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Discussing The Last of Us 2

7 posts in this topic

So things ain't looking good surrounding this whole The Last of Us 2 disaster. Like... at all. After I decided to take a look at what the story has to offer... I'm rather shocked, to be honest. Same for Joe. Already saw some reactions of him playing the game on livestream and... I sense a very... veeeery angry review incoming.
If there are any folks here who(sadly) got their hands on this game, what do you think ? Cos watching how the story plays out left me with disgust. I can tell that much. 

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Well, honestly I love it...


The opening minutes had me emotionally shooketh from Joels song, just because of how relatable and heartfelt it was (being a father and all that). I do agree with Joe during his stream on the transition from Ellie to Abby was VERY jarring. It hypes you up and sets a good tone for the job you're about to do, only for it to pull out and immediately put you in a situation you have no investment in. Not a very effective, or engaging way to get this plane off the ground.



Now, yes it did have purpose. When THAT thing happened, I was angry/heartbroken/enraged/confused all at the same time. Yes, it exists as a driving motivation and reason for the game to exist. I see people and Joe, Alex, etc just narrow this down to garbage writing and warranted this moment as "UNEARNED". I think they're missing the point & or have not been paying attention to how the world of TLOU works. We have seen MANY characters like Tess, Sam, Henry, and even Sarah come and go, some of which have more than enough capability to survive these crazy situations; but each had that one big defining moment that brought it all crashing down.

This world does not care how important you are, how good you were/are, how bad you were/are. When your time is up, it is up. 

Getting back to the whole "UNEARNED" argument, I can understand how many people would see it that way. Its sudden, early, and like a cheap shot. Thing is, I feel like this moment was "earned" or whatever you want to call it, because we had our time with Joel. The near entire first game was HIS story, we played as him, we grew to love him, then fell to feel indifferent towards him at the ending (mostly because its understandable in a selfish way)

We got glimpses into the 20 years between the opening of the first game, to Joel answering Tess at the door in the Boston QZ. Mentions of the terrible things he and Tommy did to survive. Him passively acknowledging him ambushing random people (much like he and Ellie were in that truck), and Tess just outright saying they are shitty people. Everybody made choices and actions that had consequences, and sooner or later they came a knocking. 



Now, I have not yet completed the game. But what follows along the roads so far is adding up. Yes, I would LOVE to have that dynamic between Joel and Ellie over and over again for the rest of eternity. However, the game has made me grateful for that time I did have. Just right now we are seeing Ellie cope with the loss of the only father figure she had. Im just not trying to take everything I see at face value, I naturally see the deeper meaning behind it and to me its has purpose. 

Do I agree with every decision? No, not by a long shot. But the last thing I wanted, was a repeat of the last game, or some big cinematic send off to Joel. No, thats not how I see this world working. To me its like Murphy's Law, anything that can happen, will happen. The biggest reason the first game still hangs in my memories to this day, is that EVERYBODY is in danger. There is no plot armor, or some silly hero's sacrifice. I believe that defeats the point of everything this game means. 



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Yep, I expected this game to split people's thoughts. And since I have just completed this 30 hour game, I definitely feel like talking about the game's story. And this is a good place as any to do it. I assume this is a full spoiler talk place, so I'll talk about my thoughts on the entire game, but I'll hide it for those that want to read it if they want to.



This game's plot reminds me heavily of that one game Ninety Nine Nights, where you can play as opposing sides, and both of them had their reason for revenge against the other. Only this game does it much more awkwardly & less refined than what Last of Us 2 did.

Or for a more recent game, Nier Automata. Except replace 9S with Ellie, and have her be less prone to going completely insane. Nier Automata's a much more depressing game surprisingly, but I like both Last of Us 2 & that game's story. Maybe because I'm used to seeing these things in different games. ?_?


Ever since I finished the first Last of Us, I already know that what Joel did will come back to bite eventually. And well, karma catches up with him. Now it's not awful since he already have 5 years with Ellie, and both of them had their time together, like that part where Joel invited her to the dinosaur + space museum. That was so sweet it makes my heart grow lots of sizes. Sadly it was not all happy once Ellie found out the truth of what happened.......... man this part makes me sad.


