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Cyberpunk 2077 review: sadly will not be my GOTY, but it's still really fun. When it doesn't bug out

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Oh CD Projekt...... you screwed up big time with this one


Which is surprising considering this game's been in development for 8 years, so under normal circumstances, this game should've been spick & span when it's finally released or at least mostly not buggy, but instead it's surprisingly more buggy than Fallout New Vegas, Assassin's Creed Unity & Assassin's Creed Valhalla, and those games were in development for just around 1- 2 years! There is just no excusing with this one, this game should've been a really awesome game when proper management is done, but it's so damn obvious that it's not the case. Whoever was in charge of finalizing this game at this current state will get the worst embarrassment + punishment of their life, and it is well deserved. The dev team deserves more than being put in the same place as that jackass.


Anyway enough of that, this will be a pretty straightforward review that hopefully shouldn't take a long time. Cause everyone knows the state of this game both on PC + PS5 + Xbox Series X and the abysmal state it's in on PS4 + Xbox One.


Thankfully on PC it's not THAT horrible, BUT it's still really really really really buggy right now to the point where just when you think a cutscene/ firefight will be awesome, mr glitch will show up & ruin the immersion with delayed animation, 3 seconds of you standing in place until the next part of a cutscene plays out in which case the npcs will spasm into their right position, npcs floating above the ground, my character turning out completely bald when I look in the mirror & have a hat on for some reason, man I could list the amount of bugs I experienced & it will seem like I'm a madman for telling my story, if it weren't for the fact that everyone else experiences them, or experiences some other new glitch that others hasn't experienced. 


The plot of this game is pretty straightforward. At the start of the game after a pretty robust character customization menu where you can even customize your "package" & the style of the hair surrounding it, which wow, I didn't think it's possible to do so well done dev, you're given a choice of 3 starter lifepath for your main character V: start as a nomad, street kid or Corpo. I pretty much pick the Corpo lifepath cause I like some "falling from grace, only to climb your way back up again" plot in my game. What I found out is that after the initial introduction to your lifepath, the rest of the game will be mostly the same regardless of which path you choose: you meet Jackie, a job that you're supposed to do went bust, and then you & he have your own adventures in Night City for an unspecified time, which is such a shame you can't play because some of these adventures look like really fun missions.


So after being pals with Jackie till you're both practically like family, you're both introduced to this one "fixer", basically a GTA mission giver named Dexter DeShawn where he proposed this one big heist against the Arasaka corporation, taking this one special chip from them. There's also Evelyn + Judy, 2 really good characters introduced who wants to be a part of this deal, and it's such a damn shame that only Judy has more roles in the overall plot. What happens next is pretty much already spoiled in this story trailer

There are key differences in the game though. For once, that bald lady isn't your enemy, she's a good friend of yours that unfortunately got killed offscreen during the mission. Which is such a shame that you don't get to know her more cause she could've been a cool companion down the line. Then instead of Jackie giving the chip by hand to you, he inserted the chip directly into your head because the chip was heavily damaged & the only way to preserve it is to yeah, put it into your head. The rest of it plays like this trailer, and even more crazy cool stuff happens. Looking back on it, if Jackie didn't give the chip to you & let it stay with him longer, the entire game's even could've been avoided. I was SO hoping that this game has a Visual Novel esque "final route" where you can go back to this moment & have it play completely different, but eh, gotta eat what's already in the plate.


After that, you actually have Johnny Silverhand, aka Keanu Reeves as your companion for the rest of the game, and because the chip is defective, the main quest is pretty much you trying to find a way to get him out safely before he kills you from the inside. At first I was afraid that Keanu will be like one of those annoying npcs that won't let you have space for thought. I mean sure he will butt in to comment on stuff & even give you talks before choosing an option for a quest, but the longer you talk with him, the better your relationship & the better you understand the guy. Sure he's a drunk ass that complains about life most of the time he decided to show up, but he also have good sides too & at the end of the game he's pretty much a good pal you can have. It's funny how in some dialogues, Keanu is just being the usual Keanu self of just being slightly annoyed even in the tensest of situations & he can't do a convincing scream to save his life, but that's a part of the charm of him.


Now I actually did research on the tabletop game this game was based on, and it's awesome that the entire game has references to that tabletop. Johnny Silverhand, Saburo Arasaka + Adam Smasher had big roles in this game, but there's also references to other important characters like Morgan Blackhand & Rache Bartmoss. From what I read, Morgan was the main character in the tabletop game & he's supposed to be the John Wick of this universe. Ironic that Keanu ended up playing Silverhand instead. He's also supposed to be alive, but he's nowhere in sight yet, so I definitely can see him popping up in future dlc of this game when hopefully this game is much more stable. And I hope that there will be a major plot with him that makes the game even more awesome.


Oh yeah, this whole sequence was just the intro. It took me 10 hours to get past it cause I was doing other side mission stuff. The entire game on my first playthrough took me 78 hours, and that's me traveling everywhere & doing a LOT of side missions. I haven't done everything like the side story missions with 2 important main characters so I am able to do them if I want, buuut I'll be saving it for when patches & new updates are released cause I wanna enjoy my time with this game some more when this game is FINALLY at a much better state. 


