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2019: TOP 10 Best Games list time. Also, top 10 best games of the decade retrospective later

3 posts in this topic

Goddamn. 2019 had already passed, and with that, so marks the beginning of a new decade. It's freaking scary how fast times passed every year. And it's time for the usual top 10 best games of the year, and after that, I'm going mention what 10 games of this decade still sticks with me & are my personal favorites till now, because these games are the culmination of how far gaming has gone through in all these years!


Honorable mentions before I start my list: 


Disco Elysium. This game is awesome with a great story, cool funny game mechanics where your organs + thought talks to you & established lore which I can't wait to see expanded upon in the inevitable sequel, but at its core all you do in the game is pass through skill checks by save-scumming, and tediously walk from point a to point b because it doesn't have fast travel, making the game longer than it really is. Need more game variety like minigames, or actual combat like Shadowrun/ XCOM to elevate the game, because it would fit the game & I can't wait to see the crazy abilities the game will come up with.


The Outer Worlds. The return of Obsidian & a middle finger to Bethesda's current state, especially Fallout 76. Overall it's good, but it's just way too safe & it feels too same as Fallout 3/ New Vegas, and also it's only around 21 hours even after finishing all the sidequests. Needs more gameplay variety, or more hard decisions you can make, but it's a good start to a new series.


Mortal Kombat 11. Very fun fighting game with a lot of neat varieties & even a nice Krypt mode that's a God of War/ Deathtrap dodging exploration game, but FUCK. THAT. MICROTRANSACTIONS + RANDOM CHANCE LOOTBOXES. Those things RUINED what could otherwise be the best MK game in the series.


The Plague Tale: Innocence. This is another game that I can call a "safe" game, because it's a damn good stealth game with TONS of rats involved, and it has a good brother + sister journey plot which ends on a nice sequel hook, but the game overall is nothing special for the most part since all you do is sneak around & throw slingshot at people's heads with other tools to use on the side, though the new endgame mechanic is damn awesome & I want to see what's next in the sequel.


Blashpemous. The religious-based Metroidvania with plenty of gore, great artstyle & challenging fights. I almost want to put this game, but compared to another Metroidvania game that made it to my list, this game doesn't quite have much stuff that makes it stand above other Metroidvania games aside from the artstyle.


Code Vein. Anime souls, but when I played it it's more like a Tales of game, but with weird vampires, Souls gameplay and surprisingly God Eater because this game takes place in the same universe, but at an unknown point in time. Really good game, but there's too many repeat songs & only a couple of awesome boss fights while the rest are ok.


Indivisible. I was looking forward to this game ever since this game was in Indiegogo. I like the game a lot from the great Skullgirls artstyle to the fun Valkyrie Profile beat em up + turn based combat, buuut the game definitely can do a lot better with the recruitable characters involved, and it's quite a shame that the final portions of the game doesn't offer a challenge because your party got so powered up that every fight was a cakewalk afterward.


Darksiders Genesis. I never thought a Darksiders would be this much fun, but it is! This game is the best game of the series so far, and in no small part to the awesomeness of Strife, how the Diablo esque camera is enhanced by slick gameplay & how much fun both War & Strife are in combat + puzzle solving which makes me want to explore every single area this game had & collect every collectible I can find without it being boring, unlike previous Darksiders which can get pretty annoying by the amount of backtracking & damage sponginess of the enemies. There are a couple of rough spots especially with the glitches that makes me fall through the world and enemies that just got stuck on walls which makes me have to restart a checkpoint though, so a patch is definitely needed.


One Finger Death Punch 2. Simple, more content to enjoy, plenty of abilities to customize & a fuckload of fun. HOW CAN YOU GO WRONG WITH THIS AWESOME GAME??? That being said, it's pretty much the first game with new stuff. Still fun as hell though!


