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Games that keep you coming back.

4 posts in this topic

 So back in the days of Early PC gaming and the first console wars...we used to rush home from school to jump on the latest game that had us hooked. There was nothing like it....looking at you Sierra! Trying to figure out the next clue to get a bit further or challenging yourself to see if you can hit the next level. Personally, its quite rare these days for a game to hit just the right mix of fun factor vs. content or controls. I am beginning to feel like games are either overly complicated to control or just far too self involved with looking good at the cost of gameplay. What would be your list of games from say the last five years that you found to have just the right mix of fun, gameplay, and goals to strive for that kept you coming back? The few that come to mind for me are Diablo, God of War ps4, Doom, and Hearthstone.

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I've never really come back to any games for any long period of time. When I was a kid and would only get new games for typically my birthday, Christmas, or as rentals I would play many of the same things since that's all I had but once I got a job at 15 and when gaming became so cheap in the last 10 or so years with indie games, bundles, giveaways, cheap subscriptions, emulation, translations, etc I just always finish something and move on to something else. Even if I really enjoy a lot of games, I have 100s or 1000s of other ones to move onto.

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Honestly I miss the days when games were capped at 30 FPS because now everything runs so fast and buttery smooth that it feels like whenever I play CoD or Battlefield I have maybe a split second to react before I get killed by some racist 12 year old with an SMG.

I guess if I had to pick any one game though It'd either have to be Saints Row 4 or GTA V because of the freedom I have in both of those games to do... whatever the hell I want.

Wanna steal a jet from a military base and have a dogfight with the Air Force while Kenny Loggins "Danger Zone" blasts on the radio? You can do that.

Wanna roleplay as a journalist who constantly gets kidnapped by random street thugs and conducts impromptu interviews with them about crime in Los Santos? You can do that.

Wanna just start fights with random people by merely referencing oral sex? You can do that too.

Obviously these games have limitations, especially in the case of GTA V's online mode where the amount of fun you can have is determinant on how willing you are to grind/pay real money for more in-game cash so you can actually do the fun things and as I just mentioned the dialogue systems in these games are so laughably simplistic you can start a fight with someone after one button press that results in you telling them to "fuck off" but I just don't see many other games out there right now that give you that much freedom of choice without making the side activities feel like fucking chores or turning the game into an always online "live service" nightmare that randomly decides to disconnect you from the server just when you're starting to actually have some fun (I'm looking at you Breakpoint) or is filled with legions of racist 12 year olds that ruin the experience for me.

Outer Worlds and the upcoming Rustler are some exceptions but since I don't have an epic account I won't be getting to play Outer Worlds any time soon.

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