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Nioh 2 & Doom Eternal reviews. 2 games that takes the previous to the next level, one more than the other.

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Ok this...... this is something that I don't usually do, but I have to. Because Nioh 2 & Doom Eternal took 1 week of my life in the mids of this coronavirus lockdown, and I am happy for it. So what better way to thank them by reviewing them together? (Nioh 2's gonna be shorter though)


First, Nioh 2

Image result for NIOH 2

The first Nioh back in 2017 was like Ninja Gaiden if it uses Dark Souls' death mechanic, because the game gives you so many movesets on the go that's similar to a Ninja Gaiden game, and that you have 3 different stances for your various weapons. The story was about Irish Geralt I mean William Adams that came to Japan because his spirit guardian got kidnapped by this one evil sorcerer dude, while he is in the middle of a battle between Tokugawa Ieyasu & Mitsunari Ishida. If you have played Samurai Warriors or Sengoku Basara before, then this is pretty much the less developed & abridged version of the battle between these 2 men. The story was, meh, really flat because Team Ninja unfortunately have a track record of making nice playing games, but with story that doesn't even bother making the characters likeable or with emotional attachment beyond brief interactions. 


Nioh 2's plot is a prequel that lets you see the rise and fall of Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Only not really because for some reason, the game decided to make it a little complicated. In this game, your main character, who is a half yokai half human just so happened to stumble upon him when he's still using his original name Tokichiro Kinoshita, and through being in service with Nobunaga, decided to share the name Hideyoshi with you because your main character has an heirloom dagger from his/her mom that's a yokai, and because that dagger has "Hide" written on it. And so Hideyoshi is actually the name for both you & him......... I don't know why they decided to make it like that but there you go. 


The overall story of the game is once again an abridged version of an existing game. But interestingly not Samurai Warriors/Basara because Nobunaga here is not an evil overlord, but Kessen 3, a game that Koei made about the more normalized version of Nobunaga Oda.

At least in the first half of the story when Hideyoshi was serving Nobunaga. Then the second half all of a sudden just turns the game into Onimusha Dawn of Dreams!

It's like Kingdom Hearts with how the worlds in that game are mostly stories that are straight from the Disney movies & Sora + Donald + Goofy just stands in the middle of it watching the events unfold, only in this game the story elements are based on historical events, so you pretty much know who's going to die & live. Which is annoying because there are a lot of times where the game could go for emotionally sad moments, but because nearly every character are so underdeveloped by how they just show up in 2 minutes cutscenes, and that your main character is a mute who doesn't even interact with them besides just standing there and nodding, you ended up not giving any crap about what happened to most of them. Which is a shame because there's a character here that's pretty much Japanese Aquaman


but he just shows up for 3 times in the story and just 2 sidequests. Why?? He's one of the characters I want to see more of!


Nioh 2 should definitely take notes from Ryu Ga Gotoku Ishin that uses history & modify it so it becomes so much more fun to watch, while also having a lot of great character moments that makes you actually give a crap about them.


But I have to say, right after around 3/4 of the story which is after 20+ hours, the plot actually gets good in the final portions of the game, because that's when the game doesn't follow history & just do its own thing with actual character developments that's been missing in 90% of the parts before. It's unfortunate that it takes so long to get to the good part, but when it hits, it's awesome.


As for the gameplay, I have already talked about it in my review for the first game.

Nioh 2 is 90% the same as the first game in terms of combat & exploration. The only new things they add are 4 new weapons, the fact that you can completely customize your character the way you want, new enemy types, the new yokai spirit forms where you can turn into 1 our of 3 demon forms and how you can now do counter attacks on those annoying red attacks enemies do,

And also how you can earn souls of enemies & use their movesets against them, which definitely will help you a lot when you get deeper into the game. It's still the same fun combat as the first game overall, and you will still die SOOOO many times in this game. It can get repetitive though because this game is designed to make you grind a lot while having you do a lot of side missions so you can have the high level gear to progress to the next part of the story easier, so this game is best played in portions rather than all at once. 

So in short, Nioh 2 is 90% Nioh 1 and 10% new stuff, only with a different story + characters, and a hell of a lot longer. If you have played the first Nioh & like that game, you're gonna like this game. If you don't, well this game ain't for you. I give this game the rating of "good game, but play it in increments because you'll be easily bored otherwise".





Now on to Doom Eternal. AKA, current GOTY.

Image result for doom eternal

This a sequel to the 2016 DOOM. It's years after that game, and Doom Slayer is back to save humanity from demons by doing what he does best: killing demons with his guns & his bare hands in style. And this game...... IS FUCKING AWESOME OMG I'VEBEENPLAYINGTHISGAMESOMUCHIT'SSODAMNGOOD!!!!!


The intro of this game is even better than the first one. 

If that's not a way to start a game with style, I don't know what is!


What I didn't expect from this game is how good the story is. The previous Doom games were pretty straightforward, but this? This is like if Doom includes extensive Mortal Kombat lore that expands on the universe so much that I can't wait to see it explored even further. You'll learn more about the situation on earth, who the night sentinels are, the God of this universe, and of course about Doom Slayer himself before the 2016 game & what his adventures were when he's part of the night sentinel. Hell, I want to see what kind of battles he was in during that part of his story now that I've played the shit out of this game!


