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Dreams review......... wow. Just...... WOW

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This..... is where gaming history will change. This game/ media creation tool has changed the game plan of game development & made 90% of unfinished generic Steam Early Access games to shame. 

Image result for dreams ps4

I have been eyeing on this for a while now ever since I saw a couple of trailers & see so many stuff in them. Hell, look at this trailer just to see how insanely diverse this thing is:

Dreams is the next thing made by the same people as Little Big Planet 1 & 2 + Tearaway. Now in Little Big Planet you are allowed to make stuff, but those are mostly limited to 2D games. This on the other hand is a full on creation tool where you can just get creative & make anything that you want. Want to make an fps, puzzle game, open world game, a short movie, a long 1 hour movie, remake an old PS1 game or walking simulators? Ohoho you bet your ass you can do those things at once here, and it's all only limited by your own imagination. It starts by letting you choose your avatar in the form of a cute Imp creature. And then from here on you can use the motion sensor on your PS4 controller to move it around & interact with things just as you see fit. It takes getting used to, but the tutorial makes things simple to understand. For moving the imp & basic stuff that is. For creating your own games + short animation though? OHOHOHO, now THAT's like school. You can if you want to.


The other best part about this is that you can play user created stuff, and WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. I mean...... what do you get when you have a game creation tool that was already out for a while as a beta, and it's recently released? You get HUNDREDS of stuff to try out. To be expected, most are pretty simple but fun and more like tech demos for things to come should they decide to make their full games. Like this one for example which is a demonstration of the stuff created by this one guy which is going to get updated into an actual game.

And this one which is also from the same guy which is a demo for an open world survival game similar to Rust.

And this one which is just showing food, but it looks soooo goooood

but some of them? HOLY MOTHER OF GOD. I spend 30 minutes, and even more than 1 hour from playing these individual games. These people are dedicated to the max that they practically just made a much more complete Steam Early Access game, a couple even have a complete game for that matter, and I don't have to pay extra cost to play them. It's all free stuff & I actually want to give these guys my cash after the cool shit that they made. I cannot imagine what their games would be like when they completed everything 100% and have the content be more than your usual 5+ hour games! And this is all thanks to youtubers that lets me know which games I should play like this guy.

And the best part? MORE ARE COMING! These mad bastards will definitely release a lot of full games which are going to be better than 50% of games out right now, and I cannot freaking wait to let you people know about them! Which I will in the Games beaten by the AJSA section.


But of course there's official games included in this made by the dev team because hey, they're a game dev so they have to show the world what kind of things are possible to make in this toolkit. They have couple of neat little minigames to showcase as a demonstration into how diverse this creation tool can be. But they also have a main game which I can definitely say is pretty freaking cool, and it's called Art's Dream

Image result for art's dream

This is about a guy named Art who is a double bass player who left his band for his own selfish reason, and the game is mostly about him regretting his selfish action in his head, and it's presented by him dreaming about his childhood toys coming to life & battling this giant crow demon named Thornbeak. It's a nice story of redemption & finding a way to be more positive about himself while reconciling with his band members, and it's a nice story to get through. Mainly because this game actually have several game genres put into 1. When you're playing in the real world, it's a point and click adventure mode where you investigate objects to find hidden secrets that you can use for your own creation in the creation tool later on while also having you pick up stuff & give to the right people to proceed to the next stage, while also listening to a musical from this blue skinned guy that keeps on changing jobs for some reason. In the dream world, you play a platformer game with Art's toys Frances + Foxy, and you can switch between the two of them to progress the game when it's required. And THEN there's robots to use later with their own abilities for platforming. Here's the playthrough of the first few minutes.

It gets crazier. WAAAYYY crazier. And that's AWESOME! This game alone is but a glimpse of the absolutely amazing potential of what kind of games can be made with this game engine, and it succeeded with flying colors. I am also down for the next game that's going to be made if the story continues, and the best thing is if it indeed gets released, the dev will probably release it as a free update, or at least I hope so. 


I know what you guys are thinking though. You might be thinking "wow, so you can just play these many games if you own Dreams? Doesn't that mean I have to wait for the games to download which will take hours to wait?"

IT'S ALL IN AN INSTANT! You can just play the games right away! The only download or storage needed is just to start Dreams, and then afterward? It's all ocean sailing bitch!


And there you go. Dreams is like a giant ocean, and we the people are the fishermen. We can do anything we want with it, and it's limited to our own imagination. This is why I'm just going to not say my usual way of rating and just say "go get Dreams if you want to be a part of gaming history, and enjoy the endless possibilities that the community will create now & the future.". With 2 badass seals of approval. One for being an awesome place to play games, and the other for giving the opportunity to make magic happen.



I cannot freaking wait to try even more stuff people put out. I am going to browse the shit out of everything I can find to infinity and beyond! And who knows? Like the past with Net Yaroze, the next game dev God will be born from this thing!

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