enemies will fire you while you get this thing to fire the next round. This thing is most definitely the most useless weapon in the game. HOW DO YOU FUCK UP A DAMN SHOTGUN??


Most of the weapons are complete garbage too, either because for some reason the fire rate for them are so damn slow like the damn sniper rifle, or in case of themachine guns, they do little damage & their accuracy is atrocious.


The SIG 551
SIG SG 551 | James Bond Wiki | Fandom

is the most inaccurate weapon in the game because it spreads all over the damn place, even though it has a scope & a laser sight. The irony is baffling.


The best weapon in the game is the P90 because even though it's inaccurate, it has the most clip capacity so you can just spray a lot & most of that bullet will probably hit your target. Unlike the other machine guns in this game.


It's quite funny how the most accurate weapons in the game are the sniper rifles and the pistols. Hell, you can shoot an enemy for an absurdly long range in the head with a pistol & they will die from it, unlike the machine guns that are completely useless. Oh, and the most questionable thing of it all? How is it that Bond's character model in first person always have him wearing his tuxedo while most of the game have him wearing a sneaking suit gear? And how is it that the character model is only accurate while he's in third person view??.... I don't..... I can't....... me no understand game logic


Fuck the mission designs here as well, and most especially the ones that takes place inside the high building in Japan where you have to do PAINFUL stealth missions. OH GOD THIS IS TORTURE. Expect to get detected a lot because the enemies are either so good with their eyesight at long range that they instantly call the alarm, you knock down an enemy but a camera detected their bodies, and you can't destroy the cameras because it'll be instant game over. You can't move the body anyway so you're screwed. Thank God for quicksave, but using them are a pain in the ass.


Oh but the worst is yet to come, because in the middle of this mission, you have to climb the damn building with a bunch of suction cups.

And this........ this is absolutely the worst mission in the entire 007 games history. Just...... just look at this horse shit.

Oh.... Ohhh noooooo....... why? Why does the climbing section make you move so damn slow & have to wait for guards to move? Why can't you use quicksave so you don't have to start from the bottom again if you fail?? WHYYY??? WHATT???? HOWW????a???asDADADOASHDOAJUDHAOD


After all that's done, you have to escape the building, but good luck trying to escape it when the enemies are all swarming you & you don't have much room to move because the damn level is so narrow, so you're gonna have to take the gunshots up the butt.


Once you beat the game in the final section that takes place in SPACE that is so stupid it makes Moonraker look like freaking 2001 A Space Odyssey good, you will be deleting this game immediately from your PC, which is what I did. And the worst part of it all? The PC version is actually the worst version of this game. In the console versions, they actually have MORE missions which have more variety like the vehicle segments

And the weapons actually work properly. The only downside is that the game has no checkpoints, but I bet it's 100 times better than the Godawful PC version I just played. Wow, one of the rare instance where the console version of a game is actually better and have more content than the PC version. That's one for the history books!



56) Receiver

Platform: PC

Oh man..... this fucking game......


Because Receiver 2 is out, I figured I might as well try and finish the first game. I gave up a long time ago because it was so damn annoying to play, and going back, it still is annoying as hell. I like the realistic weapon handling here because you have to do small things to arm yourself, like putting individual bullets to your revolver before loading it, or cocking your pistol properly before firing or else it won't work. The amount of random enemy placements & the one hit death though? HELL no.


The main goal of this game is to survive and collect 11 tapes scattered around the randomized world because this game is a rogue-like. You will encounter 2 enemy types: turrets & flying drones that will piss you the hell off because they can't seem to die when you shoot them most of the time. You just have to shoot the body of a flying drone to disable them, which is easier when they haven't detected you. Here's an instruction video to deal with the turret.

Ok actually you just need to shoot the camera on that thing, but this works too. :D


I think I died 50+ times before I beat the game, mostly because of the flying drones. But when I do, MAN IT FEELS GOOD! 


Thankfully Receiver 2 looks to be a much bigger & better game, so I will probably have a better time with that, especially now that I've known how to use my guns like a boss in this game. Bring it on turrets & drones!


57) Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Remastered

Platform: PS4

The PSN have a free giveaway for Journey & the Uncharted 1 - 3 remastered collection, so of course I got this great deal right away. 


I surprisingly haven't finished the first game in this series yet. The most I played of the first was at my local JB Hi Fi store when this game was playable & I got as far as escaping Eddy Raja, so this is as good time as any to do so with cleaner graphics & 60 fps while also having stuff that still makes it early PS3 ish. Man, it feels so good to play this game this way, and quite interesting to see how this first game is quite different than the sequels. For starters, Nate here doesn't have a close enough bond with Sully. In the first couple of minutes, Sully got shot by bad guys, and Nate just left him to die....... It's a good thing he's actually ok but whaaaaaat?? Also, Nate's first instinct when he's facing a bunch of goons is to find an escape boat & try to run the hell away, while Helena's the one who told him to actually soldier on and finish the damn adventure..... wow. Future Nate would NEVER act that way. 


It's also pretty weird to see how this game has a couple of QTE sequences when future games removed them, and that the combat is more of a beat em up with square triangle square as a strong combo. Good thing the future games made the combat simpler & more awesome while making Drake able to do this

Still really fun to play & it has certainly aged really well for the first game in the series, unlike Gears of War which is unfortunately dated & doesn't improve on itself with the sequels much.


BTW, I am..... a little bit annoyed by how the Indonesian speak in this game.

Eddy is more like a Chinese guy trying to speak Indonesian, but his voice actor James Sie is Chinese so that explains it. He's quite polite while saying Indonesian too, like how he pretty much says to Drake "your shit!" (tai kamu, which is too polite, it should've been tai luh), also when ordering his men to open the door, you don't just say "buka pintu" (open door), you're supposed to say "oi luh, cepetan buka pintunya" (hey you, hurry and open the damn door). The nya is CRUCIAL! 


The one person in gaming that speaks actual proper Indonesian I heard so far, not counting Dreadout 1 & 2 which is most definitely Indonesian based so they, of course, have proper Indonesian language, is Citra from Farcry 3. Not Vaas because he never speaks any Indonesian language, even though he's actually Indonesian. Such a damn shame, but Vaas is still awesome so oh well, can't have everything.

Which makes sense because her voice actress, who's half Chinese half Irish born in Australia, actually lived in Borneo, a part of Indonesia in her youth. Also fun fact, she also voiced Faith in that Mirror's Edge Catalyst reboot........ and Nico in DMC5. Now that's RANGE!


58) Wheels of Aurelia

Platform: PC

This game is a multi-branch road trip game where doing stuff & picking different dialogue options while you drive will lead to different endings. And apparently it's also a wikipedia endorsement because most of the time, your character, her friend & hitchhikers she picked up if you choose will talk about anything related to 1978 Europe events, and then you can check them out for yourself, which will cite Wikipedia pages for you. 


As for the story itself, it's just you & your friend doing a road trip on a whim & them talking about life. Depending on the dialogue options, the road trip can range to pretty normal, and then all of a sudden to racing a dude so you can take his car key if you win, to tailing the dude because it looks like he's part of a terrorist group, to have the game end all of a sudden because your friend sold you out to a paparazzi, with wikipedia info popups left and right. And that's just one of the ending of this game. It's pretty interesting, and it has cool songs, but unfortunately the gameplay is so basic that it ended up being mostly annoying diversions. Good thing I got this for free on Epic.

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Completed: Mega Man ZX (Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection)
Platform: PC

Two characters to choose from with some dialogue changes and some differences in special attacks with different armors. Can equip different biomods/armors with different attacks, passives, and special moves with armors taken from main characters from the Z series. Similar gameplay to the Z series but without the elves and element attacks and the ability to play varied armor types.

Built more like a Metroidvania with missions and healing transporters, too spread out and extremely poor map mostly makes this just a waste of time, only selecting one mission at a time also makes things worse as it takes needlessly long when you can discover other mission areas before what you need. Terrible side quests designed to waste time due to forced backtracking or need to repeat the same activity, sometimes up to six times. Even exploring the town forces you to switch to your human form to talk to people. Equipment and side missions can almost be hidden and require you to talk to someone 2-3+ times after a certain event or in the right armor to get something.


Completed: Mega Man ZX Advent (Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection)
Platform: PC

Two playable characters again but this time with more plot, side character, and ability differences. Biometal allows you to transform into the same four old characters from the Zero series but the new way it works where you only have one model that copies abilities also allows you to change into completely different sized enemy bosses you have defeated (more for traversal as about half are completely useless for actual combat and three barely capable of movement). More interesting stage design that the previous game, loses a lot of the aimless wandering and terrible map of the previous game while also giving more teleport locations, can start multiple side missions at once.

They added voice acting, basically all of it terrible and bad actors aside frequently terrible choices in what kind of voice to give characters. Ignores or changes plot elements from ZX, not that it was good and the entire series is a convoluted mess but still odd and the worst story of the bunch. Even removing character with no explanation from the last game and having a main character who doesn't even have the ability to transform into the ZX model for most of the game (or use the sword) and only able to later from copying the former protagonists abilities. Also ends with sequel bait and not saying what happened to certain characters for a game that never came.

All six games are finished. Zero, ZX, and ZX Advent are all ok, with the first Zero game only being worse than the others due to how limited in scope it was. Zero 2 and 4 are very good. Zero 3 is both easily the best of the collection and where the story should have ended.


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59) The Last Guardian

Platform: PS4. Although, this feels more like a PS3 game.

It is that game that was legendarily delayed so much about a boy and his big...... um...... I still don't know what Trico is. Griffon? Bird dog cat thing? Funyarinpa? Actually...... yeah I'll just call him a funyarinpa.

This is a story about a boy that ended up in a strange place accompanied by a very wounded funyarinpa that the boy helped named Trico. After a bit of healing by removing spears out of Trico, they both go on an adventure to get back to the boy's hometown. Adventure full of cute Trico doing cute dog stuff, as well as plenty of sad stuff ensues. Apparently this game takes place in the same world as Ico and Shadow of the Colossus which is awesome, even though it's not clear if this game is in the same timeline as Ico or if it's a sequel. Maybe the next game from the dev will make things clear, or not.


