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Another year, another thread. Same deal. Anybody want to bet on when they'll finally fix the DMR in warzone?

Quote from Legolas_Katarn, the AJSA peep who made the last thread. 2020 thread can be found here:  angryjoeshow.com/ajsa/forums/topic/43763-games-beaten-by-the-ajsa-2020/


Let other AJSA members know what games you have finished this year. Post a few words about what you thought of the game, a longer review, a video review or footage, screenshots, etc. Feel free to discuss the games we've beaten or to talk to others about them. For a game to be considered beaten either finish the single player portion of the game or, for games without campaigns (MMOs, sports games, multiplayer only games, etc), play to a point where you have seen what the game has to offer. Not going to be counting DLCs as individual games (as that could get confusing) but feel free to post your thoughts on them as that is also the point of the thread. If it is an expansion that was sold separately or stand alone content like Shogun 2's Fall of the Samurai I will count that. Episodic games will count as one game, not a game per episode, but feel free to mention each one if you want to discuss each episode individually.


If you want to see what people thought of a certain game or see how many people have played it you can use the search function near the top right of the page and type in the game's title, just switch the search option to be for this topic.


I'll keep track of how many games we each have finished to see who has been playing the most and what our combined total is for the year.


Total Games Completed: 160


Games Completed By Member


Kaz32: 89

Legolas_Katarn: 64

Madfinnishgamer38: 4

awesomefoo123: 3


Old Threads

Late 2015 (Completed 225)

2016 (Completed 626)

2017 (Completed 371)

2018 (Completed 302)

2019 (Completed 251)


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Well since he's most likely having a long2 vacation, might as well have another person open the gate for beating games in 2021! Would love to have you contribute as well. :)


1) Getting Over It with whoever that guy's name is, 50 times beaten

Platform: PC

Funny story with this game, after playing Cyberpunk 2077 & realizing there's no new games for a while, I thought to myself "I feel like torturing myself with this game". So I asked my mates that hopefully have this game as an extra CD key so they would give them to me while I give them a game as a fair trade, and so a deal was made. And after HOURS & HOURS of my hand being so sore moving the mouse back and forth because this game's physics engine is FUCKING BULLSHIT, and then realizing after the 3rd time of playing this game that using a PS4 controller actually makes the game WAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY easier, I set a goal to myself to properly beat this game 50 times. And many2 hours later, I finally beat this game for the 50th time & I finally got over it. Here is my last 2 games before I finally put this damn game to rest. It feels SOOOO LIBERATING & WONDERFUL.




Platform: PC

This game made me had to take a break after beating it because the story is so damn heavy & messed up, but uplifting in the very end, even if it's still gone to a dark path. This game is definitely not a Christmas game, so it's more fitting that this is a 2021 game. Definitely one of the best games of 2021 & a great way to open the year. Here's to the rest of 2021!

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3) Hitman 6 season 3 (or Hitman 3)

Platform: PC

The final part of the Hitman 6 season trilogy is finally here, and the great part is this game comes with the entirety of the previous Hitman seasons, just like what Hitman 2 did before but with just 55GB because yay the dev finally found a way to compress files!


And just like the previous seasons, you get what you're expecting: more targets, more funny & awesome ways to kill your target, and the conclusion to the lingering story from the previous 2 seasons. One of my favorite mission is definitely mission 2 where you not only can do your usual assassination, but you also get to disguise yourself as a detective & solve a crime that occurred in the residence. Now this is freaking sweet, and you'll be rewarded handsomely by doing this. Solving a crime while committing another crime, how ironic.


I gotta say, this season feels very James Bond esque, particularly in the first & final missions of the game. I guess it's IOI's way of preparing us for the upcoming 007 game they're making. I love it! A great conclusion to this chapter of 47 & now I'm hyped to see what the James Bond game is going to be.