As for the gameplay, well, it's pretty much what I expected: this game is what happens if you mix Deus Ex Human Revolution with a bit of GTA, have the combat be like the 2012 Syndicate, make it so you're able to manipulate cameras & people like Watch Dogs, have a similar futuristic cyberpunk aesthetic weaponry like RAGE 2 & pretty much have fun quests like in Witcher 3. And it's AWESOME! When the game works & doesn't glitch out every 5 minutes. 


The main progression with this game plays like this:

Cyberpunk 2077 Skills, Attributes, Perks, and Points guide - Polygon

You can assign points to one of 5 attributes: Body for physical activities, Intelligence for doing cool Watch Dogs hacking stuff, Reflexes to make your gun aim + blade controls a lot better, Technical Ability to tinker with cameras + turrets while also giving you more choice for crafting weapons + other items, and cool which is for stealth & this "cold blooded" ability which is pretty much a killstreak buff if you kill a lot of enemies very quickly. I found that every skill are important & they all offer cool stuff for you to use. You can play this game anyway you want & you'll have a good time with it. Keep in mind though that you can level up skills, but they're capped to how many points you put. So for example: you can level your pistol & rifle skill by using them often, but you can't level them up beyond level 6 if you only put 6 points to reflexes, so you gotta level up & increase dem points.


I pretty much put my stat at the beginning mostly to Cool, Intelligence & Reflex, and it helps me out really well cause there's a perk in the cool skill that makes you able to melee an enemy & choke them out immediately. Leveling up hacking & stealth are very easy cause you pretty much either just choke an enemy & hide them in many2 containers, or just use your hacking skill against an enemy & make them eat dirt after you make them blind or electrocute them to knock em out.


Oh yeah, that's another thing I can mention: the cyberwares


There's a LOT of things you can insert to yourself to buff your stats & make you a complete badass, but you can only use the more cool cyberwares if you have a lot of body & reflex espoints. The ones like "increase armor" or "increase health + carrying capacity" requires a lot of points on body, while the one that lets you do slow motion in combat requires reflexes. 

Here's a big tip from me: buy the legendary cyberdeck as soon as possible. Those things let you do hacking, and it's so damn useful, especially when you have 6 abilities that can do stuff like make an enemy blind, electrocute them, instantly knock em out, make them crippled, burn them, or have a grenade they have explode. Funnily enough, I haven't found the ability that makes them fight against their own friend which is totally in this game & totally the same as in Syndicate

but I got other great abilities that I rather just be up close & personal. 


Also, if you want to get the cool arm weapons like mantis blade or wire, don't buy them yet at least until Act 2, rather just get them for free


Oh yes, projectile launcher + tranq round: the absolute most broken weapon in the entire game. You can use this against any human enemies & they will instantly get knocked out in 1 shot, regardless of the projectile launcher quality. I had a good laugh using this, but I then decided to stop using it cause it's no fun doing that. 


What IS fun though is the glitch that lets you infinitely duplicate items & make yourself filthy rich doing it.

Yes. This game is so glitched that you can pretty much do this very easily. It's especially hilarious when after you acquire this one expensive painting from this "Space Oddity" quest, you can pretty much duplicated this painting as many times as you want, sell them at any store for $4000 each painting, go out of the shop menu & buy the painting back for only $5 a piece. Because the shopkeepers in this city are so dumb that they are willing to sell an expensive painting at a $3995 loss. I pretty much ended up having 400+ of these paintings which I never ran out & got 790+ of the best healing inhaler from the duplication glitch. And no mods required. :D


As for the game's story quests, I love a lot of them. One thing CD Projekt just nails are the quests that each Witcher games have, and this game thankfully continues that trend. There's one where you find this really cool smartgun named Skippy, which lets you choose either "all headshot" or "all leg shots" mode. Here's a tip: pick the all leg shots mode cause once you kill 50 people, this gun will immediately default to the other mode permanently, so you can outsmart him & make him your beyatch. There's also one where Jesse Cox had a cameo as a dude with, ahem, a broken wee wee problem. Even Glados showed up, and that's all I can say about the quest she's involved in cause I don't want to ruin the surprise. :P 


Then there's one where you think you're doing an assassination mission, but it turned into a story of redemption & sacrifice cause the assassination target turned out to be an escaped convict & found God, and he wants to atone for his various past fucked up wrongdoings by being nailed in the cross like Jesus & making a braindance, aka a "widespread simulation that people can be a part of if they choose to buy it" out of it. This quest was personally really touching and hard for me to do, not because I had to personally nail him on the cross myself, but because of how bad I felt for the guy. This former criminal really wants to atone for his sins, and he's up for dying to do so. Normally in other games, I would just not give a shit because criminals who did fucked up crimes deserve to die, but I actually prayed by his side during this quest which is awesome that the game gave me the choice to do multiple prayers, including catholic which I am YAY, and I was sad to see him go out, but I do understand that he's sincere in his atonement. I can see this happening somewhere in the world in the future, probably in 2077, so I hope if someone actually do this & are sincere about it, may God have mercy on you & you be judged fairly.