The gameplay of this game is pretty unique in that it's a Trico bonding simulator game, and also with a lot of climbing a lot that Shadow of the Colossus is is known for, except you just climb on Trico & a bunch of platforms to solve puzzles. You explore different ruins, solve puzzles either by yourself or with Trico's help, and then have Trico battle hostile golems that will come and kidnap you once in a while. You have a weapon in the form of a shield, but the way you use this is to shine it on an enemy like you shine your sword in Shadow of the Colossus, and then Trico's tail will fire a lighting strike to destroy them. You'll lose this weapon early in the game unfortunately, but you'll gain it back much2 later. The most fun out of the game is escaping crumbling platforms Uncharted style & having Trico pick you up. Everytime it happens, it's always freaking awesome.


I like how in the first few hours, Trico is like a distrustful animal that doesn't want to help you. Even when it's obvious you're supposed to climb on him to proceed to the next part of the game, Trico will not want to do what he's doing and just wander around somewhere unless you gently pat on him. Then after a while he will take a liking to you & eventually you can issue commands to him. It's not perfect though because he will still not do what you want a couple of times, but it's quite cute & definitely acts like a dog would. Makes me sad everytime he got wounded by enemy attacks & he starts crying....... poor thing........


Unfortunately though, despite how unique and fun this game is, I cannot forgive the jankyness of this game. MY GOD, on my regular PS4, this game runs like Shadow of Colossus would, on PS2. Yes, that means sometimes the framerate is 30fps, but 80% of the time the framerate will go bellow 15fps and you will have to deal with it, while fighting the camera that just go all over the damn place because it got stuck to a damn wall, which will happen so often because the areas in this game are so damn narrow that Trico barely fits in them. It makes the game painful to play in parts despite the epic stuff that happens. Now when it happens on Shadow of the Colossus, I actually think it fits the atmosphere of the game back on PS2. It's freaking amazing that the game even runs seeing how complex & epic the colossus are in that game. This game though? Where there's no such giant epic enemies on screen? UNFORGIVABLE. And aside from the furs on Trico, the graphics itself looks like it belongs on PS3 instead of PS4. Hell, even the Shadow of the Colossus remake on PS4 actually runs on smooth 30fps! How the fuck can a PS4 game runs this bad??? Yes I know the game runs on a stable 30fps on PS4 Pro, which just makes me sad.


The ending of this game makes me sad..... and then happy again, so it's a good thing it doesn't make me mad despite the bad framerates. Also from the looks of things, this and by extension ICO & Shadow of the Colossus shows that this game universe has even more to offer in future games. I can't wait to see what's next in this universe, and I really damn hope that the next game by this dev, which will probably be on PS5, actually runs on a stable framerate this time.


60) 007 Racing

Platform: PS1

I played this game when I was a lot younger & I had no idea what the game is about back then. I only played the game because I played new 007 games on PS1 when they're out, and in this game's case to see 007's various cars & race in them. To my surprise, this game is less to do with racing & more like a mission based Twisted Metal when I played it, with occasional racing of course.

Actually you know what? This game is actually like Spy Hunter on PS2, only with less high speed racing & more indoor shootings.


I surprisingly enjoyed this game for what it was back then, and revisiting it now, I somehow still enjoyed it, even though it has aged poorly because of the ugly graphics and the bad controls. I don't know why this game decided it'll be a good idea to stop background songs whenever someone is talking, so you'll left with these awkward moments of enjoying the kickass music, and then groaning because someone talked & paused the thing. The one thing I remember fondly about this game are the songs, especially the bond theme remix in the intro. Oh God look at how messy the editing is, they just slap on stunt scenes from various Bond films, even the ones with no Pierce Brosnan in it! 

I was also quite surprised to see that this game actually have a lot of cameos from past characters, but only in mission briefing texts & some voice clips here and there during missions. There's Jaws, Georgi Koskov from Living Daylights, Jack Wade who's the inspiration behind Tom Sheldon from Just Cause

Fun fact: the guy played a villain in Living Daylights named Brad Whitaker. Both of them are funny.

Whisper from Live and Let Die in mission 4 where he drives a truck and..... somehow not sounding like he did in the film, and even Sheriff Pepper from the same film in the later mission........ this is what 007 marathon on cable tv did to me.... I CAN SEE THE CODE MORPHEUS


Ahem anyway, fun game with surprisingly a lot of varieties. There's even a mission in the game where you remote control your car like in Tomorrow Never Dies & the camera you use is this crappy green screen fixed camera instead of a first person front car view like in the movie.

Sure some of the missions are pretty hard because I didn't know what the hell to do in them, but I figured them out eventually. 


After I finished the game, I was curious about the developer of the game because I remember another car game on PS1 that has a similar, but less janky feeling, and that's about various police chases. 


So I checked the dev behind this game. As it turns out, it's not the same. It is in fact the same developer as that abomination on PS2 that is Pimp My Ride, a couple of other ok racing games on PS2 like Street Racing Syndicate & some Ford racing games,



and ohohohoh, most importantly, and most recognizably, this old friend

Wow.......... how....... how the FUCK is it that they just got worse over the years?? Usually game devs improve on their games, not got so bad that they made the worst, but admittedly entertainingly bad, disaster of 2013!

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Completed: Beautiful Desolation
Platform: PC

Isometric adventure game with a science fiction setting. Two estranged brothers and a robotic military dog are thrown into a mostly desolate future from the late 80s by an alien device that had been rapidly advance human technology over the last 10 years. Characters and factions also often being estranged family or parts of a whole with you having to help them come together, accept that they are better apart, or to destroy the other while figuring out how to feel about your own brother. Great visuals, well written, and good voice acting and pathfinding. Talking to characters goes into a Fallout 1 and 2 style close up screen that is always a strong fit for the setting and shows off the varied character types well.

What few actual puzzles there are are poor, most of the game is going to the right place and remembering the people or spot that makes sense to get an item or to continue the narrative. Near pixel hunting required to find some objects, most not needed luckily.


Completed: Astrologaster
Platform: PC

Play as a doctor who uses period medical knowledge and astronomy to diagnose, treat, and give life advice to his patients in a choose your own black comedy (and partial chorus musical) based on the life of Simon Forman. Gameplay involves choosing between 2-3 options with each visit and trying to gain the favor of patients for letters of recommendations to be given a real medical license. Well written, well acted, successful at being funny and a period piece with bits of contemporary satire.


Completed: Blair Witch
Platform: PC

A dull first person horror game with a bland story of a main character sad about the horrible things he's done in the past (in the military, mean to wife, shot someone as a cop) and trying to find redemption in the present without continuing a cycle of violence. There aren't really any moments that can be considered scary, just confusing and claustrophobic in the dark or dense woods combined with the difficulty of navigating a game character in first person with no peripheral vision. You will always get the bad ending the first time unless you plan to act in odd and seemingly counter intuitive ways. Knowing where monsters are and letting the symbols in the woods continue to scare your dog. The dog is a good boy but following or having him find pointless and, at times, ridiculously hard to find collectibles doesn't give him much of a purpose. Long, dull, drawn out ending sequence and wanting to find redemption/pacifist ending doesn't work when the main character is someone I'd happily kill myself.

Some locations look alright. Constantly calling the pizza place saved in your phone and then saying you might order later was the best part of the game, and pretty much the only good thing.

Some stylistic choices and some of the factors towards what ending you get are heavily taken from games like Silent Hill 2. Because those that can't do, copy Silent Hill poorly.


Completed: XCOM: Chimera Squad
Platform: PC

It was about halfway through the game that I thought it should end and the last quarter of it was just going through missions with characters far to powerful to ever come close to losing (it was an easy enough game even before that).

The characters have some good ability synergy, they have improved the rag doll style deaths from the previous games, and the breaching mechanics are in theory a good idea, hurt by the nonsensical auto cover taking done by your characters which wouldn't be a problem if not for the new turn style of the game where each character and each enemy take turns instead of switching side to side, so it's great when they run in completely surrounded and leave themselves flanked by multiple enemies who will move before them.

The overworld gameplay of paying intel to create field teams that do nothing narratively but get you resources and managing city panic is basically pointless and offers nothing interesting (at least it isn't actively bad like the original XCOM's randomness). The close quarter style of maps means that you will fight in very similar locations (sometimes literally the exact same map, once even twice in a row). Some elements of the game feel unfinished, you can capture enemies with nonlethal melee or tranq rounds but they do nothing but give you extra intel, even capturing faction leaders does nothing. Equipment seems extremely limited, androids that can fill spots in your team if someone is downed are basically useless and unless you are playing on a difficulty higher than what you should be should never be used.

Mostly dull equipment and poor and extremely limited mission objectives, most that don't even work due to the small size of the maps. Disarm the bomb isn't very difficult when anyone can spend one turn walking to it to instantly disarm it. No idea why so many missions have enemy reinforcements, ever seen a robbery where after the SWAT team goes in reinforcement robbers start breaching through the walls and crashing through windows?

They likely launched the game early to beat Gears Tactics because in addition to usual XCOM visual issues and feeling unfinished in some areas there are a very large number of bugs, AI, and UI issues. I've had loaded games cancel enemy reinforcements or saves change into other past saves until the game was reset. It removed people from training when I put other people in the second. APC slots vanish. Overwatch has shot downed enemies that would have moved if they were alive. Enemies that run into corners and do nothing. Enemies that flank with one action then do nothing with the other. Enemies that use attacks that can't effect (or even heal certain characters) only to spend the next two turns doing the same thing again. Terrible ability descriptions on top of abilities and achievements sometimes just not working correctly. The lack of variety is not helped by each playthrough only allowing you to recruit four additional characters on top of the four that you start with preventing you from having the full roster of 11 character. Losing the ability variety and one of the only amusing things about the game which is the personalities of the characters. It even does that member selection incompetently by giving you three to pick from each time, so if you might not be able to choose who you want when you want them and because there will be four left on the last pick it might not even give you the option of the one that you wanted.

Happy for this to be over, and now I can get back to Gears Tactics. The opening 30% of this game can be enjoyable (which for the $8.50 I spent on it isn't bad, though it is now back to selling for more) but even that is nowhere near as good as XCOM 2 even before you consider all the great mods that have come out for it.