Days Gone. A pretty good zombie game, with a lot of rough edges here and there due to the bugs & annoying parts in the game. At first the story doesn't grip me, but as the game goes on I get more invested in the characters & was satisfied with the end. Though it's a pretty typical survive the apocalypse zombie game, it has a cool you vs 100 zombie horde moments which are always fun to do & you get more powerful weapons that makes killing them much more fun, and there's a really damn cool sequel bait, and it's confirmed that this game is in the same universe as Syphon Filter through an easter egg, so I'm really looking forward to see how the sequel will tie things up together.


CONTROL. I like this game a lot, especially since it's in the same universe as Alan Wake which is awesome! But even though the game overall is awesome with a second to final mission in a maze that is freaking rad, that ending just deflated me whole. I thought there would be some kind of 100% completion reward that will have a crossover with Alan Wake, but NOPE, not yet anyway. That crossover is coming but as DLC in 2020.


As it stands, it's just about making it to my top 10. It's around top 11 - 12 for sure. Looking forward to the dlc though!


Also the Switch games like Fire Emblem 3 Houses, Luigi's Mansion 3 & Astral Chain because I don't have a Switch, but I'm very sure those 3 are awesome. 


With that out of the way, here's my top 10 list:

10) Death Stranding

This is Kojima's version of a delivery simulator. Only he made it REALLY fun & engaging, which definitely varies upon who's playing this game, but it's definitely infinitely better than No Man's Sky because it doesn't make your brain go numb from the repetition. Thankfully I like this game a lot & I enjoyed my time with it, even had a few good laughs & teared up during the story moments in the game which features some damn good acting from all the actors involved, especially Mads Mikkelsen.

He deserved his award at the Game Awards this year.

Image result for death stranding


9) Kingdom Hearts 3

The conclusion to the long running series where a kid from an island travel through Disney worlds with Donald & Goofy to fight against an evil old man with a key looking blade should not have been as much fun as it is, but it totally is! There are a couple of annoying places, especially that damn Frozen world where I had to listen to that cursed song all over again and the fact that Kairi is pretty much still a damsel in distress even though she's a keyblade master URRGHH, but I had a total blast throughout the game. And it's so damn good to finally put those damn Organisation 13 members down after all the shit they did throughout the series. I would put this game much higher, but not at its current state since the dlc that will make the game complete is not here yet. Can't wait for that though!


8) MO: Astray

This was a game that I found out of nowhere one day, and I am damn glad I played it. I did not expect to see a game where you play as a cute blob jumping through post-apocalyptic spaceship wreckage, killing zombies by pouncing on their head while dodging deathtraps & going against intense as hell boss fights while trying to figure out what the hell is actually happening. Will there be a sequel to this game? I sure as hell hope so because I want to see what's next!

Image result for mo:astray"

7) Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

The TRUE return of the man who is responsible for one of my favorite Metroidvania games of all time: Symphony of the Night. Playing this game gives me nostalgia goosebumps, especially the parts that are straight from Symphony of the Night, but with funny alteration as a well deserved "go fuck yourself" to Konami. I want to see what's next from IGA after this.

Image result for BLOODStained"

6) Metro Exodus

The third Metro game of the series & the best one so far. What do you get when you make Metro a road trip game with your army budies + wife with her father & have mini open worlds to explore, each with their own themes which reminds you of Mad Max + STALKER? You get a freaking awesome game. My personal favorite stages especially are the Yamantau and the final stage which heavily goes back to old Metro 2033. Left the game feeling quite sad, but also really damn satisfied & can't wait to see what the sequel will bring to the table next. But if this is the end of the series, I don't mind too because they went out with a bang!

Image result for metro exodus"


5) Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown

I am a big Ace Combat fan, and seeing this game return to the setting of Ace Combat 5 instead of the questionable Assault Horizon or 6, mixed with plenty of great dogfighting, a great plot & the BEST soundtrack in the history of the series that amplifies every moment in the game makes this easily one of the best Ace Combat game in the series. I like this game so much that I actually listened to the best tracks in the game over and over again for whenever I was playing various games, especially Daredevil & Magic Spear 1 + 2. Still waiting for Ace Combat 3 Japanese edition to get a remake & get released to the world. I can still dream damn it!