4) Maneater

Platform: PC

Ahhh yes, this is the game that Gura played at her debut stream. Poor2 Gura never got the chance to finish it...... but I'm gonna finish it for her. :D

This game is a really fun shark simulator game. Think Jaws Unleashed on PS2, but actually great. Movement is awesome because your playable shark is very fast & hits like a truck, eating other animals to level up is really fun, and fighting human coastguard enemies are really fun too cause you can wreck the shit out of them. All the while you do sidequests like collecting various nutrients for your shark, eating unfortunate people who polluted the sea, and finding landmarks in the area which are always silly & some even references films & other underwater related things, like a place which has 3 seashells from Demolition Man, the volleyball from Cast Away, Spongebob's home...... yeah they're really having fun with these.


The story framed like a TV show where the episodes follow the adventure of this baby shark that's forcefully extracted from her mother by this shark hunter Scaly Pete, and it's about her eating other underwater sea creatures & evolving to become the ultimate Apex Predator and get her revenge YEAAAAAHHHH, while also showing Pete's POV where both you & he are just one-upping each other in trying to destroy each other's lives.

Throughout the game, Scaly Pete himself got a LOT of damage done to him which actually becomes kind of like when that one persistent orc in Shadow of War/Mordor keeps on pestering you. And throughout the game's story there's 1 big question that's on my mind: why the fuck is this tv show legal? You're showing this shark killing people too on TV/ the internet! Someone please slap some sense to these people who aired this show!


5) Atoms

Platform: iPhone

This is a puzzle game where you have to play against other players/cpu. Basically you take turns in placing an atom dot of your color to a grid, and your goal is to spread your atom to the entire board, eliminating the other player's color. It's much easier to just show how it's done

There's nothing more satisfying than to create a chain reaction that makes you spread your color atoms to the entire board like a well planned anime giga IQ move. 


6) Sneak Ops

Platform: iPhone

A stealth puzzle game where you have to escape a facility while trying to evade enemy soldiers. Think old school Metal Gear for the MSX but simpler. The enemies have the classic cone of vision like MGS & you can punch them to knock em out, but you can't do it to the heavily armored enemies. With those guys you need a special gun which you can randomly get by getting a ? item which can give you anything from a speed shoe, a taser gun to, well, cardboard box. Cheeky. 

Interesting mechanic this game has though is how you can choose to create checkpoints for yourself, but a stage has a limited amount of it because it requires 20 floppy disks, and you collect them throughout the stages. You have 5 chances to make checkpoints when a level has 10 stages for example, so you gotta strategize on which part you want to do it on. Or ya know, you can just try and be suicidal by not placing any checkpoint & do an entire stage, up to you. Also the missions are randomized, and you get to play a new mission every 24 hours, but they all ended up being almost the same missions that you've played before only with a bit of variations. Good thing it's free so it's fun for what it is.


7) Yakuza 7/ Ryu Ga Gotoku 7. NOT Yakuza: Like a Dragon because wtf why do you put both english & Japanese title together like that for the 7th game in the series aosdnofgdogmogmdog

Platform: PC

It's freaking Yakuza through and through, and that's fucking awesome. Yes the combat this time is a turn based RPG with job classes, but this game manages to make it blend extremely well with the world of Ryu Ga Gotoku. I've played this game for 78 hours, mostly to grind my way up the leveling system so I can do the boss fights well, but it's all worth it. It always brings a smile to my face when that high leveled enemy mob that give you so much trouble in the early parts of the game immediately eat shit when you're higher level than them & you do this to ruin their entire day

This is just 1 out of dozens of funny as hell abilities you can do. If you want to see more, you gotta catch em all :D

The story of this game is also pretty damn good, I say one of the best story in the series besides 0, 2 & Judgment. Sure there's a couple of story points that could've been avoided if the characters are just upfront about somethings & not drag it out like a dumbass, but the parts where the game gets real hits you like a ton of bricks, especially the final parts of the game. The new main character Kasuga Ichiban is definitely a great change of pace from the usual Kiryu stoicness. The entire reason why the enemies in this game dress like nutjobs & like a Dragon Quest game is because Ichiban himself thinks of the world as an RPG game even though his other friends are like "what are you on about man" cause they're just seeing things normally, and it's funny as hell. I would love to see what other insane quests he'll do in the future games. 


