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Devolver & Ubisoft digital events: 2020's version of E3

1 post in this topic

Well, at first this is just going to be a Devolver Direct thing. But then yesterday Ubisoft did their own digital event, and mixed with the PS5 reveal weeks ago, it's pretty much this year's version of E3. So what the hell? Here's for the digital events that just happened.


"Konami do 2 full hours on 4 new Metal Gear games during which they had a surprise break in event to announce the cancellation of 3 of them. DURING THE SAME LIVE STREAM". 

Best line. Also that sounds like something those assholes would do. They don't give a shit anymore & it makes me sad. This Digital conference though, MUAH, byoutiful.


Can't wait for Shadow Warrior 3.

And that Sonic Fox game, though that's probably just a joke. But hey! We can play the Devolverland Expo game for free on Steam! It's actually a pretty nice marketing thing they did cause you get inside this what if version of a Devolver Digital E3 looking thing & you get to see the upcoming game trailers + gameplay previews while dodging enemies & even fighting a boss at the end. The only downside is you can't play any of the games, even though they have playable booths. URGHHHH WHY YOU TEASE ME LIKE THIS GAME


Gotta say, now I'm even more excited for Watch Dogs Legion. Not only will I plan to build my army of old people, but I'll have John Wick too because hey, Keanu's 55 so he's almost a senior. XD


HyperScape's pretty much Ready Player One but Battle Royale. Hope the game has a nice story mode and not just another battle royale.


Glad to see Valhalla actually looking pretty nice unlike the leaked footage. That one I blame on the person playing the game since whoever that was did a pretty basic gameplay with none of the cool stuff that's shown in this conference.


Also, Gus Fring in Farcry 6. He already did fantastic work in Breaking Bad, and this is just his next chance to show some more charisma. I want him to surpass Vaas, so I hope he will have a lot of screentime unlike Pagan Min who isn't really a villain in that game, or Joseph Seed who also isn't really a villain since in the end he was just a misguided guy trying to save the world. 


All in all, it's a pretty nice conference. Shame there's no Beyond Good and Evil 2 but there's other stuff to make it fun.

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