Completed: Streets of Rage 4
Platform: PC

One of the best beat em ups I've played. Some great changes with desperation moves now draining health that can be gotten back by damaging enemies if you aren't hit and being able to catch thrown weapons allowing you to rapidly throw them at approaching enemies 12 stages that all look great and have their own quirks to help or hinder you. 17 total characters with five being main characters that make full use of the game's full movesets and the other 12 being the playable main characters from Streets of Rage 1-3 and Shiva from 3, all looking like they did in those games.

The responsive nature of the game and the move-sets and sound effects of those old character make them still fun to play as. Five difficulties with the most difficult at least doubling the amount of enemies to fight and making them come at you with greater speed but still allowing you to deal with large groups well from the speed of the series attacks and ability to quickly change your direction (and the back attacks and desperation moves). Some hidden arcade machines that, when hit with a taser, let you fight a boss from the older games in their old area. A few good enemy types change up the best way to fight them by countering your attacks or needing you to connect a hit just as they lunge at you with one of their moves.

Has the occasional odd hit box, would like a mode that allowed you to use weapons more often. The boomerang at the start of one level is fun with the new mid air weapon grabbing ability.


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61) Streets of Rage 4

Platform: PC

Played the shit out of this game till I unlock all the characters. Now it's just a matter of time for the dlcs so I can play this game even more. I hope modders find a way to add previous SOR levels so it'll be like SOR Remake.


Speaking of that game,


62) Streets of Rage Remake

Platform: PC

The best Streets of Rage game in terms of how many contents are in it, and it's still great to play. You got all of the characters from 1 till 3, Mr X & Shiva are playable, and you even get an original creation Rudra which I am sure inspired the star special attacks that's in SOR4. Well, her, Ash and Elle. Best part of all? Everyone can run, unlike SOR4. And the part 1 characters have dash attacks & their own special moves which SOR4 doesn't have. 


I prefer SOR4's combat compared to this because it's the best that it has ever been in the series by how satisfying it is to hit enemies, whereas in this game it emulates SOR3, and it can get really bullshitty in the harder difficulties where enemies just group on you making you unable to do anything. All someone need to do is just put the previous game's stages in SOR4, make everyone able to run & it'll be the best SOR game. I will be waiting patiently for that moment to come!


63) Bujingai 

Platform: PS2

Ahhhhhh, this brings me back. Back when this game was out, my house was in the middle of a really bad flood & I played the fucking shit out of this game. Oh man, and not to mention the way the game starts by making you play a short stage and then letting you see a replay of it with the kickass opening song:

The combat is simple, but so damn cool. All you do is press square to start your sword combo, and then you can keep pressing it, or press triangle & different button combinations to unleash specific combos. This gets surprisingly intense when you fight an enemy that can block your attack & duel you, so that means you get to see a sword fight that's straight out of a Chinese wuxia film, but you actually play it. Doing this NEVER gets old, but only for one on one battles. If you're up against 3 or more enemies at once, better find a way to keep distances because they will mess you up. The best part is you can upgrade your stats to increase the combo duration, your health & block meter to make battles easier, and making you even close to becoming a swordmaster legend.


What do gets old and annoying though is the platforming you had to do that starts ok, but then stage 6 & 7 ups the bullshittery by making you have to jump several platforms in a precise manner, with falling pits. Prepare to fall over and over and over again with these sections. 


The final boss, OHOHOHO the final boss, is one of my favorite final bosses in games, because it's a high stakes one on one duel with no bullshit that plays so damn well, and the MUSIC

OH GOD IT'S SO GOOD! Shame that it ends with a possible sequel bait, or maybe a timeloop thing because the intro is the same as the ending I don't know, and I've been waiting many years for a continuation. Apparently in 2006 there was a plan to release an mmo based in this game's universe, but it never came to be. It'll be damn nice if there is indeed a sequel though! And hopefully it'll make people think of Gackt better than just Genesis in FF7.......


Gackt will be in the next FF7 remake sequel. I'm calling it first now!


64) Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Remaster

Platform: PS4

First game is done, now onto the next. And MAN, this game gets even better remastered, and unlike the first, I will believe it when people say that this game is an early PS4 game. The graphics still freaking holds up, the set piece moments are STILL amazing, and now even better with 60 fps. Lazarevic is the best villain in the Uncharted series no doubt, all because this guy has a menacing presence to him that makes him threatening as hell, and he also have the best moment out of all the villains.

"Genghis Khan, Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, they were all GREAT men, but do you know why they prevailed? Because they had the will to do what other men would not." Shoot his own henchman. MAN. That line is fucking awesome. Also scary as hell. Then it gets funny when he shouts THIS IS NOT A NEGOTIATION like a respectable villain with a big presence would. And then he's just downright hilarious in Uncharted 4's multiplayer.


Such a shame that Chloe's role in the series gets reduced, until her own game Lost Legacy that is. I want to see an elseworld story where Nathan stays with her rather than Helena. These 2 are a great couple. 


65) Lost in Vivo

Platform: PC

Well, here's a game that was recommended to me out of nowhere by a friend. Since we're discussing horror games that spooked us, I mentioned Cry of Fear and Alien Isolation, he told me about this game. Made by the person who did Spooky's House of Jump Scares, but it's more focused on claustrophobia with Silent Hill grossness. So I played it hoping that it's not as bad as I expected.


Turns out it's pretty good. Not scary for me since I have already seen the scares in this game from Cry of Fear & Spooky's Jump Scares. There's even a part in the game where an enemy acts like that SCP that moves if you don't stare at it which Spooky also has with that guy with the needles.


Basically the setting is you're walking with your dog in your neighbourhood, and then a bad rain happen & the dog got carried into the sewers, so you have to rescue him. By going through Silent Hill mindfucks & fighting ghosts. It's too bad that the intro pretty much told you outright that what you're going to experience is just this therapy using a program named Vivo, hence the title name. That immediately took many of the scares out of the game for me.


The game plays like Silent Hill, but first person. You have 4 weapons you collect through the game. One's a sledgehammer, then a pistol, a riot shotgun which surprisingly is weaker than the pistol, and a knife. You can block attacks with melee weapons, and the game can become easy if you know to block attacks constantly that you'll pretty much save a lot of ammo by the end of the game. Saving is through a save room, which is nice that they went with a classic saving instead of autosaving.


I like the level designs. Each levels has a different rule, so in some levels you're tasked with going to 3 different places & flip a switch so you can flip the last switch. In another level, you're walking through a corridor that gives you a test on whether to pick a left or right path, and if you're wrong you'll have to fight enemies. Get so many wrong and an unbeatable enemy will put you out of your misery. You can collect 4 cassette tapes scattered around the world & these tapes contains mini levels with differing amont of creepyness. One tape has you in a dog pond, another have you in a hotel trying to sleep while shit gets more messed up.


I got the best ending in the game thank God. The game has a couple of different endings, and the other ones are worse than the one I got. You can just walk back the way you came in the intro and you'll get another ending for example. Which makes me wonder, why on earth is this Vivo therapy thing giving you these messed up scenarios? How on earth does this help their patients with their existing conditions? Or was it supposed to be normal but somehow through a character in the game the program got corrupted & mess things up instead? Eh, the important thing is I got the best ending.

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Completed: The Walking Dead: Michonne
Platform: PC

As poorly and at times hilariously written as Season 2 was, even having the same violent captured weirdo telling the woman he's spent five minutes with that she should be a killer and is just like him. Other than that the game likes other tired genre tropes of Michonne guilt over her past of not knowing where her kids are and seeing visions of them all the time in generic at times jump scare esque ways. Main characters and antagonists are idiots, and some things that happen are just ridiculous, and with the limitation of three quick episodes instead of five you spend very little time with the characters.


Completed: Pandemic: The Board Game
Platform: PC

Too much randomness and too abstract for me to really enjoy.


Completed: Steel Strider
Platform: PC

Side scrolling mech combat game with some similarities to their Gigantic Army or the Assault Suit games but with a sword instead of a shield, less interesting missions and area design, and more modern controls. Enemy attacks can be hidden in all the explosions. Decent for a low price.


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66) Halo Reach

Platorm: PC

Aww yeah, got the Master Chief collection when it's just $40. Now THAT's a steal!

Never got to play Reach all these years, so now that I finally played it, eh, it's Halo. Lots of cool battles, and it's already been done in other Halo games before this. This game does have cool moments though which are awesome, like the one mission where it's basically Ace Combat in space.

 And in this game, you get to use your suit powers to sprint & do other stuff. Why does this series make sprinting a power up? 


Also it's pretty apparent that Star Wars Rogue One copied the plot of this game, because it's so very similar. The difference though is that Rogue One did it WAY better because I gave a shit about some of the characters there, while in this game it's just typical Spartan soldiers with big armor as their most dominant characterization, and all the squad members bit the dust one by one, sometimes just out of nowhere and you're expected to care. You know game, there's a thing called "character development & bonding" that you have to do to make it more effective.


Still, I had a good time blowing shit up & stealing other enemy vehicles. And especially the space Ace Combat sequence which is awesome. Destiny though did the combat a lot better & the abilities you do in those games outclasses everything in Halo. Which is quite funny that people actually think Halo is better than Destiny even though Destiny with all its flaws is a much more fun time now that I replayed Halo.



Platform: PC

Got this game for free on Steam. And it's Pacman, on steroids. Compared to the previous Championship Edition, this time you don't die if you touch a ghost. You just bounce off them, but if you do it too much, the ghost will become angry. THEN they'll kill you if you touch them. It's a cool mechanic that mix the game up, and it still feels really damn awesome when you eat a longass line of ghosts. 


The game also have bosses you gotta fight, but interestingly it's pretty much just a normal Pacman game with other ghosts like usual, only while eating pellets, you have to collect extra lives until it reach a certain amount. THEN you beat the boss' ass.

Getting to the bosses though, that's a pain in the ass. They're fought in this "adventure mode" which you unlock when you cleared a particular mission in "score attack" mode. This adventure mode have you play missions which gives you stars which you collect, and when you reach a certain number, like 22 stars, you can fight a boss. The problem though is that some of these stages are downright based on freaking luck, and the game gives you inscentive to beat a stage at the highest difficulty to get the most stars in a stage. You can tell that stage to kiss your ass. All you get is a bunch of pain and misery for repeating a stage over and over again because the ghosts doesn't have a clear pattern & just go wherever the hell they want, or that when you finally kill a ghost, you can't beat the stage yet because you haven't eaten enough pellets so you're trying to reach the pellets but it's no use because you only have 1 second anaosndwaifhafadaioufdhnaonsoaf


Just play the game for the score attack, and don't play adventure mode on pro to retain your sanity. The game's still free until 10 May, so get it while it's still there!

