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Last of Us Part 2 Angry Review. Yep, it's as angry as I expected it to be. :D

5 posts in this topic

Yep, that's the number I expected. This is definitely a game where spoilers need to be said because it'll really determine whether you enjoy the game or not. To borrow a quote I did on the games beaten post just recently:

On 28/06/2020 at 8:26 PM, Kaz32 said:

Despite this game not worthy of getting the 10 out of 10s because of the story based problems it has, especially that one sex scene 20 hours into the game that still haunts me, I really like this game, but I suspect Joe will make a very2 angry review in these coming days & probably give this game either a 6 or 7 just like he did with Destiny or Rome Total War 2. If that's the case, it's too bad there's not going to be a music skit similar to the Fox song on Rome Total War 2 because of music copyright. That gag makes me laugh so hard. Eh, that's how it is sometimes. 🤷‍♂️

Well, the Coffin gang is there so good thing there's a music gag in the end.


Fun fact: this is the origin of where the coffin dance comes from.

Yes, it's a thing that started to make funerals more upbeat. Unfortunate they can't do it now because of Corona, but they have the meme vids though!







And here's the spoiler discussion

Now that I replayed the game again on new game + with all the upgrades & the enhanced listening mode that highlights the items, it's definitely a much more fun time since there's more challenge in the fights. I also see more behind the game's ending now, and it definitely is not as bad as it looks because of many things:



1) Notice how before Ellie enters the house, she didn't even call Dina or JJ. You'd think that she will say something like "Dina, JJ, are you guys there?" and be heartbroken when she found the house has been completely abandoned, but nope, she just looked at the now-abandoned house and sighed. 

2) We don't know when this sequence takes place after the fight with Abby, but it's definitely a long time after that. Ellie doesn't look like crap as she did in that section anymore, so she definitely had a good meal & got a new dress. And if you notice her right hand, she actually have Dina's bracelet. 

3) If you notice the house, only stuff related to music, Ellie's teenage past with the Savage Starlight + the bands & Joel is left there in that room upstairs. And that shower curtain. 

From that, it's pretty obvious what happened before Ellie enters the house: she, Dina & JJ reconciled after Ellie beat the crap out of Abby, moved their house somewhere else and just left Ellie's past stuff because it's too painful for her at that moment. Then the ending sequence takes place much2 later after they settled into their new house, most likely somewhere close to Jackson because of that letter that mentions Jesse's parents wanting them to do so. And Ellie visited the place because she was on her way to somewhere else, probably to get prosthetic fingers, and might as well go back to the house for closure, or to reminisce about Joel for old times sake, or to see if she still can continue with her music stuff when she decided to get new fingers.



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you did it to follow the crowds or get hits to rate this game so low there can be no other excuse.you let us all down joe been following you for years.and I can honestly say you did yourself irreparable damage IMHO.YOUR TAINTED like all the rest 

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37 minutes ago, guydodge said:
25 minutes ago, guydodge said:

you did it to follow the crowds or get hits to rate this game so low there can be no other excuse.you let us all down joe been following you for years.and I can honestly say you did yourself irreparable damage IMHO.YOUR TAINTED like all the rest 

............................... Actually no.

I like the game, but I am aware that this is not a game that will make everyone happy. There's a lot of people that hated it, and also those that like it. But we definitely think this is not a perfect 10 out of 10 game that media outlets touted it to be because of the various problems the story has.


Joe's simply telling what he thinks about the game after he completed it and thought over the entire game's story, and I completely understand it because many people also share his thoughts on it. If you just want to put typical stock troll youtube commenter copypasta, then just go back to youtube. 

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even by his own standard if you look at his previous 6/10 games none compare to this.and the problems with the story

are nothing more than how some wanted them to be not actual event problems. and knit picking small details.that

are meaningless or coulda shouda woulda scenerios


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Eh, that's a matter of personal taste though. For a person, sometimes a story can make or break something even though everything else is good. Hell, I had a similar line of thought with God of War 3 with the story. I can't stand how much of a cunt Kratos was in that game & I don't give a shit about the improved combat or badass things he did if in the end, he's just a self-centered piece of shit that doesn't care about innocent people, and so after I finished the game I don't want to touch it anymore and was hoping he would just die. If I want to see a main character doing badass Godly things, and be completely on board with the character, I rather play Asura's Wrath, which has an infinitely more likeable main character than Kratos ever will be in that original trilogy.

Good thing the PS4 God of War actually made him a much better person & now I am on board with him for his battle will the Norse Gods.


Last of Us 2 is definitely a people splitter. Some like it, some don't. Joe's just one of those that don't like it as soon as the first 2 hour of the game happened, and I even made my own review of it & telling people to see the first 2 hours of the game first before getting the game because it'll determine whether they will like the game or not from then on, and even tell people to not buy the game if they don't like it.

In the end, it's just a review from someone who doesn't like it. Joe said a couple of times that it's perfectly fine for people to enjoy the game and he's glad that people enjoyed it. There are other people who like the game, me & my friends included, and we don't pay the negative reviews any mind at all & enjoy the game to the fullest. I recently got all the game's trophies for the game & then traded it for store credits, but that's because I have already seen everything the game has to offer after playing the game for the last 2 weeks & am curious to see what the sequel or dlc will be like.  


And that's another thing, there definitely will be a sequel. And Abby is definitely redeemable. Aside from the thing she did in the beginning of the game which definitely should've been done better than what it was, she's a complex character and actually not that bad of a person, and when the sequel gives her more moments to be more likeable, as well as make her regret the things she did in the past, I'm sure she'll not be as hated. Just hope the writers will know what they're doing and gave Ellie a chance to earn happiness & be at peace as well. Then again, the ending of 2 is pretty ambiguous & I definitely think it's not as bad as people make it out to be. Both of these girls has a chance to be even better after what happens in this game, and the sequel will be a good place to make it happen. 


Too bad that the internet is not so open minded & had to just blow things out of proportions with their death threats to Laura Bailey & whatever stupid shit is on right now. She's just doing her job people, don't be a mindless prick about it. And well, even Joe himself got flack from people because of the review. This is just a pointless waste of time that's not making the situation any better, especially during this corona time. How about moving on & actually be excited about the next games coming? Like Ghost of Tsushima.

Can't freaking wait to play this! 5 more days!!!

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