  Image result for ACE Combat 7


4) Resident Evil/ Biohazard 2 Remake

I had a lot of fun with this game as it makes Resident Evil/ Biohazard 2 actually make sense & believable that it's so damn hard for Leon & Claire to get out of Racoon City while in the original game there's dumb stuff that keeps happening, like how Leon just let Sherry wander around in a zombie-infested police station after she walked passed him in Claire A scenario URRGHH YOU IDIOT WHY ARE YOU A POLICE IN THE FIRST PLACE???? Ahem................. Yep it's great fun, especially when you critical headshot a zombie's head, or make them splatter their guts after you shoot their body in half with a shotgun. Playing this game makes me want to play Resident Evil/ Biohazard 6 though cause it annoys me here that you can't just dodge zombies, or shoot them in the head & go WWE on them. Ooohh that game was so much fun. Hope the 3 remake actually adds more moves to kill zombies since the Resistance multiplayer mode had lots of melee attacks.


In short, 1 video sums up my feeling towards this game.

Do I think this game's scary? HELL no. Not a chance in hell. Sure Mr X can be seen as scary the first time you see him, but he's more of an annoying bully that you just want to avoid because he keeps on trying to pester you, just like all the other Tyrants in the series, including Nemesis which I'll have to deal in the 3 remake. If you want scary, the damn Xenomorph from Alien Isolation is one, which I just revisited recently after playing Aliens Colonial Marines and that thing STILL scared the fucking shit out of me. That thing is the perfect example of a terrifying monster because it can come from anywhere, can kill you in an instant & doesn't have any predictable pattern like Mr X. I still have great fun with the RE2 remake regardless. 

3) Star Wars: Fallen Order

I am so damn happy that we FINALLY got the next great Star Wars game after all the years of ok Star Wars game. I have been waiting for the next Jedi Knight game, and we finally got the spiritual successor to that. Who would have thought that all EA need to do is let Respawn do their own thing & fuck off with their bullshit microtransaction?? They should do this more often! And seeing how the sequel is in development, rightly so, I can't freaking wait for that game to expand on Cal's ability & have even more epic lightsaber duels + awesome Sekiro level boss fights. It's one of the 2 great light in the tunnel for Star Wars after Rise of Skywalker ended the numbered series on a film so ok it's not even worth mentioning, the other great light being the Mandalorian. Make the next best thing Respawn, I will wait for thee!

Image result for star wars fallen order"

Like last year, these next 2 are so damn good, I had to mix them to one.

2) Sekiro + Devil May Cry 5

Image result for SEKIRO"Image result for dmc 5"

I replayed these 2 games so many damn times this year. DMC 5 especially since I played it 3 times on PC, then another on PS4 after I got a free copy from a "get the highest score in stage 1" competition at my local video game bar. It's the long-awaited return for both Devil May Cry & Tenchu after years of lying dormant in the darkness, and damn what a great time for these 2 to show up. Sekiro's final boss fight is currently the best boss that From Software has ever made, and I like it so much that I have a backup save file before the final boss so that I can fight that boss over and over and over again. DMC 5 is just freaking awesome, and the final boss is definitely the best final boss in DMC history that of course, I replayed over and over again.


Why doesn't DMC 5 get my number 1 spot this year? Because I'm still waiting for the Special Edition so I can play as Vergil and the girls that's why! WHERE IS IT??? I WANT IT NOW!!!

And at last. My number 1 game of the year. 2 of them. Why? Because these 2 are damn great detective games, both murder cases have to do with missing eyeballs & surprisingly have the same english voice actor for its main character which I did not see coming, just like a good mystery plot twist!


Initially when I finished these games, I thought they're really damn good, but not quite GOTY. BUT the more that I think about them, the more that I love them, until it sticks to my mind like glue from all the great time I had & replaying the entire game again after playing them once, and seeing how everything before makes a whole lot more sense after knowing the truth. 