68) Black Book: Prologue

Platform: PC

Now this..... this is a pretty cool prologue to a promising game! 

Basically, you're a girl named Vasilisa in 19th century Russia village. She was recently married, but unfortunately her husband died, very possibly due to a curse. So she decided to become a witch and find the "Black Book", a book that can grant any wish to revive her husband, and to find the book, she has to find 7 seals............. this will only end in tragedy. But hey, at least while doing that, you can help others in need with your magic! If you so choose. MUAHAHAHA


This game's like a mix of point and click adventure where you travel to various spots in a map & turn based card rpg. There's lots of people to help, and how you help them is up to you. Want to be a good witch that helps those in need with the right solution? Or would you be naughty and cause chaos by giving the wrong advice and doing lots of mischiefs? That's all up to you.


Combat is turn based, and you're given 3 actions to do. The actions depend on what card you have, whether it's an attack, defense or buff card. Pretty straightforward, and you get more cards as you complete battles, level up & complete quests. 


I like how you get to learn about the myths & customs of 19th century Russia here, from giving worship to a guardian protecting a mill, or having to do the correct ways to ward off evil spirits. Now that I've finished this game, I can't wait to see what the complete game has, and what challenging bossfights I will have to fight next!



Platform: iPhone

Ahhh, a good relaxing brain teaser game. How i missed thee. This is a game where you have to make specific cuts of squares that the game wants you to. So the game will ask "in this 8 square formation, split them up evenly", and you have to do them the right way.

It gets more complicated when the game adds squares that erases itself & swapping colored circles. It's a fun little brain teaser that thankfully doesn't go overboard with its difficulty, unlike some iPhone games.


70) Ultra Fight Da Kyanta 2

Platform: PC

I saw this game back when fighting game gatherings were still allowed before Corona, and I was like "wtf is this shit"


It's..... it's a Street Fighter clone but with animal characters, and some humans. But the game is much simpler to play because your special moves are done by just pressing the square button + either no direction, or down. Supers are also done with 1 button press. And you can actually choose if you want to fight alone, or with teams of 2 or 3, so it's like the game mixes Street Fighter with King of Fighters. If you choose to play in teams, their health will be much less for balance purposes. It's..... surprisingly fun.


That is until the final boss Akuma copycat that is so broken you will die at least 40 times before you beat him through exploiting his patterns, and most of the time he Daigo parries your attacks, so you can only damage him if you attack him during his shoryuken moves. Fuck that guy.



71) OPUS: The Day We Found Earth

Platform: PC

This is another relaxing game about you being a robot named Emeth in space trying to find earth inside this telescope ship thingy because his creator, a researcher named Lisa assigned him to. Some unknown time has passed & Lisa is nowhere to be seen, so it's the Emeth's job to find earth and hopefully find out what happened to Lisa. The whole game is about looking at a big galaxy map & locating various planets that is closely resembling earth until you finally find it. Apparently this game's plot takes place when people moved out of the earth for many years & they're trying to find it back, but a couple of people actually think it's a lost cause & there's no way to find it. Um...... how stupid can you be that that they don't know the earth coordinates? That's like moving away from your house to some other country, and then you forgot to tell your children the place of your childhood, and when your kids try to find it years later, they have no fucking clue about it. 


Moral of the story: tell people where you're originally from & give them complete coordinates so they can track the place down, especially when it concerns an entire human race.


Anyway, while the gameplay is quite simple & it basically amounts to that Mass Effect 2 probe placing minigame on your galaxy map, and when you find a planet you can rename it however you want, the game is mostly about the story of you and your ai companion who resembles Lisa. They don't get along at first because Emeth's a shitty brat, but they eventually bond together & it's quite sweet. The end itself is nice too, and I hope they can find Lisa after the ending. And also have Lisa put more learning programs & manners to Emeth so he can stop being so mean.


Oho, turns out there's dlc missions that takes place after the ending. Sweet!

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Completed: Gears Tactics
Platform: PC

Good base gameplay, really nice use of cover movement and overwatch that feels at home for the series. Good level design, with occasional areas that have very similar looks to them. Unit classes with mostly good ability choices, some only good for certain mission types and some poor descriptions that make you think they will do things or different things than what they actually do. Poor recruitment system where you get a pool of new characters every mission likely stronger than your current ones that come with new gear, rescued characters already spend skill points when others allow you to choose making them worse choices. I had one character that I used every chance I could and she was the only one who, barely, levels above new characters, making the limited cosmetics and color options even more pointless as it is better to constantly replace everyone. Heroes have no unique features and even they might fall behind in level even when taking them as often as you can. What there is is good but lack of objective variety. Easy to sit around to wait for ability cooldowns.

For a strategy game there is almost no replayablity as you will have the characters to try all skills and you will see what all the maps and objectives have to offer. There is no larger strategic game outside battles, no good in world explanation for the strange level modifiers. Feels a lot like the original XCOM remake to me. Some poor choices with a lot that could be improved on with pretty solid base gameplay. Would like a sequel with new enemies and equipment and either more focused on randomization of levels and new objectives or just all varied prebuilt set-pieces let going through a Gears campaign. The grenades are massively overpowered, making the scout class that has an upgrade path where they can throw them every turn along with proximity grenades massively overpowered. Not enough emergence holes or fortified positions, way too many enemy dropships.

Cole was a preorder (or early game pass) hero character and his taunts and yelling as you use him made him the only character I really personality wise enjoyed having. There are some terrible looking beards on the recuitable characters.


Completed: Tiny Toon Adventures - Buster's Hidden Treasure
Platform: Genesis

Side scrolling platformer, varied levels with new enemies and traps in each area. Controls well enough. Not as detailed as the SNES game that released the year before but looks good for a Genesis game. You can build up speed and do slide attacks but the amount of time and obstacles make it unlikely to make use of this without advance level knowledge. Can jump off walls though most levels don't make use of it. Collecting 50 carrots let you summon friends to kill all enemies on the screen but there is almost no real reason to use this and when it might have helped I wouldn't have been able to get 50 carrots. Hit detection can be a bit off. Poor story doesn't make good use of license. Can move your head up but can't look up.


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Game: Ys Seven

Platform: PC

Play Time: ~19 hrs


Ever since I got into the Ys series, it has slowly grown to become one of my all-time favorite game franchises. The quality at display across almost all games has been shockingly consistent, and Ys Seven is no exception. The story was great, albeit with some less-than-pleasant plot twists, but the ending made up for those by making me cry, which is a rare occurrence for me as far as video games go. Audiovisual department was top-notch, and the gameplay was simple but satisfying. Highlights included a puzzle involving lasers in the Well of Souls, the Dragon Sanctums and the final boss. All in all, Ys Seven was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, and it's easily tied with Ys Origin for my favorite Ys game.

Rating: 5 / 5

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Completed: A Plague Tale: Innocence
Platform: PC

An interesting idea but then they made it a video game and ruined it. What could be a more horror style take and narrative of a common person (a noble but common as in not an unstoppable hero) trying to keep her brother safe during the plague/war while on the run, while dealing with other regular people, becomes an idiotic story about mystical bloodline hero child, occasional whining about killing terrible people in between all your killing, busy work stealth and "puzzle" sections, and magical plague rat tornadoes with occasional hit them three times boss fight and a sling that can defeat entire armies.

At its best when you can more slowly appreciate some of the locations and when you have some time to build the relationship between the main characters you meet (your brother that you spend the most time with being the least interesting, of course). Could have been great with a more narrative, avoidance focused stealth gameplay, horror. Instead you just start killing everyone halfway through the game with brief moments typically spent with one main character at a time while saying that there relationships grow over time that you don't experience with them, ridiculous main villains, and out of place gamey moments like old woman saying, "Oh you have a sling little girl, yes you will need that, make use of my upgrade station."


Completed: Isolated Warrior
Platform: NES

Isometric shoot em up that both does some interesting things with its perspective but also makes it much more difficult to actually hit enemies. They make use of shadows under enemies to give you a better idea of their position but even then some hit detection can seem questionable, even more for higher flying enemies that I have no idea why I am hitting or not hitting. Some nice boss designs. Gives you the ability to jump to both avoid shots and for some platforming, jumping twice throws bombs, and you can hit select to cycle between two modes of fire that are upgraded through powerups. One giving you a strong forward shot and a shot behind you and one shooting to both of your sides with a weak forward shot. A motorcycle and hover level can make it a bit difficult to collect powerups or manage what is happening due to the increased speed and the motorcycle levels has the more difficult platforming section that also contains the boss and it didn't seem to always want to jump when I hit the button.


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72) Velocity®Ultra

Platform: PC

I played this game a long time ago, then I played other stuff. Now it's time I finish the fight.


This is a shoot em up + puzzle game where there's 50 missions, and the mission objectives vary from race to the finish line quickly, go to the finish line while solving puzzles that require you to backtrack because you need to destroy colored panels in the right order. All of them require you to collect civilian pods that are scattered around because of a black hole incident, and you're a Lieutenant named Kai Tana sent to rescue them while destroying enemies along the way. The ability you have for your space ship is to speed up & teleport to different parts of the area, and many of the stages make you teleport pretty far really quickly that your fingers will become flexible like pretzels once you finish this game. Strangely there's no boss fights at all in this game, and it ends on a sequel bait which just ends the game abruptly.

73) Velocity 2X

Platform: PC

And this game continues where the previous game left off. Now the guns for the ship feels even more powerful while retaining the same abilities, and this time you have on foot sections that requires you to travel in corridors while dodging deathtraps. The stages are mostly the same as the first game, which means you still have to collect civilian pods..... you know I still don't get why we need to rescue civilians in this game since you're not a space cop anymore. Instead you're fighting an evil alien race with the help of another alien friend. Ah well, it's in the first game so why not I guess. This there's boss fights which is definitely a welcome addition, and each of the boss fight, even though you're fighting the same guy over and over, have different rules to them. So one boss fight is straightforward while in the others you have to destroy circuits in order to disable the boss' shield.


