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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Character Discussion ( spoiler possibility)

2 posts in this topic

This may be more a question to those who have played the original game and know the full cast but any FF noobs are welcome :)  For the next game in the new FF7 series, its uncertain how many new characters we will see given how much content the game put just into Midgar. Anyone here have any characters they are looking forward to seeing? I’d say I’m most looking forward to Mr. Valentine :) 

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Have to be very honest I was soo excited for this remake ever since completing Crisis Core (PS Vita) and seeing that the remake would be made! The new technology, processing power of consoles and evolution of gaming in general could only be an improvement. Years gone on by and so much promise from other games coming out (Which were just as huge in size to be fair and had more content) and teasers for the remake along with what other games were coming out on the FF series (Especially how good FFXV was) but all this being said I think that the part 1 midgar game in general is a bit of a let down and now has me nervous about how this series is going to turn out. I actually thought that with the time it has taken we could have seen soo much more. No denying that the fighting gameplay / sequences / materia menu are awesome but I can't help but feel like this game has been watered down just to make more money. Although it is 35 hours of gameplay + I feel they could have cut some of the side stories and jumped into the open world and stayed truer to the original game. I know sector midgar is pretty much a set path to open the game but to turn it into a full game all set in a world where you are bound by area restrictions was just disappointing. Maybe I was expecting too much but I was soo excited about the possibility of exploring the FF7 open world and thought it would be a 3 disk game / download that the ending to the story of this game is just far less than what I was expecting. I prefer playing FFXIV.

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