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Is anyone else worried that the price hikes on PC parts are gonna slowly kill PC gaming on angryjoeshow?

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The price hikes over the last 2 generations of GPUs, and now CPUs, have me worried that regular gamers are no longer gonna be able to afford playing on PC anymore. A new generation no longer means better performance/dollar, it now means a $100 price hike. What gives? I know I can't afford a 6800 or a 3070. I'd like a $300 6700 or 3060 that I'd realistically be able to upgrade to. I know there's a lot of enthusiasts on here who want the best of the best, but most of the PC community couldn't care less. They just want the best bang for your buck midrange system. But the midrange barely exists anymore. The best thing to do right now is just buy a new console when you find them in stock.

Is it just me? Do I have a right to be worried? What do you guys think on angryjoeshow?

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Hmm. You raise a valid concern. Money doesn't grow on trees. You also got to realize that AngryJoe plays the newest of the new games, because chiefly he can with all the support we give him financially. 

The rest of us though are stuck in mid range, as you put it. Maybe it's time we focused on longevity with our AJSA guilds and groups. There'll always new recruits since people have time to catch up.

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