1) AI: The Somnium Files & Judgment

At first I don't think Judgment should be here because I already put Judge Eyes the Japanese only version in my GOTY list last year, but then I remember Persona 5 was one of my 3 GOTY for 2017 since that's the English version's release date, so technically Judgment is a 2019 game. And the english version actually replaced the actor who portrayed Hamura in the original Japanese version because the original actor was involved in a cocaine bust, so there ya go.

Image result for ai somnium files"

AI Somnium Files is the next game from the people behind the Zero Escape series, with a detective theme involving murders of people with their left eye missing, and a bunch of cool futuristic techs that helps you along the way, which the more you play, the more twists there are, and in the end it culminates in a finale that just brings everything to a great conclusion. 

Image result for judgment"

Judgment is the next game from the people behind the great Yakuza/ Ryu Ga Gotoku series taking place after Yakuza 6 with an entirely new main character this time, with a detective theme involving murders of people with their eyes missing, and a lot of bro moments from various pals you will befriend throughout the game where they assist you in kicking a bunch of dude's asses, and with the same quirky sidequests + minigames that makes the previous Ryu Ga Gotoku. Also has awesome Ace Attorney investigation aspects + courtroom segments to play in, and in the end it culminates in a finale that just brings everything to a great conclusion. 


If both of these games sounds  a bit similar from the way I described it, it's only the fact that they're detective games with missing eyes included. And that both main characters have the same english voice actor. And also that both of these games are FUCKING AWESOME, in their own ways of course.


AI Somnium Files's strength lies in how much detail is packed into the world + characters, especially how every object you interact with in the world gives new funny dialogues everytime you click on them in different scenarios. Also this guy which you can ask for his name. Poor poor Kagami. XD

So many scenes in this game makes me tear up, both the sad & happy tears, and it all feels rewarded & not forced, which is awesome when a game can do that. By the end of the game, I got attached to every npcs involved in this game. Then I replayed the game again with different things I did in the dream sequences to see hidden easter eggs + humorous banters, and with the knowledge I learned from the final portions of the game that makes neat little foreshadowing stands out, and I love it even more!


Judgment's strength on the other hand is not only in the usual Yakuza quirkiness of being able to play SEGA games in the arcade, the various minigames + side quests filled with memorable weird characters, but also the story & mystery. This is easily the best story out of the other Yakuza games with great revelations in the plot that hits you like a brick, and story moments that makes you want to tear up in places, while also yell HELL FUCKING YES at the awesome moments. That coupled with great combat makes this game a damn joy to play all over again for me, especially the boss battles like this guy.

And the unforgettable final boss that currently stands as one of the top tier final bosses in Ryu Ga Gotoku history. This game is even better now, especially after the bad taste in my mouth that was Shenmue 3 which was such a fucking disappointment.


And that people, is my top 10 games of 2019. To avoid this post being too long, I will share my top 10 best games of this decade later, and it's...... an interesting one that's for sure because as the years gone by, previous games which I put as GOTY may not necessarily be in my mind anymore due to how there are other games that suddenly show up out of nowhere to surprise me, and by how previous games which I thought was ok turns out to be really damn good. So stay tuned! If you choose.


Post your best top 10 games if you so wish, and extra point if the games you mentioned is an obscure game that needs more love, because I am always keen to play those games!

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Yosha, break time's over, and now it's time to look back at the past decade to see what 10 games I considered to be so damn good that it stuck with me until now:


Actually fuck it. There's so many games, so I'm just gonna make it a top 20. There are multiple games in a series which I will just plop into one number like a Frankenstein monster because they all deserve to be mentioned. There are some games in a series which I think very fondly of, but then the next game in the series pretty much ruins it as a whole either because of how they continue the story & ruined the game because of it, or because of stupid behind the scenes politics, or because something about them just doesn't age well after replaying them. I can name some that I am thinking of putting but decided not to:


Batman Arkham City, because Arkham Knight ended the series with a lot of questionable decisions, making me unable to like it as much anymore


Dead Space 2, because Dead Space 3 ended on a cliffhanger after they decided to add that mistake that is the dlc.


