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Ghost of Tsushima long gameplay footage 15 May 2020. GOTY contender.

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When this game's gameplay was out on E3, it's exactly what I thought it's gonna be: Japanese Assassin's Creed, with more samurai, and a bit of Batman Arkham. Question is, will it be a game that follows that same old formula of Assasin's Creed with the exploring all over the place doing many stuff which can get repetitive in a few hours, or will it be freaking awesome?


Well, from how the gameplay mechanic is, I can safely say that this game outclasses Assassin's Creed Origins already, based on how varied the combat is since you have multiple stances, how the game style you pick will affect how the world thinks about you + how it upgrades your character accordingly, that BYOUTIFUL graphics, and JAPANESE DUB. OH GOD, FINALLY it's official! But.... why is the lip-sync still in English? You can see it's in English when you look at this trailer from months ago

I guess lip-synching is hard when the game's really big and all, but why not do what Square did with their games and have proper lip sync? It'll add so much more awesome to this game!


Now, if the stars lined up & the game's gameplay sticks the landing which fills it with epic boss battles, especially the samurai duels or even potential badassery with the Mongolian leaders as the final boss fights, this will definitely be a GOTY contender, and it'll be tied with Doom Eternal & Cyberpunk 2077. Not sure Last of Us 2 will be there since it's still unclear at this point if the plot that's been leaked will ruin the entire game or make the game awesome, but we'll just have to wait till that game is out.

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