But the best quests are definitely the companion quests. There's 4 major companion quests involving Panam, Judy, River & Kerry, each of them have their own style & all are really fun to do. River's a cop so it's all about detective work, which is always awesome, and his quest goes in such..... fucked up ways that I am glad I ended the quest in a good resolution. Kerry's about havin a good time with old Johnny Silverhand which makes for some fun partying quests that at one point involve this cool concert, and with accurate instrument playing from everyone involved. Panam's the most elaborate cause you get to fight a Militech army while bonding with her Nomad groups, and at one point you steal this really cool tank, and for some reason you have steamy hot WEWWWWW inside it, while Judy's is more low key & stealthy with infitlrating this Japanese Tiger Claw gang & helping prostitutes. 


It is SUCH a damn shame though that there's so few romance main quests. Apparently both male & female V can only have 2 romance: straight & not straight. So for male V he can only romance Panam & Kerry, while female V can only romance Judy & River. This makes no damn sense. Kerry's actually bi & he had his way with the ladies & have multiple kids, so why can't he romance a female V too?? I mean I get why he's into male V cause apparently back in the old days he was into Johnny, but Johnny can also be in female V so who the fuck cares? And WHY MUST JUDY BE ONLY ROMANCEABLE WITH FEMALE V?? SHE'S THE BEST GIRL DAMN IT AODNFOSGNEHTGOJGODJGDGJGF 


I ended up romancing Panam instead, which initially I was not a fan of because she's such a cranky girl that yells & be angry at everything, but the more you know her the more you get to know her kind side, and it's not so bad in the end. Still Judy's cuter though, and although you don't get to romance her, her end quest was pretty sweet, and also sad, but at least she ends up well. 


There's actually a couple of little romance on the side, like buying prostitutes or "joy toys" off the streets, Meredith Stout, one of Johnny's old girlfriend & Rogue, but Meredith is only for 1 optional one night WOO WOO & that's it, while the other 2 are just possible because you're playing as Johnny. So in total the game has 11 romance with AWOOOO scenes. Which is not so bad, but I do wish that there's more options for more deep romance bonding. 6 girls stands out to be possible romance option that could've been a lot more than what their roles were: Misty, Evelyn, Hanako Arasaka, Claire, Lizzy Wizzy & one of these cute girls with that nice bun bun hmmmmm.

Cheeky youtuber this one


Out of all of them, Misty, Evelyn & Claire were the biggest missed opportunities. Not only is Misty really cute, she's also one of your truest companions in the entire game that constantly helps you through tough times. I know she's Jackie's girlfriend, but there's always time to move on after he passed away. Evelyn should have SO much bigger role than what this game had for her which is unfortunate, and you actually bonded a lot with Claire which ends with you doing a very personal quest with her. It's a shame that there's so much potential and it's not followed up, but I can definitely see future dlc & updates fixing that.


And now thinking back on it, aside from the plentyful bugs, there are definitely lacking moments in this game that should've been fixed with simple tweakings. For starters: your character customization options. For some reason, even though I tried to modify V's face, he never looked right unless it's the default male V face that's in the trailer. It's either the eye or nose looks wrong, and when I finished it, somehow my character looks even worse in motion than in the customization, especially when I look in the mirror. Why can't I get more than 3 pre-set faces? And weirdly, why is it that after I finished customization, I can't even go to a barbershop to get a new haircut/ facial hair/ hair "down there"? Even Fallout has those options!


The police system is another thing. I don't really have an issue with it when I played the game cause I tend to just avoid cops, but when they just appear out of nowhere indoors right next to you, and when they chase you it turns out they're so dumb that they won't chase you anymore when you're at a specific spot, that's when stuff with them becomes a joke. The game also needs car chases outside of the race & scripted moments like Mad Max, cause driving has the potential to be more exciting than it is in this game with all the gangs & corpos hunting you down. Maybe future updates will probably up the ante.


Also really weird that there's nobody riding a motorcycle in this city, even though there are biker gangs with bikes in the streets here and there. Well except for the scripted sequence & Jackie but that's about it. If it turns out that these bikers are going to be added through paid DLCs, I will be so pissed, but hopefully not cause CD Projeckt's not like Konami & they'll do the right thing. Eventually. Which is annoying that even though this game has been delayed over and over again it's still in this buggy ass state like I already said in the intro, but sometimes that's how it is in 2020.


That's most of what I can say about this game right now though: the game is awesome when it works, but it's unfortunate that bugs ruin them. I give this game my rating of "well if you can get through the bugs, you'll have a good time". Definitely not a GOTY material at its current state, but it's still fun. This game reminds me of Fallout New Vegas & Alpha Protocol, an absolutely underrated game which to this day has one of the best story divergences in a game that you can do for a spy espionage game. Glitchy as hell, but underneath it all is an awesome game. There is definitely a lot of of fixes this game needs to go through, but I have faith that this game's state will be even better & even more stuff will be put in the future that makes the game all the sweeter. 

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It's sad to see things like this happen, but as always there is a hope for the future and improving upon it!

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