Elder Scrolls Skyrim. The way Bethesda ruined Fallout 76 just...... just makes me not enjoy this game which I used to play SO MUCH with mods.


MGS 5 Phantom Pain, because Konami has joined the dark side 


Red Dead Redemption 2 + GTA 5. I KNOW, but I replayed Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC when it was out, and not only is the Red Dead Online part of the game grindy as hell that it pretty much sucks the fun out of it, it also ruined the singleplayer once I got back into it because I've done everything in the game 100+ times already just to get the gold that is required to unlock the bounty hunting + collector job. And GTA 5 was awesome when I played it in 2013, but every open world game since then like Yakuza + Witcher 3 adds so much more stuff to the open world variety that they make GTA 5 have wayyyy less appeal in comparison. 


Uncharted 4. I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH, but the way Sam was introduced & the questionable things he did in the game, not to mention how this game which was intended to be the last adventure of Nathan doesn't include Chloe & Charlie after the things they went through in 2 & 3, and how pretty much half of the game's problems are completely unnecessary because Nathan didn't tell the truth to Elena like he's SUPPOSED TO, makes me think less fondly of this game.


And finally, Mass Effect 2. Oh how Mass Effect 3 fucked everything up.


Without further delay, here are my personal favorite awesome games of 2010 - 2019. And they're not in particular order, so here ya go:


1) Witcher 3

Image result for witcher 3"

Is there any doubt why Witcher 3 was so damn good? It did EVERYTHING right. Great characters, really fun gameplay where you do a lot of memorable sidequests + collection quests without them being boring no matter how many times you do them, great story, and best of all, it is based on a novel series & this game along with the previous ones adapted the novel's events extremely well, making me actually do research on the past novels before playing this game & feel extremely rewarded that the game continues the novel's plots brilliantly. 


2) Muse Dash

Image result for muse dash"

I am a big fan of rhythm games, and there's a lot of them I played over the years. Some lets you use your own soundtrack like Audiosurf, others have their own kickass songs. But Muse Dash trumps all of them. It is so simple, but yet really fucking awesome to play with a fair difficulty that makes replaying songs still fun even after you play them over and over again. THIS epic song especially is freaking awesome that I replayed it 10+ times by now.

More rhythm games need to play like this, not be overly complex with their controls that you have to use 10 buttons on a keyboard like a pianist! 


3) Hollow Knight

Image result for hollow knight

Easily the best Metroidvania game of the 2010 - 2019, and it's pretty much Secret Of NIMH insect edition. Or a darker Bugs Life, whichever you prefer. Everything about this game is freaking awesome, from the slick combat, the great boss fights, the many memorable characters, and great story. I can't wait for Silksong & finally get the chance to play as Hornet!


4) Alien Isolation

Image result for alien isolation"

I am not joking when I say that this game is one of the SCARIEST game I have ever played in my life. That is all thanks to how fucking terrifying the xenomorph is in this game. And that's quite an accomplishment considering that these guys were usually just generic enemies that you can kill with headshots or a Predator's claw in the AVP games. What is worse than an enemy that is so powerful that all you can do is avoid it or hold it back for a couple of minutes? How about an enemy that can actually think & come out of nowhere for you. The number of times I panicked when I hear this thing dropping from a vent & making its creepy breath noise is... too many to count. 


I'm going to be cheeky with these next 2 because hey, the numbers fit


5) Devil May Cry 5

Image result for dmc 5"

Easily the best Devil May Cry game at the moment. It plays how a Devil May Cry game should play, but 10 times better, and it has 2 of my favorite moments in the entire series, that being the Faust hat and the entire final battle. The only thing that will make this game better is the special edition that has Vergil & the girls. GIVE THEM TO ME PLEASE!!!