When the game lets you control Abby the first time, I immediately know what she's gonna do, and I completely expected it. Joe pretty much missed the point when he said it's unearned since it's very much going to happen. I just replayed the first Last of Us through the PS4 remaster so I immediately go into this game expecting him to bite the dust. Though unfortunately the game does it in such a way that makes her look like an absolutely cunt. Like.... why do that after Joel & Tommy just saved her from a group of fungus zombies? Why not ask Joel why he did what he did before doing that thing? That could've cleared things up & made her question her own decision for payback for her father's death. Instead she just killed him and make Tommy + Ellie just have no idea why they did it & they all paid the price for it. Dumb move.


Speaking of that moment, isn't it better to have her group arrest Joel & bring him back to their base in Seattle so he gets punished by law? Like have the people leave with Joel after knocking out both Tommy & Ellie, then their motivation of going to Seattle would be a lot more understandable.


Ellie's revenge quest through the game is quite fun to go through since there's a lot of areas to explore & lots of little side stories to read. I especially like that there's a bank that was robbed during the fungus outbreak & the robbers are trapped doing it. And because the place has this


Hmm............. why though? I thought Uncharted in this game's universe are just games. Why is this there? Probably a prop from a Naughty Dog employee that was just stored there.


When the time to kill Abby's friends happened, the game tried to make you feel bad since "they're just another human being too", but man, I don't feel bad at all because ALL of them were given the chance by Ellie to just say where Abby is so she can go straight to her, but they all decided to just either be close minded assholes, like Nora the medic in the hospital who think it's a brilliant idea to mock Joel in front of Ellie's face which leads to her inhaling spores dooming her regardless, or Owen and his pregnant girlfriend Mel who just immediately tried to kill Ellie. Maybe if you want me to feel bad, have them be nicer & not immediately be dickheads?


Once that happened after around 20 hours of the game as Ellie, you straight away go to play Abby & play her entire side of the story parallel to what Ellie was doing. And turns out her dad's the surgeon Joel killed when extracting Ellie in the first game, which I saw coming a mile away. Though personally I never killed him, I just shot his leg but whatever. I can just imagine an alternate version of this game where Joel didn't kill that guy and it'll be a completely happier story overall.


I....... actually like most of this part. Primarily because her playstyle is pretty damn awesome, and the missions she partake in is more in line with the first Last of Us' breakneck pace, with Red Dead Redemption 2 action sequences put in here and there. Since she's in the army, she punches everyone & have a lot of cool takedown moves, and uses shivs like Joel did in the first game if she wants to. And the weapons she had are pretty damn good, especially the double-barrel shotgun which with the right upgrade, makes each reload fast as hell that it might as well be a semi-auto SPAS 12 shotgun without taking 8 seconds to reload the entire rounds.


They did a pretty decent job at making her & her friends be likeable. It's nice to see a different side to a story where both sides are neither completely good or bad. Too bad they're not like this when they interact with Joel & Ellie, or else none of the event in this game would've happened.


Her interaction with the 2 former Seraphites Yara & her 13 year old brother Lev are the best parts about her story. They're these 2 from this teaser trailer back in 2017.

I don't know why they decided to make Lev a transgender here. The only way you can tell he was a girl before was just one sentence thrown in that just ended up being completely pointless. The reason is pretty dumb: Originally he was Lily and she was going to be forcefully married to one of the elders of her cult, but then she cut her hair bald. Cutting hair bald in her tribe is only for men so by cutting her hair she's now Lev and a boy.............................. WHAT??? And that's the ONLY time it's ever referenced in the game! WHY IS THAT THERE? It does NOTHING to the story at all! Just remove that dialogue and bam, Lev the 13 year old boy & former Seraphite. DONE.

There's a lot of funny banters between them, especially Lev because he's always so literal minded about everything everytime Abby makes a comment. By the end they're like a brother and sister, and it's pretty cute.


What's not cute though is that.............. HORRIFYING forced sex scene between Abby and Owen. HOLY CRAP. that is the most awkward shit I have ever seen. WHY IS THAT IN THE GAME? That thing makes Ride to Hell Retribution & Heavy Rain's sex scenes look Oscar worthy! Never again please! DX DX DX


The most surprising part about the game though is that when you think the game's actually going to end, NOPE, it ain't done yet. I thought the game would end after the theater fight between Abby and Ellie, which even though ended with Abby winning & sparing Ellie, I purposefully let Ellie kill Abby to see the 5 different alternate endings that I imagine will happen if the game ends right there and there. XD

Instead after that, the game flashed forward years later, after Dina gave birth to Jesse's baby & Ellie lived in with her. Unfortunately, Ellie was having really bad PTSD from all the crap that she went through, which completely affected her life. So she decided to track Abby down with Tommy's help to finally settle things once and for all. Where did Abby go? To a place Owen mentioned before which had remnants of Fireflies because she wants a new reason to live with Lev. Too bad for her it was a trap by slavers, and good for Ellie. Dina isn't happy about this & wants Ellie to just forget it all and stay with her, but I don't think that's the right move. Can you imagine someone with a horrible trauma that can cause an episode every day & can explode at any time living with you? That's a lot of risk involved. It's better for Ellie to settle things first!