Gameplay is where the game shines like a really bloody diamond with chainsaws for an edge. It's Doom 2016's combat, but with so many more new toys to play with. First off, you can do double jump & forward dash which makes Titanfall look lame in comparision, you have a Predator esque shoulder gun, but instead of shooting plasmas, it shoots normal & freeze grenades. It also acts as a flame thrower, and enemies on fire will drop armor pieces. The new wrist blade is also included to give new stylish gory kills. You have what this game calls a "blood punch" which charges up everytime you do a glory kill, and it's a super shockwave punch that damages surrounding enemies. Upgrade buffs has been significantly increased, so now besides the runes you equip, you also have suit upgrades that require tokens acquired by exploring the map & finding these things. You have more weapons to play with which includes the Ballista which is an energy blast weapon thing that deals massive damage, and your super shotgun has a hook that lets you do this

What's more awesome about this hook is when you upgrade it in full + do the weapon challenge, the hook will set enemies on fire & grant you 30 armor pieces each shot. And you're gonna need those armor pieces. 


And of course, the big star of this game, the energy sword that kills most enemies in 1 hit. 

This thing KICKS. FUCKING. ASS!! Unfortunately it only has 3 limited uses & has to be charged through collecting very limited energies on the map, even more limited than the BFG ammo surprisingly, unless you use the unlimited ammo cheat that you get from collecting secrets! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!


There's one weapon that also kicks ass, but you have to unlock it first through doing "slayer arenas". It's totally worth it though.


Speaking of slayer arenas, that's another thing I want to touch on: the levels. They are so damn well designed, and a couple of them have you teleport to more than 1 location which is pretty sweet. And the best part is after you reach the end of the level, you can actually fast travel back to a previous point if you have missed any collectibles. This saves SO much time & a very welcome feature, though it's odd that you can't teleport when you're in your own hideout.


Each levels of course has their own secrets that you have to find, and all of them are big, full of secrets & full of platforming challenges. Some of these platforming challenges are quite tricky, but if you look at the map & look around, you'll find place that you need to go easily. The collectibles you find this time around are even more action figures, though this time you collect action figures of enemies too instead of just Doom Slayer, which also have a funny animation that plays.

Also various upgrades to your suits & weapons, lores that gives you detailed backstories of this game's universe, music records from various Id Software games like Quake & even Comander Keen, though no Rage for some reason; secret "slayer arenas" that contains tough as nails bonus arena fights, extra lives which you will definitely need, and various floppy disks which gives you various cheats you can turn on when you replay stages, which makes the game so much more fun. And if you collect them all, you can actually play the original Doom on your hideout's computer!

You can unlock Doom 2 if you put on the password for it, but I won't tell you what the password is because it's more fun looking for it yourself. :D

So overall, you have 3 games in 1. Now THAT's a deal!


So I talked about the gameplay, but what about the enemies? Well, they also added a lot of them too, and let me tell ya, this game doesn't fuck around. When I played the first 3 levels, I had 8 extra lives stacked up. Once level 4 + the slayer arenas happen, that extra lives will drop like flies if you're not careful. This game also adds old enemies from old games like these annoying Arachnotrons

The "I will walk on the air without legs" Pain Elementals



The original classic Cyber Demon, but known as Tyrant in this game

And these bastards

These guys are so annoying to deal with. Every time they show up, they will buff every enemy near them, so you will want to kill them as fast as possible, but they have so much damn health. But once you did it though, you'll feel like a king.


There are a couple of new enemies as well, one of them called Whiplash is particularly annoying since they show up so damn often & are really damaging



BUT NOTHING. NOTHING ever comes close to the sheer annoyance I have to deal with fighting against former Night Sentinels, AKA the Marauders.


FUCK. THESE. BASTARDS. If you're too close, he shotgun blast you. If you're too far, he'll throw laser axe at you. And you can't shoot him anytime because he will put up his shield! So the only way to deal with him is to get to the right range, wait for him to do one of his melee attack with a green glow & shoot him with the double shotgun + ballista. It seems easy like how this guy did it

But not when you have to fight this guy while having to fight 10+ enemies at the same time. If you see this guy amongst the other hordes, clear out the other enemies asap with a BFG or something so you'll have a breather, then hope that he'll do his melee attacks instead of his other attacks.


The bossfights are even better than 2016's, and beating them makes you feel SO DAMN GOOD! Except one of them called the Doom Hunter that becomes a regular enemy afterwards. These guys are quite annoying to deal with.


Lastly, the music. Oh God the music! The first game for me doesn't have too much catchy songs because other than the kickass intro, most of them are just ok metal songs that I mute the music during some of them. This game on the other hand upped the damn scale & make even better songs across the damn board. Like these

The multiplayer mode for this game is awesome too. It's a 1 vs 2 mode where 1 player plays Doom Slayer, while the other 2 plays as elite enemies that places enemies on a map. The goal is to kill the other first, and the chaos that ensues from this mode is beautiful. It's definitely easier to play in the monster's side though because you can place enemies & buffs for them while the Slayer have to play like the main game, while having to fight inconsistent internet drops here and there.



There's only 1 thing that I want to see more: I want to see the Betrayer doing stuff. Because other than info from the 2016 game & a brief moment in this game, for a guy who's probably as big of a badass as Doom Slayer, he doesn't do anything other than sit & sulk. Where is he during the times the battles get intense? I want to see him help Doom Slayer out & kicks ass!


Get this game. It's 10 times better than Doom 2016 & I am currently playing this game all over again. My rating is of course "so awesome that you will play this game over and over and over again. Rip and tear bitch!" With a badass seal of approval!





And there ya go, 2 games to fill the time during this coronavirus. Definitely get Doom Eternal, and Nioh 2 if you're a fan of the first game. Stay safe everyone!

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