Also fun fact: the voice actor of Wei Shen from Sleeping Dogs voices the main villain of this game, and he channeled his Wei Shen gruffness really well here. There are many past characters from the series returning, and for the dubbed version there's 2 nice returns for characters I will not spoil, sadly no Mark Hammil as Majima URGHHH WHHYYYYYY, but the rest of them did a great job with the English dub. If I played this in 2020, this game would definitely be in my top 5 best games that year. Play this game if you're a Yakuza fan, you'll have a great fun time.


8) Disaster Report 4

Platform: PC

This is the latest game in a series where you as various characters have to escape a natural disaster, mostly earthquakes, and along the way you deal with other dramas like getting away from a crazy murderer, or uncovering a big government conspiracy, or even just a student trying to get out of a bad situation. I played the second game named Raw Danger & I had a fun ass time just escaping & finding out you can do plenty of ridiculous things, like shouting often for no reason, or just sniffing a body for..... no reason at all. This is a game that doesn't give a shit, and it's awesome. Even better when I found out that there's multiple ways to progress through the game & an action when you play as 1 character will carry over to the other characters which will lead to different endings.


So when Disaster Report 4 was out, I didn't buy it straight away because it's so damn expensive, so I waited for the discount & was excited to play it. And...... well the PS4 version was reaaaaaalllllly bad with its framedrops, almost as bad as the Last Guardian. Thankfully the PC version actually plays consistently without framedrops.


You play as a single character of your own creation & you start the game by travelling to a place, either for a job interview, business meeting or just coming for a stroll down a park. Then welp, earthquake happens & you have to try and get away from it all. At first the game looks like it's gonna give you a lot of different paths you can take depending on which choices you make since the game give you a LOT of them, but what I found out is that this game is surprisingly really linear, even though the game has a bunch of options you can pick. You can only progress through the many parts of this game by the way the game wants you to, so if you have to get through a part by rowing a boat to an apartment building that's completely flooded, travel to many of the rooms to find a bunch of parts required to create a makeshift grappling hook so then you can go to a roof & use that grappling hook to remove a huge sign, you have to freaking do it. And that.... makes no damn sense at all considering how much more straightforward & less full of bullshit the last games were. And this happens in every single new area you went to which hurts the replayability of this game, cause the choices you made are pretty much just there for shits & giggles, or just one of those "be a dick or be nice" choices without them mattering much in the grand plot.


Which is a shame because the many ridiculous scenarios this game has is actually freaking hilarious & zany. At one point you actually became the leader of a white shirt cult that scams people, became a person with access to miracle water that cures ailments which I'm pretty sure is just a placebo but well it works until the people you help became dicks all of a sudden even though the water actually helped them out, and you even had to solve a crime of who was an arsonist in a town where there's 2 side of town that hated each other's guts. And that's just some of the crazy things that happened. They're definitely a fun time, but I do wish there's multiple ways to do & complete them without needing to force me to do specific things because you can't do anything else.


9) Furi

Platform: PC

I just wanted to replay Furi again & man it felt GOOOOOOODDDD playing this game again. Still a great boss rush game with great combat, and I'm still hoping that there will be a sequel. I found out though that the dev actually made another game recently called Haven that's an rpg about a couple which is very sweet, so I'm definitely gonna get that when the time is right.


10) Fractured Minds

Platform: PC

It's a very short game about dealing with depression. I feel like there's a bunch of games like this in the past, so it's nothing that special. Omori's a much more effective game about that so I recommend playing that game instead of this.