So Ellie goes there, killing those dick slavers which plays like something out of Ghost Recon & found Abby, which looked like complete shit after 1 month of being tortured, and they both had a final battle. Ellie won, and after beating the crap out of Abby within an inch of her life, not before having 2 of her fingers bitten, ouch, she decided let her go with Lev. Now I read that people don't get why she did this, but I can see why. She got what she wanted at last, a payback against Abby, and while she can kill her right there, it's just too cruel for her to do since she can still feel sorry, and Joel would probably want her to stop too. And Abby herself already looked like complete shit from malnutrition & Ellie just slashed her with a knife a lot, so under normal circumstance, Abby's probably gonna die on her way to somewhere with Lev anyway. Or maybe not & Last of us part 3 will have the story with her continue, we'll see.


And the game ends with Ellie returning to her home, only to find out Dina left the house with her kid, but Ellie's belonging, including the guitar that Joel gave her, is still there. Which unfortunately she can't play because she lost 2 fingers. So then she decided to leave the house, probably to see Tommy and to get some prosthetic fingers like theseProsthetic Fingers | Partial Hand Solutions LLC

The moral of the story here: don't just have your revenge without explaining yourself or without hearing the reason why someone did what they did. That's just going to make things worse for everybody. Also, be a pacifist so none of this shit happens in the first place.

The end. Or is it the end? I mean the Seraphites are still out there, there's a couple of Fireflies remnants still around across America, the fungus-infected are evolving & had that one mass of corpses that Abby had to fight which look like a boss straight out of Evil Within, it is still possible that a cure being developed is going to happen, and Lev is probably going to be the next main character in the next game. Or maybe Dina's son when he's all grown up, but that'll mean the sequel takes place 14 years after. Ah well, we shall have to wait and see.



Man that is a long one. XD

After finishing the game, there's new game +. I'm gonna replay my favorite battle parts & upgrade my weapons & stats to max!

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I can't stand watching Joe play this game he went into playing this game with the story line basically being spoiled for him so he went in with a huge negative mind set from the get go. I had no problem how Joel died because it basically reminded you and everyone else that Joel is like anyone else in that world in that they can die at the drop of a hat. Also Joel killed ENDLESS amounts of people of course there was going to be someone going after him. Is the story ground breaking? hell no! but it does make a hell of a lot of sense also the ending I will admit was shitty BUT it does set up a fantastic part 3 with Tommy if they ever decide on making a part 3. Also if the game wasn't spoiled for everyone I bet there wouldn't be this much back lash either. The way the game was set up was suppose to give the player shock value which was COMPLETELY ruined by the story leaks and Naughty Dog had very little time if anytime to change the story line.

Is the game perfect? nope

is the game as bad as everyone on metacritic rating it? hell no.

Joe should really look at the game from the perspective of someone that didn't have the game spoiled yes some youtubers still didn't like the story but they didn't give the damn game a 0 or a 1 either. Truth be told this is probably one review I wont take into consideration because lets face it the story line was ruined and leaked and Joe never gave the game a fair shake either as much as Joe will tell you other wise I don't believe it.



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I watched part of Joe's live-stream and Upper Echelon Gamers' live-stream of the whole game.

I don't think I'll buy it, even on sale. I did think the story was awful...but it didn't have to be. I understand the major plot beats it was trying to hit and there is potential for a great story there, but it is so poorly paced and arranged that it's just bad.

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I got a bunch of free games from the Epic Games Store 12 days giveaway + discounts, so I'm expecting to beat those this month, and thankfully they're all great games so I won't have to worry about hating em! :D mobdro

Regards, tubemate

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Do you have any Adventure type game for PS4 i really want to play like GOD of War or TombRider something like that please suggest or send  me a link for any game....

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