6) Resident Evil/ Biohazard 6

Image result for resident evil 6"

No, you're not hallucinating. I fucking love this game. I don't give a crap about the complaints people have about it, and those complaints are fixed anyway now that RE7 and the RE2 Remake put back the normal backtracking & puzzles to solve. Just for clarification, I love ALL the RE numbered games from 1 till 7. I played the crap out of these games and even played them all multiple times just after I beat them. I remember the very first time I played RE1 + RE2 & was scared by the zombies, but that's because I was 7 when I played those games. By the time the third game came, I was over it & just love the gameplay loop of collecting as much ammo as possible, mixing herbs, getting those lovely powered up guns & reserving the heavy weapons for the bosses. 


In fact, playing RE7 & the RE2 remake just makes me want to play RE6 again some more because I love how 6 just gives you so many tools to use to kill enemies. I prefer this game over any other generic third person cover based shooters because of that, specifically the Gears series since you only duck for cover & shoot for 80% of the time. And I especially love how in this game you can do the best move in the entire series: the counter attacks.

This mechanic is fucking awesome. It is this game's version of the parry from Dark Souls, or hell, the perfect block from Sekiro + Jedi Fallen Order, and that for me makes all the damn difference. That coupled with the fun missions & actually useful friendly AI partner. I can never play RE 4 & 5 the same way again after this, especially because you have to babysit the ai partners that JUST WON'T STOP GETTING IN THE DAMN WAY, and that's why this game right now is one of my go-to "downtime" game whenever there's nothing to play before the next big game releases. 


Oh, and I don't think the people who complained about the lack of horror in this game are telling the truth, because RE 6 actually has a couple of scary moments thrown in, especially since it has the most underrated monsters in the entire series that STILL makes my skin crawl every time I fight them:

THESE. THESE THINGS FUCKING SCARED THE SHIT OUT OF ME. And I HATE dealing with them! I rather deal with MR X & Nemesis an entire game than having to deal with them ever again!


7) Last of Us

Image result for last of us"

From one zombie game to the other, this one still stands the test of time as a really damn good stealth zombie, ahem I mean "fungus-infected people" game. I always thought of Joel as Sam Fisher if he lost his daughter in a zombie apocalypse because Sam in Splinter Cell Conviction is so much like Joel. I replayed this game through the remaster, and it is SO much better with the 60 fps. I can't wait for Last of Us part 2 & stealth kill some more infected + crazy survivalists!


8) 428 Shibuya Scramble

Let that epic theme song sink in, because that's how you leave a lasting impact before you start a game.


This game was released for Wii back in 2008 but only in Japan, but it was released in English on PS4 and Steam in 2018. And thank God it did because I get to put it on this list, and this game is FUCKING BRILLIANT! One of the absolute best visual novel ever, and it did the impossible: it's what happens when Plumbers Don't Wear Ties actually have a great story, music & cast of characters. I don't know how this game pulled it off, but it did! More people needs to experience this hidden gem!


9) Ace Attorney Dual Destinies

Image result for ace attorney dual destinies"

This was the second game where the series' art style changed to 3D, first being Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright. And damn, the cell shaded graphics is still so damn good, that only Arc System Works manages to top the great visual artstyle with Dragonball Fighter Z & the upcoming Guilty Gear Strive. But not only is the graphics fantastic, the plot & cases in this game are also some of the best in the series ever. Its sequel Spirit of Justice is great, but the cases there have a couple of questionable parts that makes them less epic than the ones in Dual Destinies, which blew the damn roof. Especially the final case which still gives me goosebumps just thinking about it. WHEN IS THE NEXT ACE ATTORNEY GAME? I'M STILL WAITING HERE CAPCOM! :angry::angry::angry:


10) Dragonball Fighter Z

Image result for dragonball fighter z"

By far the most fun fighting game I have played in my life, second to the Tekken fighting games. The many moments where I won where my health was just down to 1/10 against my opponents who still have all 3 of their characters are, MAN, intense as hell. This game changed my life. I loved the crap out of this game when it was out, and I'm still playing it today to train myself some more. I realized that I was pretty damn good at this game that I decided to enter tournaments here in Australia. I lost the first one I attended last year, but ever since then more & more tournaments showed up, and I keep on attending them to improve myself, winning a couple of them in the process. I even went to Las Vegas for EVO, and I had a damn great time in that place, while also being scared out of my mind because I had to play against the best players around the world. Got 64th out of 1200 people, so that's quite nice, but also not because the people I beat are surely going to aim for my head next time they meet me..... gulp.