And the game ends on ANOTHER SEQUEL BAIT, and this time it's even more annoying because it ends right before the good part starts ala Halo 2's ending. Poor Kai Tana had to endure 2 shitty ways to end the game after all she's been through! Hopefully the third game will have her finally finish the fight once and for all.


74) Helltaker

Platform: PC

This is a pretty cool free game on steam. The dev is the animator behind another game named Ronin

Now he made a game where you play as a dude who wants to find sexy ladies, in a literal hell. I'll let the man describe the game

So it's one of those "move in a specific way with the given turn available before it reaches 0" kind of game, but here there's a dating sim element where you have to pick the right dialogue option, or you're dead & have to repeat the stage all over again. Simple, but look at dem art style & sexy demon ladies! And if you want, you can buy the artbook for behind the scenes stuff + pancake recipe! Yumm.


(actually you can get it for free if you beat the game & got the secret ending which gives you the password to get the artbook on a certain website, but I ain't telling what it is cause you gotta earn it on your own. :P)


75) Zero/Sum

Platform: iPhone

Wow..... someone actually did a game like this.

This is a puzzle game, a simple puzzle game where you have to make an equation for questions so that the answer is always 0. It gets trickier in later parts because of multiple equations, but overall it's quite simple. You don't have to deal with multiplications or divisions, you only need to put either a + or - to the equations and later on the right numbers to empty spaces. What's the reason for doing the puzzles? It's the cure to cancer, srsly. It's very sought after by a terrorist organization that killed your mentor, and your mentor told you to finish the equations & do it before the terrorists find out about it. Sounds dumb right? Oh but that's not why this game stands out. It stands out because of this

Look at the actors trying to act & it all looks really silly. You will hear cringe-worthy dialogues non stop, see a scene where even though a blackboard is filled with bloodprints, nobody ever commented on it, and DEM ACTING. Best part of all? The game ends with the main character saying she will take the fight to the terrorists who killed her mentor





76) Perfect Pizza

Platform: iPhone

A simple game where you play minigames to make pizzas. The more you get money, the more pizza toppings you can put to your dough, which for some reason includes gold coins. Too bad the game's not a restaurant simulator which will be an awesome gameplay mechanic if it's put here, but those games are already on Steam so eh. 


77) Drift It!

Platform: iPhone

This is a pretty cool game. Essentially it's a "tap when you reach the yellow line" game, and you do them while not missing until you reach the finish line. The initial vehicle gives you a pretty easy ride, but then you unlock the much more powerful cars which extends the time limit, and by God it gets freaking intense. And feels really good once you finish the time with max combo, which will take you a lot of retries.

Playing this game makes me want to play that Need for Speed Heat game that came out last year. Can't wait to play that game once I find a cheap copy of the game!


78) For Honor

Platform: PC

Been years since I played this game & deleted it because by that time I played online, the matchmaking was so bad that the game keeps kicking me out of the game after 1 minute passed for no reason. So now I returned to see if things has gotten better.


Nope, now it's even worse because I got NOTHING. I waited for minutes & nil matches! RUASODHNAODOADA


Ah well, at least I get to play the singleplayer mode again. You know, replaying it again, this game's singleplayer is actually freaking awesome. This game's combat intensity is the stuff that Sekiro & Jedi Fallen Order are all about, and this game came out 2 years before those 2. Like holy crap, why hasn't Ubisoft made a sequel to this game yet that expands on the awesome singleplayer even more?? There's so much more potential. It's pretty damn awesome that the singleplayer gives you a lot of cool battles & bosses to fight, especially considering that this game is more known for the multiplayer, and the memes

Apollyon especially is a complete bitch, but also really badass with how she played every side to her own needs. And the final boss fight with her is STILL great to play. So much so that I actually replayed it 5 times in a row because it's so much fun, and I fight her using the Raid 2's final fight song, which FITS LIKE MAGIC.

I even made a vid about it with this song so that everytime I think about the fight, I can watch it all over again without needing to install the game again & wait ages because it's 50GB. Maybe I'll put it on youtube these next few days!


79) Just Cause 4

Platform: PC

You know, with Just Cause games, every new game is a new journey of crazyness in the life of Rico Rodriguez, and they're all gonna be fun so you'll know what to expect. 1 was really damn lacking which shows just how much better the sequels are. 2 is definitely the best game of them all in terms of how well the game mechanic & missions merge together to make something awesome that makes you want to complete every single missions on that giant ass map which will take forever to do. The characters are mostly forgettable except the one lady that has a Singaporean accent so obnoxious, that she is straight up a stereotypical Singaporean mom talking to you like you're her hairdresser or something, which funnily enough, is not far from the truth. Her voice actress is Singaporean, so she's just milking it up to be really memorable. Here's an article of her talking about it. XD



Just Cause 3 is good, especially with the jetpack DLC that makes the game SO much better since you're Iron Man, but the mission variety is pretty forgettable & lacking that I can't remember a mission that stands out aside from the DLC missions with the giant sky & sea fortresses because most of the time I was just fucking around in the game world destroying shit.


Just Cause 4 steps up the characters & the main game missions. The game now have actual awesome missions that I remember, like the one where you have to protect a tornado gun so you can jump inside the eye of a tornado & pick up a device in it, or the final missions involving the train cannon. Good to see that this game give Rico a much more personal reason to get involved in the plot which 3 kind of had but not really. And it's great to see Rico actually having companions like Mira & the funny lizard men conspirator Cesar that will definitely accompany him for future games this time besides Sheldon. 


Oh yeah, and it also has this.

I actually forgot that this was a thing, so I beat the game & uninstalled it before I get to play this minigame. But I think that's a good thing because I NEVER want to be reminded of that torture game ever again!


That being said, I still miss the dual wielding from 2, the much more fun vehicle highjacking minigame & the mission variety that game had. Hopefully Just Cause 5 will bring everything up to 11 and actually have destructible structures like in Red Faction Guerilla, because that shit is TIGHT.


80) Lucid Dream

Platform: PC

A free point and click horror game recently out about you as a girl trying to get the hell up of your nightmarish lucid dream you can't get out of. I don't know about you, but if in my dream I see a creepy as fuck Sadako looking girl running towards me, I would get the fuck out of bed immediately. Poor girl here instead had to deal with that, and do a lot of mind bending puzzles involving stabbing pictures & burning them, and then having to play hide & seek in a maze while the Sadako lookalike girl tries to hunt you down. It's a good thing the game ends on a happy tone.


81) Trine

Platform: PC

I finally beat this classic co-op game, after I saw my fgc buddies stream themselves playing this game on hardcore mode & dying over and over again. XD


This is a great solid puzzle action game. No surprise that there's 3 sequels to this game, although 3 is the most divisive one cause it's 3D instead of 2D. This game is definitely meant to be played solo since you can switch characters & progress through platforming a lot easier. With multi co-op like the stream I saw, you're completely screwed if you're the knight Pontius since he can't use a rope and create new platforms. 


For some reason in this game, I managed to almost get all the collectibles in most level, and only miss 1 XP vial or 1 box even though I scoured every hidden things in the environment. Man these things are well hidden it seems! But I had a great time playing thruogh all the 16 stages so I'm good.

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Completed: Growlanser 5 Heritage of War
Platform: PS2

Growlanser 5 was the last game I owned for the PS2 that I hadn't finished. I remember stopping the game almost immediately after buying it at release almost 13 years ago. I couldn't remember why since I had liked 2 and 3 and then bought 4 as soon as that was released on the PSP a few years after 5 was localized and I enjoyed that one. Well, now I remember.

Poor graphics look like a PS1 game this late into the PS2's life, even the painted style backgrounds are dull. Poor music. Skill system is like an idiot tried to combine FF9 and FFXs weapon and sphere grid but you were setting skills into a grid yourself. Fetch quests/hidden events constantly have you running back to previous areas multiple times, not that there is even reason to be aware of many side quests and events without a guide. Childish story and writing style. Dull setting. Easy slow fighting would be unbearable without an emulator's turbo button, and even at about three times the speed felt too slow with the game constantly stopping anytime a skill or spell was used along with the poor accompanying animation (which is pretty much just some lights). One of the most dull settings I've ever seen, also one of the smallest that keeps having you running back and forth between areas. Made even more ridiculous by story events like taking a boat to get someone and then being told it would be faster to walk back through about four section screens rather than go back to a town to take another ship, a hidden well exit to a base essentially takes you through half ther continent based on where it comes out. Barely used characters, with two being able to join your party of five at the very end of the game and characters that kept showing up to do nothing and barely had a role in the entire game. Even the title of Growlanser is never mentioned unless you choose two of six different short epilogue scenes where they out of nowhere jokingly call you by it.


Completed: Huntdown
Platform: PC

Released earlier this month on the Epic store and half off for their sale. Side scrolling shooter with a cyberpunk theme. A corporation hires a bounty hunter (or two if you play co-op) to go after four gangs that have been increasing their territory lately. Each gang has five stages where you fight one of the gang's captains at the end of the level. Each character has a different main weapon and throwing weapon and can pick up a variety of secondary main or throwing weapons and dash which gives you a brief dodge window, take cover behind crates/cars or background objects, and kick nearby enemies. It controls well, fun gameplay, some great animation and backgrounds. Some good moment when bosses interact with you before their fight either in amusing ways or by attacking you with helicopters or robots through windows and walls that have you seeking cover in the stage while fighting through regular enemies. Each gang introduces some different enemies and weapons.

Never really that funny with its mostly reference filled humor and with no real unlockables or extra characters or weapons to start with, doesn't give you as much replayability as some similar games that have released recently and this gives you no reason to try to complete the stage challenges which are always to kill a certain number of enemies, not die, and to find three hidden briefcases (which don't seem to do anything). Each character will have different dialogue before you start each gangs missions, and their own dialogue in stages and quips.


