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PS5 event reaction, and the pre order wtf moment that happened after

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Personally, PS5 wins the war. I don't give a crap about what the specs are cause in the end both Xbox & PS will have the same graphics anyway. PS5 has the games exclusives while Xbox unfortunately still hasn't learned that exclusives are the reasons to buy a console. I mean yeah they have good specs & games, but who cares about that when most of those games are gonna be on PC anyway?


And about the pre orders, it's a damn mess. Sony should definitely announce it better.


I ain't buying it until it's $300. Because JEEZUS, this is the price here in Australia

PlayStation 5

PS5 PlayStation 5 Console (Pre-Order Deposit Only) (Launch Price $749)

Yes this is for the one with the disk tray. The digital version is $599. But still, ARE YOU FUCKING SHITTING ME?? Well at least it's better than PS3 which was $829 when it was new but COME ON. I want to trade my game when I finished them because most of them will probably be a "play it once and you're done" kind of games with only a few I actually want to keep with me forever. So without the disk tray function, I had to buy the game on the PS store which are full price & not discounted like when I buy the game on JB Hi Fi. Hell no to that!


Hm, actually I'm pretty interested in this. Since there's a physical copy option for PS5 games, does that mean if you have a digital PS5, you can still use it but it'll be like on PC where you just put on the CD Key in the physical copy box? If that's the case, then surely that CD Key is usable for multiple consoles cause how else would pre-owned copy works? Oh please God don't let it be like Steam where it makes pre-owned copy completely worthless


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