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FF7 Remake

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I was thinking about picking up the new FF7 Remake but I was not sure if it is worth the price. Can anyone who has played the game let me know if the game is good and worth a buy? Also I know that the game is episodic and that the ending of the game is not the ending of FF7. I was just wondering if you would buy a part 2 if or when it comes out?



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I would have to give this game 2 different scores based on if you have played the the original or not.  

If you played the original, I give this a 5/10.  If you haven't played the original I give it a 7/10.  In either case, I would say it borders on a "must play" *but expect issues/grievances.  The good parts are REALLY GOOD.  The bad parts are REALLY BAD.  As is always the case, ask 20 people, you will get 20 different answers.  This is just my take.  Some of my points are a little vague because I don't want to give away and spoilers.


  • The game is beautiful.  11/10
  • The character dialogue and banter is fantastic. 11/10
  • Voice acting is great
  • Character management and customization is great
  • Sound track is very good
  • General story writing is good
  • About half of the boss fights are good



  • They have tweaked/changed major plot points.  If you are new to the game, you won't know any better.  If you are a vet from the original, points will make you mad!!
  • The camera.  It constantly gets stuck, put in weird places, you have to fight it all the time... etc
  • General Combat is pretty "meh" due to camera, getting crowd control locked at points, mobs getting in behind you and you can't see them etc
  • About half of the boss fights flat out suck.  Some of them are exceedingly frustrating due to the mechanics and are very "rock, paper, scissors" mechanics.  The original had that but not to this extent.  Some of the fights are overly scripted, to the point where you MUST do 'X' to beat it.  Damage check points cause you to blow abilities that waste your resources eg. Boss is at 51% and there is a minor cut scene at 50% (you don't know that going into the fight), you stagger the boss, blow all your big abilities that would do massive damage.  Doesn't matter, boss only drops to 50% and you have wasted all those resources.  This happens A LOT in the later bosses.  
  • The game is not the complete FF7 story.  I get some of the reasons as to why they did this but I have to dock points because it is not the whole story. We don't know when the next one will be out and we still don't know how they are going to import (and if) your data from 1 "episode" to the next.
  • Some of the sub quests feel like "busy" work and aren't super engaging.  Some are just annoying.  I would normally give a pass but SQEX has made a couple MMO's, they know better.
  • There's a bit of SJW stuff going on in the game, that's all I'm gonna say on it.
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Okay, I appreciate the effort put into your response. I have never played Final Fantasy 7 before so I would be a newbie to the game. In fact, the only Final Fantasy game I have played is 15 and I thought the game was pretty good. I think based off of your analysis, I will probably pick up the game. I really like the banter in 15 and if the dialogue between characters is as charming as that, then I think I will get enjoyment out of the game.

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If you've not played OG 7 then play Remake, the remake just animefies everything and it's only the first episode of god knows how many games and if Square decides to make all the episodes (remember FFXV) .. The remake is a great game, with fantastic visuals/ gameplay/ music..

But FFXV has an okay story if you bothered to watch the movie and the anime Brotherhood .. FFXV's strong point is the combat (Kingdom Hearts like combat) and the gorgeous world, all the wonderful bro moments that you have while eating your Cup Noodles with Ignis screaming "That's it" .. FFXIV is undoubtedly the best antagonist compared to FF7 Remake..

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