Completed: Life Is Strange 2
Platform: PC


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Game: Neversong

Platform: PC

Play Time: 4.3 hrs


Disclaimer: I backed this game on Kickstarter. A new game from the guy behind 2017's Pinstripe, Neversong (formerly known as Once Upon a Coma) follows a boy named Peet as he looks for his lost girlfriend Wren. The game has a very pleasing art style, and the sound department is also rather good. The soundtrack does its job adequately, although it isn't particularly stellar. The gameplay was mostly enjoyable, with only a couple minor annoyances: first off, having to go back to the piano in Redwind Village and play the songs you acquire in order to obtain new items got slightly tedious, and second, there was one particularly frustrating enemy I didn't really care for. The amount of camera shake in the final boss was also slightly obnoxious - an option to turn it off would have been greatly appreciated. Overall, though, Neversong was a fairly fun, if quite short experience.

Rating: 4 / 5

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Completed: Warhammer Vermintide 2
Platform: PC

First person more melee focused game that plays a lot like the Left 4 Dead games. Played through the game when it first released and now did again with the first two DLC add ons, extra levels, and a few other quality of life changes.

Good visceral combat with teamwork needed. Imrpoved on the first game with character classes and traits give more options for how you want to play and new enemy types. Changes made over time making leveling characters and acquiring items easier. The DLC levels were well done, especially Shadows Over Bögenhafen.

The only real negative I have for the game is that throughout its life they haven't added much new gameplay content and have made some strange decisions, even one of the paid DLCs is just a few levels from the first game. The more recent higher prices DLC adds a new difficulty levels and a new enemy faction but most of the content adding to the price is a new leveling system based around it and reworks of previous stages with different effects going on to make things more difficult. Like the first game, only the host needs to own DLC for their friends to join them in playing the levels but this time they prevent you from gaining the new weapon for each character unless you own it, making everyone need to pay a high cost for such a minor addition that they might not end up even liking. There are a lot of events based on cosmetics or getting paintings to put up in your lobby that no one is ever going to see.


Completed: Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
Platform: Switch

Feels like a worse Rayman Oirigns/Legends with a lot of the breaking and falling platforms, chase moments, and launches into the background but never as good as those (or Ori and the Blind Forest/Will of the Wisps) mechanically or musically. Then has the addition of awkward controls that can't decide if they want to be weighty or floaty and an attack and grab button that just decides not to work sometimes. Not a fan of the way you get a secondary character that only changes your jump style and gives HP. Rather than the more varied character action or being able to throw each other that was used in the previous games. At least Kiddy Kong wasn't in it.


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Completed: Half Life 2

Platform: PC

Half Life: 2 remains a masterpiece, with solid controls, fluid combat and movement alongside the famous interaction system that games even to this day lack. Half life 2 is a wonderful game with a story that shouldn't be spoiled, however some things to note:

Poor AI at times
Some frustrating/confusing sections
Poor music quality
Not really top of the line graphics (with it's age thats kind of obvious)

Completed: L4D2

Platform: PC

Left 4 Dead 2 is a game that in my opinion is near-timeless. Though the servers for many modes and maps have been stagnating in modes such as Versus and the community from my experience is often toxic to an extreme, L4D2's singleplayer and base is still strong and well made. With visuals still good to this day, decent audio design and a rich-tense gameplay formula that's still being persued by great games such as Deep Rock Galactic to this very day. It is one of the arbiters and masters of the Horde Game genre and it will continue to be.

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Completed: RaidLand
Platform: PC

Raidland is not worth your time, even if it's free and 98 Megabytes. It arrived dead on arrival, the controls are awful and the game has next-to-no features. It gets repetitive within the first 2 games, with only 2 modes. "Greed" where you have to find gold from deposits and stay alive with it (you can be 1 shotted), most gold wins. "Team Greed" is the same but blue and red. I stomached it to the last rank and the system is downright unfair (the higher rank you get, the stronger your character is compared to other players). There are 3 classes, archer, warrior and berserker. Shift is meaningless and does not run- with 2/3 of the classes not even using shift for running and weirder things like that show it as an amateur project not worth any time.

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82) Whiteboyz Wit Attitude: The Pursuit of Money

Platform: PS4

Have you ever wanted to see a caucasian person being so african american, and then he does it so hard that he looped around to being white again? And you want 2 of them? You're in luck because that's what happened with these guys. 

This is a free PS4 game that's made to promote their album. There's 2 games here. First one's a motion control rhythm game thing where you move your PS4 controller in the direction the game wants. And the second one is a driving game where you jump and avoid animals while you shoot boxes & enemy cars. Both are a fun distraction, if cringy as hell. There's also 2 extra music videos by these guys which are..... pretty decent. They definitely can rhyme, though some of the songs can be pretentious because they claim to have "true hip hop" than most songs nowadays which....... is subjective.



83) Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Remaster

Platform: PS4

Finally it has come full circle with the third game in the Uncharted series, and this game was the first Uncharted game I have completed back when I first bought my PS3. Back then I love it, and now, I still do. They definitely planted seeds of mystery about Nathan that will be answered in Uncharted 4, but I wonder why they didn't mention the fact that Nathan has an older brother. The villains here are so powerful they basically are like the Illuminati, and yet they didn't mention anything about Sam, even though they mentioned everything else, and he's supposed to be written as dead in the Panama prison. Retcon is definitely at work here, but eh, at least it's not as bad as Arthur's sudden existence in Red Dead Redemption 2.


Fun trivia about this game now that I revisited it: this game has a couple of 007 moments. The fight in the toilet is from Casino Royale the Daniel Craig film, not the parody, then much later on the section where Drake enters a plane, have a fight in and then later on meets up with Salim is totally straight out of 007 the Living Daylights, only in reverse order & even more awesome. This guy even knows it's from that film. XD


84) Hello Neighbour

Platform: PC

Hooooo man, this fucking torture......

Since I got this for free on Epic Games, and this game was kind of like what happens if a guy becomes like the Xenomorph from Alien Isolation from what I've seen in the trailer, I thought "why not, this could be a fun time!"


What in the name of horatio coppernickle's ASS was THAT bullshit? This game is FUCKING TORTURE!

The neighbor, the bad guy in the game who's supposed to be persistent in hunting you down? He can get stuck on a door and wall for no reason.

I thought the game would be one of those "find an item to get to the next part while the neighbor is hunting you down" kind of game where you can approach the game however you like, but NO. This game is all about doing specific cryptic horseshit that defies logic. In the second act of the game, I have to turn a water pipe. And it's not just 1 water pipe, but 8 of them that's scattered throughout this asshole's house, and most of these pipes requires you to get a valve wheel that you get by turning 4 specific water pipes.


THEN NOT ONLY THAT, but most of these water pipes are located in specific spots, and are very high up, so you have to stack fucking boxes to get there. All to drain a flood in this asshole's attic so you don't get bitten by a toy shark, and then find a key to get out of this guy's property because he barricaded everything for some reason like a dick.


OH OH OH, THEN act 3 starts. And it is the most unfair of them all because you have to do MANY specific things to progress to the next part which makes no fucking sense that I actually lost my mind. So the goal of this part is to enter this guy's basement and then do a bunch of stuff inside. Why? Because it's all in the main character's dream and fuck you deal with it. So many parts makes no goddamn sense, including the part where you need to get a crowbar to pry the woods to the door leading to the basement. You find the crowbar inside this electric box that's in the upper floor of the guy's house. Why? Because Anthony Doolittle said so that's why! Who's that guy? I made him up because THIS GAME DROVE ME INSANE.

So you think you can just pick the crowbar up right? NOPE, you can't pick the crowbar because it's really hot. So what you're supposed to do is get a magnet device thing from a very specific part of the neighbor's house. Then you can use the magnet to drag the crowbar to a shower so that it's actually usable.


Not to mention how this guy's house looks like this in this section


So NOTHING makes any sense. 


OH, OHOHOOHO But the pain doesn't end there. You then need to pick up a keycard that's in this guy's fridge, but you can't yet since it's encased in ice. So naturally you have to turn off the power supply. But do you do it by:

1) unplugging the power cord of the fridge

2) shutting down power by going outside to the power box and shut it down

3) get captured by the neighbour so it becomes night to have a specific door open, then lodge a chair to it, then get captured by the neighbour again so it becomes morning, go to that door again because now it's open & the door behind it opens as well because it's open during the day, THEN pick up a guitar, THEN matching a room so it looks like a picture, and then turn off the power generator that's outside the room's window??



After THAT bullshit, you get the keycard and FINALLY you're able to enter the basement. Then you die over and over again because you got caught by a dark monster figure. Why? Oh that's because what you're supposed to do is find 3 colored keys, and then open 3 specific doors to play minigames that will unlock the ability to finally get through that section.....................................................


But the good thing is I passed that bullshit, and then after some mercifully straightforward sections that's not like that mindfuck, I beat the game. And then it ends by the main character waking up from his sleep, and then moving stuff to his house........................... Why is this game made like this? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY??


I rather play Ride to Hell than play this game ever again. THAT'S how bad this game is. And the worst part is it shouldn't be this bad if the game is more straightforward & you're left with an Alien Isolation esque game but with a guy as the xenomorph. Play this game at the cost of your thine sanity.

85) Ronin

Platform: PC

After playing Helltaker & getting the chocolate pancake recipe, yummy, I decided to play the game that's animated by the dev of that game. And this game is pretty cool.


It's a turn based assassination action game. Think Mark of the Ninja, but you die in 1 hit, you do combat by jumping all over the place avoiding gunfires while using your various abilities, and you kill a lot of dudes. 

Each movement takes 1 turn, and you can see which direction the enemy will shoot at if you do a move, so ideally you want to jump away from their firing range, best place will be above an enemy because other enemies will aim at that direction & you get a free kill. It feels great to kill 7 guys in a room while you jump all over the place like the efficient killing machine that you are. 


The final mission though is really damn sadistic because you have to get through the level without getting hit at all if you want the good ending. You can get hit, and the game is generous at this part since you can get hit more than 4 times as long as you kill enemies and fill the death timer, but you'll get the bad ending. I pretty much do it both ways, and man, I restarted this mission so many times until I got through this part with surprising ease just by jumping through enemies that don't need to be killed & just going through to the boss as fast as I can. Unfortunately the bad and good ending are just a screen of the same picture you had before each mission starts, only in the bad ending, it's ripped, while in the good ending, the final boss' face is crossed out as mission complete. Why can't the game just show your main character's face in the end to tie things up? I know the character's in the picture since there's a prequel comic that tells you the backstory before the game!


