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PC gamers are obnoxious, and PC gaming isn't as great as they claim it is.

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The only real advantage PC games have is that you can play them forever. You don't have to dust off an old console and set it up to play a game, you can just go to your library and play it. When compared with console games the cons outweigh the pros(Which I will list at the bottom of the post). I feel like whenever there is a PC gamer circlejerk they are trying to convince themselves that their $2000 setup wasn't a waste.

PC Cons:

- High cost

- Technical knowledge is required. Even if someone is building it for you, you need to know what is being put in, so research is required.

- Games won't run smooth on your machine(This will indelibly happen), and you will have to figure out why.

- Will have to upgrade after a couple of years, which is yet again pricey

- Can't play with friends locally unless it is a lan party

- Not mobile(Not counting laptops)usps tracking showbox speed test

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Counter Cons

- There are plenty of cheap quality builds.

- I have no technical knowledge. There's something called the internet that helps with builds.

- Ever game runs just fine with a little common sense.

- You only have to upgrade if your machine falls that far behind, you can still play almost every game.  You have to buy a new console every few years also.

- You can play locally.  Split screen still exist.  There's tons of 2 player co-op games to play on a single pc.

- A laptop is a pc.  This point is moot.

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