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First off wanted to say huge fan of the show. Started watching during the game of thrones reviews and now watch every youtube video you post about games and movies.


The point of this discussion is RED DEAD ONLINE. I love this game a whole, but would love to see you guys discuss all of the problems with the current state of red dead online. Right now the game is in a bad state. No animal spawns, kicked from matches, bugs everywhere, hackers, etc. You guys are great at bringing attention to these types of issues and so far Rockstar has done nothing for months. Please help!





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IMHO I'm not really surprised considering how broken GTA Online was when it first came out -- in fact at this point it's just what I expect from a AAA developer like Rockstar that prefers jamming microtransactions and virtual casinos into it's open world sandbox rather than hiring some GMs to deal with all the fucking modders who love to ruin the game by spawning in shit and crashing the server.

All I can say is I just hope they don't turn the amazing train robberies from singleplayer into mundane repeatable missions you have to grind just to get enough cash to buy a coal powered flying horse or whatever just so you can have some fucking fun IN AN OPEN WORLD SANDBOX!

My advice is get out while you still can.

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