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Surprised to see forums are still alive in the YOTG 2020.... By the way,

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If it wasn't for me availing the Join membership to our good old pals from Texas and jumping ship on a public discord hosted by our brethren, I wouldn't know that the forums of the past decade would still exist. But I digress and am happy that I may have found a place to call home. My display name is Koutchise. But I would love to share my personal details with all of you little by little soon. I may hail from a country that is conservative AF but I can see myself hanging with you westerners. Pretty much a happy go lucky guy and has a lot to say.... excessively has a lot to say in fact. And of course, I am a fan of Angry Joe. 


It was when the Saints Row 3 review came up that I found myself getting lost to the entertainment Joe has brought to me. I was a child back then, and AJS is one of those relics that I brought with me now I'm a mildy responsible adult. Another thing that I really brought with me is my passion for gaming. I consider myself a PC player but I only have a laptop that is competent enough to run Cyberpunk (hopefully... no jinxes please). But if I were to choose a side, I'll stick with the Playstation because the PS2 had shaped my personality and interests growing up. From where I came from, having a console means you are a big shot. I was blessed enough to grow alongside a PS2 but it quickly waned when life happened for me. Though I made sure in every character develop I may face I have gaming on my side whether it is just me watching the best entertainment entity on YouTube (shoutout to you Joe, Alex and Other Joe!) or even playing it. The year of the gamer 2020 has proven to be friendly to me, surprisingly because this is the year that I got to host my own machine to game on. It's nothing much, I mean where does a Ryzen 5 3550h 16gb RAM GTX 1650 will get me in the next 5 years amiright? I hope somewhere... 


So to give a background of my game "stats", the most time I spent on a game is Dota 2, which is roughly about 2.6k hours AKA a huge chunk of my life and my most favorite game series of all time is The Elder Scrolls. Oblivion being my favorite out of all of them. What I play now the most is Modern Warfare since the recent sale reeled me in and I started a playthrough of Yakuza 0 just this morning. I'm still waiting on a patch for H:ZD so that I could play the expansion in tranquility.


So... there you go. It feels bizarre to introduce myself in a forum where the last one I joined was way back 2015. Darn sure Social Media axed the good ole' community forums fad right? But hey, here I am and I hope I'm here to stay.



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Welcome to the angry army! 


Most of the members are on Discord nowadays, but there's some who hang around here like me. Hope you enjoy your time here, or on Discord. :) 

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