86) Gal Gun Double Peace

Platform: PC

Yes, to those that are aware, this game is that game where you shoot at girls that are suddenly in love with you with pheromone shots to knock them out, while they make a lot of...... questionable faces & noises.......................................................... I got this game super cheap at Green Man Gaming for $6.80.


This game's surprisingly good. If you ignore how this is pretty much a very2 awkward as hell to play game that makes the Witcher 3 look like softcore, which is surprising because this game has no H scenes with S E X at all, this is actually a damn good on rails shooter with SO many variety & stuff to look into. For starters, you have 3 main methods of attacking. The most common is to shoot a girl in specific parts, and each girls have their own weak points which you can one shot. You can charge up your shot to stun the girls, and when you fill up a meter, you can do a super shot that lets you eliminate all enemies at once, right after you do something first which I will not describe here because it's SO DAMN WRONG.


The enemies in this game are mostly the people that's inside this particular high school from class 1 - 3 and even to staff members like the teachers & school nurse. All of them girls because you're the only guy in this school for some reason. The stages are full of hidden stuff to collect, ranging from items that's required for sidequests, bios of girls, pink angel thingy that gives you extra points, and hidden girls that doesn't attack you but you can shoot for extra points. One of them which is a main character from the original PS3 Xbox 360 game that's an angel, but got demoted to a human because of the event of that game.


A couple of them even have a side quest involving a hidden ghost girl you can find & shoot, and each stages have side objectives that lets you find hidden items by zooming in areas or a specific girl's boo I mean a girl's stomach, and multiple paths to take too. This makes the stages full of replayability & makes you want to do replay it. 


Not only that, but the game have multiple routes you can take because your goal is to confess your love to a girl before the day ends, or else you will be hated by everyone forever, and it's surprisingly very cute. Each route has a section where the main girl is stuck in an, ahem, naughty situation and you just have to deal with it. Like saving one of your love interest from getting her hands & feet stuck on a floor, or pulling another girl out of a window because she got stuck in the middle of it. You know, your typical ecchi manga girl situation that only chick magnets in anime land has to deal with! And by the end of the route, you either get the bad end, true end or the good ending which is more comedic. And there's 5 routes, the last route which is basically a free for all that lets you pick one out of 60+ FREAKING GIRLS. HOLY SHIET THAT'S A LOT OF GIRLS TO CONQUER! And yes, that includes the teachers, the school nurse, and the ghost girl. If it's there, you can get them!


I am surprised that this game is as full of content as it is. Even though this game is very2 ecchi, I can't deny that the dev went out of their way to make a fun game with tons of stuff in it. This makes me want to see rail shooters return & have as good a content as this game, not just as a 2 hour game with nothing else to them. Like imagine if House of the Dead has a new game with multiple paths, side contents, multiple story paths with different bosses & enemies to fight in each & have like 7 different endings. That'll be the best House of the Dead game that I would play over and over again! Only House of the Dead 2 on PC was kind of like that since it has a mode that lets you modify you weapons, but that's just peanuts compared to what Gal Gun had. The closest a rail shooter had to having that much stuff is when PS3 had Razing Storm + Time Crisis 4 + Deadstorm Pirates in one game. Which I think I will play again one of these days.

Wonder how different Gal Gun 2 is compared to the first. Only one way to find out!


87) Power Rangers Battle for the Grid

Platform: PC

A great Power Rangers fighting game. Wow, been a LOOOOONG time since we had a good Power Rangers game! And this game's made by the people who made the mobile free to play game, but now it's an actual fighting game which is similar to MVC3, but a lot simpler because you do the special moves by pressing X & doing different directions. It's really damn fun just being able to do long strings of combos & deal massive damage with each characters. 


The story mode is pretty basic, but quite entertaining for what it is. The plot is based on a comic book named Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Shattered Grid. Think of it like an Avengers MCU movie esque event where multiple power rangers have to group together and fight the main villain, which in this game's case is Lord Drakkon the evil Tommy Oliver. What you see is what you get.


Personally I watched only the very early power rangers show up until the part where there's a new Ninja power rangers, Ninja Storm I think it was. I even watched one of the Sentai Japanese show, especially remember one part where one of the ranger alongside a little girl has both their face completely blank because they got their face stolen by this guy


The girl's happy because she gets to paint her blank face (I know it's weird) while the other ranger was moping on the floor.

懐かしい特撮・アニメ・漫画の傑作エピソードvol.11(想定外の衝撃的な ...

Fuck that was creepy....... Though the episode itself is pretty funny, until the girl cries.


I mostly know of these guys from the Sega Genesis fighting game & movie beat em up game that was pretty damn good. Quite a shame that this game only uses the megazords as a comeback mechanic rather than have its own section where you control them & beat monsters up.


Speaking of monsters, why is Goldar the only one in the main story? Rita definitely don't fight so she doesn't need to be playable unless it's the latest movie Rita, but what about Darkonda & Ecliptor from Power Rangers in Space? 


Or master Xander? Or Nimrod and the 2 assistants AC and...... DC................. wow I just realized that..............

And especially Lord Zedd? He's the one bad guy I always think about when I think power rangers main bad guy! It's good that he's finally available later as dlc, but come on! Have more villains for the base game!


Ah well, it's a good thing Vergil's in it after lord Zedd. I mean that's a win right there.

It's a good thing they slowly added more villains with each dlcs. Lord Zedd & Dai Shi are in, and Scorpina is going to be in the next dlc. Let's see more monsters in the next dlcs.

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Game: Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Platform: PC

Play Time: 11.4 hrs


Ori and the Blind Forest grew to be one of my all-time favorite games back when I played it in 2015, so my expectations for the sequel were astronomically high. And I'm happy to report that Ori and the Will of the Wisps met them and then some. The game looks just as beautiful as its predecessor, the music is just as great (if not better even), and the gameplay, while not necessarily an improvement over the original formula, is just as fun. I was positively surprised that the game even introduced boss battles, all of which were a fun and engaging challenge. The only thing I didn't enjoy as much about Wil of the Wisps were the escape sequences, which bordered on the bullshit on occasion. Overall, Ori and the Will of the Wisps is a damn great sequel to one of my favorite games of 2015.

Rating: 5 / 5

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Completed: Final Fantasy 7 Remake
Platform: PS4

Well made world. Midgar is an excellent city both as visual metaphor (if on the nose, though also with real world connections to places built in the same way) for the power of the rich and abuses suffered by the lower class to details that give life to the people living there through a mixture of what you see in the environment to the lines spoken by characters as you pass. The game spends a lot of time fleshing out the side cast. It's really more of a sequel than a remake, when the original game started to lose the focus on oppression and corporate politics and focused more on Cloud's past that was great but with the surprise gone for the people that know the old story, with the changes this game has made it sets itself up for something more interesting.

Cloud has some amusing back and force with Barret and a good line when Tifa comments on his outfit but there just isn't much to him yet. Aerith is more of a mixture of the odd idea some of the later media and some fans had of her as kind of being a pristine image of good but then also has the more energetic and mischievous side that was part of her character in the original, she just doesn't have much to play off of with Cloud most of the time, can be better around Tifa but they just aren't together for very long. We get some idea that Aerith knows more about what is going on then she lets on but nothing comes of it in this part of the story. Tifa is, really hot and hits things, and I'm thinking that's the only major appeal of her character so far, there really isn't that much interesting to her yet other than giving Aerith a better companion to talk to and her self doubting leading to some of Barret's better lines and Barret's politics. While in many ways a racist caricature (big, loud, violent, scares the white people with his presence, speech style), Barret is often given the last word on systemic oppression faced by the lower class from the rich and corporations, environmentalism, and the need for violent activism, his relationship with you changes the most, his love for his daughter is frequently shown, and when he takes off his shades his kind eyes are even more beautiful than Tifa's. He is probably the only really good and more fleshed out character at this point in the story.

Part of the issue is that this is the beginning of the story, and we spend so much time with the party apart by having Cloud spending multiple chapters with just one person or with side characters that we don't get time for major character developments yet. Cloud wasn't very interesting for some time in the original and that is the case here. But there are certainly signs of characters only getting better with time and many RPGs have an issue with 1 or 2 main characters just being unlikable or pointless and that is not the case here (though it would be difficult to do that with four people). A lot of the best lines and moments tend to come from the game's side characters, as most of the time everyone else is too bland to be that interesting at this point.

Combat revolves around your allies standing around doing almost nothing half the time and all enemies wanting to target whatever character you are controlling. Terrible AI with your ranged characters loving to just charge into melee or AoE range for no reason. Which is great when you switch to the low health and defense Aerith and because that instantly changes enemy aggro gets her hit before you can even react properly because she is standing right next to them when she could be attacking from the clear other side of the area. Combat is almost passable when controlling Tifa due to her more fast and impressive moves and quick dodges you can more readily do out of your attacks but it is much more dull as Barret and Aerith only made better at the end if you manage to buy and steal a weapon for each of them around 13 of the 18 chapters in that gets them a more visually fun ability. Enemies can often either be one shot or near enough or they will have around 10x too much health.

When I got near chapter 11 of the 18 I just changed the difficulty from normal to easy because there was no skill, thought, or enjoyment to be had from it just overly long boss battles. Equipped materia can give you magic abilities as well as some more interesting changes to how you defend, dodge attacks, link attacks, etc and you will find different weapons with each having their own skills and stat bonus that points can be spent on to learn when they are equipped. Each weapon also has one attack skill attached to it that you can learn permanently when the move is done a small number of times (so small it really might as well have just given you the move when you gained the weapon or at certain levels). Different weapons will make a character better in certain ways (more magic focus, attack focus, crit bonuses, defense bonuses, health and guarding, etc) but you don't really get the extent of customization as you would have in the original game. They have a strange obsession with flying enemies that make combat even more awkward as characters will jump in the air to hit them, follow them in the air or not, or just stand around attacking nothing depending on how they are feeling at the moment.

Combat is another area that I could see improving as the story continues in future games. Better tech and environments, improving the AI, the different weapons and materia already gives us some options, with some of Barrets weapons even changing him to a melee character, and the more options and characters we get in the future and the sooner we can start with more of them to play with the better.