And recently I won 2019's last big major tournament here in Australia! 

Image may contain: possible text that says 'COUCH WARRIORS CROSSUP 2019 MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA Dragon Ball FighterZ Champion'

Here's to 2020 & even more exciting moments with Dragonball Fighter Z!


11) DOOM

Image result for DOOM"

This game is the most fun FPS game out there at this moment. Bringing the arcadeiness of Quake with so many great weapons to use & gory finishing moves is a brilliant idea. Now I can't fucking wait for Doom Eternal, which pissed me off that it was delayed after I tried it and loved it at PAX back in October 2019 GIVE DOOM ETERNAL TO ME NOW!!!


12) Tetris Effect

Image result for tetris effect"

The best Tetris in existence. It's Tetris made by the same guy that made Rez & Child of Eden, so expect a lot of psychedelic images thrown in your face while you try your damn hardest to make tetris blocks disappear. This is another downtime game I play now to get my mind going, and if I want to relax by looking at LSD drug trip imageries. XD


13) God of War PS4

Image result for god of war ps4"

They made Kratos, one of the biggest pieces of shits in gaming that I hate so much & want to see dead, be sympathetic & a good father....... I don't know how, but they did it. And this is certainly a great start to a new series taking place in an alternate Norse mythology. Hurry up and release the next game Sony, I want to battle Thor now!!


14) Fate Grand Order

Image result for fate grand order

The best free mobile game I have ever played. I had been playing this game every day since it's English release in June 2017, and this game just keeps on getting better, and better, and better, AND IT'S GOING TO GET EVEN BETTER! All because Kinoko Nasu is a genius, and he makes damn sure that this game's plot is tightly written, full of great casts of characters from the previous Fate series + Kara no Kyoukai as well as new ones this game specifically creates, and be supported by its dev every chance they get. In fact one of the game's scenario is so good, that it's made into a beautiful anime of its own, which is still going & going to get even more epic:

THIS is how you do a free game right, not just easy cash grabs that's quickly forgotten after just 1 hour of playing that most mobile games do till now!


15) AI Somnium Files

Image result for ai somnium files"

The events of this game is still fresh from my mind & I will never forget the fun & sadness I had going through this game. It trumps above the Zero Escape series simply because of the much more realistic story that somehow brings a lot of heavy stuff, while also be quirky & silly in the right places. It's one of my GOTY for 2019, and it's for a damn good reason that I already mentioned in my review + previous post. I can't wait to see what's next for this game, if a sequel is made that is!


16) Persona 5


I still can't get this game's battle theme out of my head....... WHAT HAVE THIS GAME DONE TO ME???


They made an already excellent Persona 4 be even more awesome, with even faster + slicker combat, game areas that requires a lot of platforming + stealth, an equally great cast of characters, lots of which you can help + date because as a swanky playa you can totally do that lol, and a damn good plot to boot. Unfortunately the Persona 5 Royal update from what I saw in the Japanese version doesn't add a lot of new content, which is such a damn bummer because Persona 4 Golden added SO MUCH MORE, but the base Persona 5 game is still a fantastic game regardless. Hopefully there's another update like Persona 5 King edition, or maybe an Arcs fighting game because I want to see more from these casts of characters!


