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Coronavirus is a gigantic problem for the world. Please take care of yourself people.

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I don't post stuff like this because these kinds of things usually are not that important, but this time of year in this situation? It is an entirely different story. 


Coronavirus has been a gigantic problem right now. Ever since this flu-like virus started in China, the rest of the world has been affected. This is seriously like that board game Pandemic where the world is facing a crisis because of a deadly disease that's slowly spreading to the world. Because of this disease, Italy is in full lockdown, Germany prepares for the worst case scenario, USA has gotten so bad that events like WWE, E3, and even the NBA are affected. I watched the last match of Denver Nuggets vs Dallas Mavericks, and that game went from fun to absolutely depressing as hell because out of nowhere the show was told to shut future matches down after that. I am scared for my family back in Indonesia because that place is a sickzone right now, and here in Australia people are already affected by the thing that my church choir had to be cancelled because the church is closing till 31 March, and even Tom Hanks got affected by it in Goldcoast. It's a complete mess.


I am here to tell you guys to stay as healthy as possible. I don't want you people to get affected by this terrible disease, and in times like this, the last thing you want is to get hit by this thing & had to stay in the hospital for God knows how many days & unable to enjoy playing games or watch your favorite movies or whatever you guys do on your spare time. Here's a pointer about this disease & how to protect yourself.



Pre-emptive measure is very important. Stockpile your house with supplies, because it is highly likely that things will be so bad that you can't even go out of your house.

Take care of yourself guys, and may we get through this tough time with good health until it's over.

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Short and sweet, part of me thinks everyone is overreacting, but part says you can't be too careful. Which part is stronger depends on if I'm listening to the news or just talking with friends.

All I can really say is don't panic, be smart, be healthy...preferably in that order.

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