Side quests aren't enjoyable and don't add enough to setting. There aren't many side quests in the game and most play out in the same handful of ways. Go to specific area you walked through as part of the story, fight easy enemy, fast travel back to quest giver. Some number of people ran off around town, find and talk to them all, fast travel to quest giver. Walk to less specific search area on map, find and fight easy enemy, fast travel to quest giver. Go to area to fight monster, monster not there, walk back to quest giver to be told to check again, go back and fight easy monster, fast travel to quest giver. Very few might have some amusing moments but the majority of them barely even have any interaction with other people.

I've heard a lot of people who love the soundtrack, hate the soundtrack, cover the callbacks and changes to the original, etc. It's not really something I found memorable, the average reaction I had to almost any track in the game was rapidly going back and forth from thinking it was ok to not really liking it at all and having finished the game I can't remember a single piece.

Frequent poorly done area traversal moments in both cutscenes and normal gameplay where Cloud and Tifa struggle to get over or cross things that cutscenes and other moments of normal gameplay show them just being able to jump over in normal situations, or moments suddenly give character terrible reaction times. Always either done to create dull minigames and switch pulling, an event to pad out the time, or to create non issue danger for them to talk about (oh no, Cloud might fall into some water). The Honey Bee Inn for a place seemingly representing freedom and a progressive view on sexuality and gender is certainly, straight. From the way they dress, to the stereotype voices, to the actions of the characters inside the inn. We don't care about gender as long as long as the women and men dress in outfits society deems conventional, only have men and women dance with each other, and the owner is extremely stereotypically gay and that's why he is surrounded by his female employees 24/7. Though it does further highlight and have more side characters commenting on how Cloud harms himself with the need to perform a tough masculine act when dealing with others, which is basically almost all there is to his character at this point of the story.

Entire game took me about 32 hours to complete, with all the side quests done (except two research challenges, why did revive need 5,000 AP to upgrade).It's nice to have a chapter select option for replaying content if you want to.


Completed: The Sinking City
Platform: PS4

A decent setting and while it often involves combat it at least doesn't have you fighting the style of threats you should have absolutely no chance against like some other Cthulhu games. The combat is never enjoyable though. The investigation mechanic is too basic with pixel hunting on the harder difficulties and easily being able to piece things together with the main gimmick being the need to frequently look up records in the library, city hall, police HQ, and newspaper to find the address of people and places. Fast traveling to those locations and walking to the place you discover is where much of the time is spent.

Cases often give you two or three ways to handle the finale and what side characters live or die but it never actually effects anything except maybe a brief vision later or a few lines. Even choices warning you that it will increase the spread of madness in the city never actually do anything. The game is too focused on finding crafting components to make more ammo, main and side quest rewards are ammo and components (sometimes a new gun), skills are mostly based on combat and crafting and there are infected areas of the city with good loot that require you to fight or avoid a lot of enemies (probably spending a lot of the loot you are acquiring anyway) that I just ignored. You have a sanity meter that never really matters, if it gets low enough hallucinations might attack you. The most interesting thing it did was create a hallucination of a fake box that gave me items when I searched it and then vanished.

The low budget does show through in animations, walk cycles, bugs.


Completed: Democratic Socialism Simulator
Platform: PC

You become president of the US and make decisions or answer questions by moving each choice to either the left or right. Plays a bit like the Reigns but requires enough senators on your side to make certain decisions, you have digital voter representation by what they value, and are trying to raise the budget surplus and collective power of the people while lowering pollution. A bit too quick and simple but some funny choices and changes things up a bit with different playthroughs. Nice to look at. I basically won my first time through. Your way of paying for everything comes from doing exactly what you would think, defending the military and legalizing marijuana.

It is odd that you are likely to lose most of your approval rating after your plans succeed.


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Game: Shantae and the Seven Sirens

Platform: PC

Play Time: ~11 hrs


Shantae and the Seven Sirens was definitely one of my most anticipated game releases this year, and I'm happy to report that the quality at display here is just as great as in the prior entries. The updated art style is top-notch, the animations are spot-on and the soundtrack is head-boppingly good, with the music to Sunken Shipyard being a particular stand-out. The sound design and voice acting are also great. The gameplay goes back to the Metroidvania-esque style of two games ago after the more "detached" progression of Half-Genie Hero, which was ultimately a perfect choice in my opinion. Seven Sirens also does away with transformation dances in favor of "instant transformations", which does a good job of improving fluidity in the gameplay, though certain types of dances do still exist as well. The boss battles are perhaps some of the best in the series yet, with mechanics that really make you utilize your moveset. The only thing that leaves a little to be desired is the animated cutscenes - in what's otherwise a very professional-feeling game, they felt like they were made by amateurs in comparison. Other than that, Shantae and the Seven Sirens is yet another great entry in the series and gets my recommendation.

Rating: 4 / 5

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88) Shuyan Saga

Platform: PC

This game was all around one of the game bundle stores I frequently buy games from. It's a typical story of a princess of an old Chinese kingdom which is under attack, she had to learn kung fu & beat the crap out of the bad guy, while gaining new companions along the way. Simple, but well done, and I like the comic book cutscenes which sometimes gives you branching dialogue options, though except for 1 part they don't change the story at all, just change the sass of your main character. Plus points because the actress who played the main character is Kristin Kreuk, aka Lana Lang from Smallville. Aka that good Superman high school story show. I remember that show before all the DC films years later make Superman less popular. That was fun.


For some reason, the girl eats rice straight up raw after cleaning it with water. As expected it's not edible so she just vomit right after...... how can she not know how to cook rice? ?_?


The game's definitely an smartphone game ported to PC because of the touchpad control scheme, and I don't mind it because it's pretty fun to play. Clunky at times, especially because sometimes your character will move to an invisible wall, but it's easy to control & responsive in a good way. The best part about the game is that it has 2 fighting modes. The you vs groups mode & 1 on 1 vs mode. Sometimes in the group mode it'll transition straight to the 1 vs 1 mode where you just need to deal massive damage to your enemy. Once you progress through the story & you unlock the dodge parry, the fights becomes a lot more fun because you can wipe the floor off enemies. Especially the final boss after all the crap he did throughout the game. I am down to see a sequel to this game because it definitely sets up a new journey at the end.


And after you beat the game, you get to play 2 extra modes. One's an arena mode where you beat the crap of many bosses, the other's a dungeon exploration game where you play as one of the secondary characters and explore a dungeon while avoiding deathtraps. Both are fun extras.


89) Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath

Platform: PC

After a year of not playing MK11 because of the bullshit tower of time & currency system, I finally returned to this game after seeing my fgc mate Waz playing Fujin & Sheeva. And also this

This comes to mind. 

Since Aftermath has a continuation of the story from the base game, I might as well buy Aftermath + the season pass that I skipped. Thankfully I got both of them cheap at $AUD 42. Yay discount!


Man oh man, what a nice way to end the plot. Shang Tsung is definitely the MVP of this story mode, and especially awesome because he's not MK9 Tsung, but Hiroyuki Tagawa. The best Shang Tsung in the series bar none, just like how Raul Julia is undeniably the best M Bison in Street Fighter.


As much as I would LOVE to see Raul being in one of the Street Fighter games except the movie tie in, he definitely wouldn't fit well with the Street Fighter Capcom aesthetic. If they do, it'll be awkward like the DmC remake, so the movie will have to suffice. 


Hiroyuki though, 

Byoutiful. I can never get tired of seeing this. XD


The one thing that's quite a shame about Aftermath though, as well as the base story mode: there's still no trace of the song from the launch trailer.

Urgh, WHY?? That MK theme remix should be in the base game as the final battle song!


The weirdest thing is that trailer song is officially available, but it's just the same version as the trailer with the same awkward cuts.


Which is why I pretty much made my own version of that song and then play this song during the final battle as a great "circle is complete" moment linking it back to the Mortal Kombat film.


They're definitely planning something new with MK based on the ending, and I would love for it to be the next Shaolin Monks game. Or a much better open world exploration game version of the Krypt mode mixed with Deception's konquest mode, so it'll be like God of War PS4, but with kung fu & more fatalities.

Can't wait to see what they'll do next!

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Completed: Luigi's Mansion 3
Platform: Switch

Some of the best expressive animations I've seen and use of the limited voice lines that add to the characterization of Luigi (the movement and sound where you try to force your way through a barricaded door always being amusing). Control of Gooigi adds some good puzzles and entertaining moments. Well made and varied areas of the mansion and ghosts. Frequent amusing events. Bosses and puzzles make good use of all the functions of your Poltergust.

Aiming and turning can be awkward at times while holding one of the buttons for the Poltergust.

Wouldn't normally be the kind of game I would personally enjoy, and to an extent it still isn't, but you run into funny events, area changes, and new mechanics so often that it keeps things fun. If it looks like a style of game you would enjoy easily recommended.


Completed: Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order
Platform: Switch

Has a large roster of characters from all over the Marvel universe, even more with DLC. Happy to have Spider-Gwen, Miles, Psylocke, Wasp, Hawkeye, and Nightcrawler. 

Unfortunately, I just kind of hated the gameplay. Big fan of X-Men Legends 1 and 2 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance. Alliance simplified things a bit with level up stats being automatic (though I kind of liked have the characters focused in a way that made sense for them), Alliance 2 further simplified things and greatly limited the scope of the story but was still alright. This one just goes way to far in simplifying things. You no longer can grab and throw enemies, no real hero specific combo attacks like in Alliance 2, no more combos that can trip/stun/aerial enemies instead just light attack strings and one heavy. Abilities are more limited, you don't find gear but instead start to find crystals that can effect characters skills in different ways. Characters can spend points to powerup the few abilities they do have, and an oddly used upgrade tree will increase all characters stats. Characters still level up by themselves though which can make swapping out characters difficult as the game goes on and less used ones become too weak. 

The actual fighting is too fond of hordes, the auto targeting just make it a mess, there is no real weight to combat, it can be difficult to even tell what certain abilities are even doing visually, the way characters can sort of combine abilities to attack at the same time is fairly nonsensical unless you have more human partners, even the way abilities charge is odd and poorly visualized. Large enemies and boss fights drag on as they force you to break through a defense bar with your attacks before being able to do any meaningful damage.

The story is dull and most characters get no time to shine or to really do anything. Worse is that after all this time nothing is improved when it comes to how the story is told, hub areas, location design, getting you to swap out characters, and I found the visual style worse than the previous games (not helped by the frequently poor and in the way camera).


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