17) Sekiro + Dark Souls 3

Image result for SEKIRO"Image result for dark souls 3"

These 2 are From Software at their utmost best. First they made Dark Souls 3 a DAMN great conclusion to a damn good series, and then they made the return of Tenchu with the best 1 vs 1 combat gameplay I have ever played. These 2 games have the best collections of bosses I have ever fought against. I love them so much that I fought them multiple times whenever I wanted to from a backup safe file. I am pretty sure the next Sekiro will have an even better boss battle ready for me to fight, and I CAN'T FREAKING WAIT TO FIGHT THEM! >‿<


18) Ryu Ga Gotoku Ishin + Ryu Ga Gotoku Kiwami 2 + Judgment

Image result for ryu ga gotoku ishin"Image result for yakuza kiwami 2"

Image result for judgment"

I just can't separate these 3 games. They are all freaking brilliant. Ishin is the best out of the Ishin Yakuza 0 Yakuza 1 Kiwami era of games, Kiwami 2 is a DAMN good remake of the excellent PS2 game which improves on the Yakuza 6 gameplay immensely, and Judgment is just an awesome detective game that uses the strong base that Yakuza Kiwami 2 had already laid but with its own new minigames & detective twists. These games made me play them over and over again until I finished almost everything the game had to offer, and I'm going to do it again whenever I feel like it. Yakuza 5 is freaking awesome too, but these other 3 are more focused on their story & more cohesive in their gameplay, not to mention with less annoying load times, though to be fair that's because Yakuza 5 was on PS3. Maybe the remastered version will be infinitely better, and that's coming in February so I can't wait!


19) Undertale

Image result for undertale"

Fell in love with this game when I played it in 2015 that I actually put this as my GOTY instead of Witcher 3, and for good reason. Everything about this game is charming, and it subverts your expectation by making its turn based rpg combat exciting through its bullet hell dodging mechanics, and the plethora of variations that you can do whether or not your decide to be a complete jerk that kills everyone, or just be a good boy that defends himself only when there are no other choice. The bosses are fantastic, especially the final bosses, and the music, OH GOD THE MUSIC

It's so fucking awesome that Kenny Omega even uses the songs in his wrestling entrances during a couple of his matches.



I completely refuse to do the no mercy run. I am though going to possibly return to this game again & play it all over again from square one because I'm sick of waiting for the finished Deltarune. There's so much unanswered question, I WANT TO SEE MORE!!



And to top it all off:


20) Nier Automata

Image result for nier automata"

This is undeniably Yoko Taro's & Platinum Games' best game to date. The first Nier was pretty boring, but the music & story are what kept me going through it all. This game on the other hand not only has really fun as hell gameplay that Platinum is known for, but also GODLIKE soundtrack and an amazing story that makes you question what it really means to be alive, and to not be a racist asshole especially among other beings that's also machines that has independent thoughts of their own. This game makes you have a lot of fun, but also cry from the depressing as hell moments, and in the end makes you feel really rewarded from sitting through the entire journey. By the time the end of the game gives me the option to delete my save file so I can help other players playing the game, I actually deleted it, and then play the game all over again. That is the mark of a truly legendary game. Well done Yoko Taro, you have made history!



And those are my 20 personal favorite games of 2010 - 2019. Man, it sure was a great decade to enjoy these games & having them stick with me for this entire time. Let's see how 2020 and beyond will be, and see how far gaming will go. Who knows, maybe it'll be worse because of the amount of corporate greed all over the place, which is depressing, but even if it's like that, there will still be those games that are made with heart & passion that will stand the test of time & be reflected upon as great masterpieces that everyone will enjoy. Let us all hope for the best for the future! :)

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Both fallen order and outer worlds look awesome can't wait play them  its a new year 2020 new games coming this year cyberpunk2077 

Halo infinity I think 🤔 it comes out this year correct me if I'm mistaken      I just hope 🤞 that Halo Infinity makes for the last halo yucky really I do not like Halo bla sorry Halo 5 really only three boring levels with one of my all time favorite hero's Master Chief an the rest with boring YUCK 😝 SORRY Locke                                        anyway Cyberpunk2077 looks awesome lets hope 🤞 it rocks but if not to bad so sad 😞 

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