11) Cloud Climber

Platform: PC

Another short game, this time it's a walking simulator about a guy who's built a very tall tower with the goal of going to the clouds & hopefully getting water from them cause the world has a water crisis since there's no rain in hundreds of years. He's the last man alive so it's pretty sad actually that he had to do it without his companions. And then when you reach the cloud as it turns out it finally rains after hundreds of years, so....... yeah the entire tower building was completely pointless cause all they had to do was wait hundreds of years before it starts raining again. Welp


12) XIII

Platform: PC

Not to be confused with that dogshit remake recently. This was the original fps game based on the comic book of the same name, and aside from the sometimes frustrating as hell checkpoint system, this game is...... actually really damn fun. The weapons you get feels great to use, there's multiple variety of missions, the music is really damn nice, and the story is so intriguing that it actually made me want to find out what happens next in the comic which I did after playing the game. Well done Ubisoft, this is a damn great comic book game adaptation. Unfortunate that it had to be remade & that remake sucks balls.

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Grand Theft Auto 5

Platform: Xbox One

I'd beaten it before, but it's been YEARS. I'm glad I spent half a week binging the main story again. Deathwish ending, ofc. :ajsa:

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Ahhh, back from a pretty busy easter & work schedule. Finally the poster decide to join in. Good thing I don't have to be the lone one contributing this year. XD

13) Little Nightmares 2

Platform: PC

I completely skipped the first Little Nightmares because I saw what happened during that game's story & there's no way in hell I'm going to play as that complete asshole Six. So since 2 stars a much2 better & nicer hero this time around with this game being a prequel to 2, I finally decide to join in the fun of playing this game. It's pretty much what I expected it to be: cinematic horror platformer where you mostly run from incoming enemies, while solving puzzles & soak in the atmosphere of this game just like other similar games Inside & Limbo did before it. I was actually pleasantly happy that there's actually simple combat in this game because your main character can grab a weapon & whack enemies with it, and later before the final boss you actually do get to use a SICK ability.


And then the ending happened, and I am completely broken afterward. Not broken in a "fuck this game series I hope it burns" kind of way, but more like "after THAT downer, I can't wait to see how this story ends in the sequel" kind of way. You'll see why when you play the game yourself. Even though I finished the game & enjoyed it, I am NEVER playing it ever again after that shit. And the downer is that the dev actually quits Bandai Namco, so this game is officially the end of Little Nightmares under their hands. Bandai Namco though will definitely have other developers continue the story, so when that happens, I really hope it's a great continuation & not a sloppy mess. Though considering how simple the story is anyway, I have good hope for the next part of this series.


14) Uppers

Platform: PC

This game....... so funny story, I was originally interested in this game because a friend of mine recommended it to me WAAAAYYYY before the game was released on PC. It was originally a PS Vita game & I like what I'm seeing from the trailer.


Beat em up goodness that reminds me of Urban Reign? What's not to like? So I waited patiently for the game to finally be released on PC............. Then I realized that this is from the same people that did Senran Kagura........ Ohhhhhh nooooooooooooooooooooooo (well I don't mind cause of the cute girls ahem forget I said that)


Thankfully.......... even though this game does involve you flipping up a bunch of girl's skirts & dropping into your girlfriend I mean your "manager's" boing boing, it's not as explicit as Senran Kagura. It's more like the Diet Coke version of it while most of the time will be spent making enemies fly to the sky & doing really awesome beatings. Pretty much the whole premise of the game is about these 2 friends who wanted 2 things in life:

1) Be the strongest person in their city


Along the way, shenanigans with different characters happen, most of them girls of course, and you reach the top by beating dudes up in different straightforward missions, occasionally playing missions where you play as bosses you just fought, and then do it over and over again.


This game gets repetitive real quick, so I've been playing it in short bursts until I finally beat it by GETTING ALL THEM CHICKS YEAAAAHHHHHHH. All in all, fun game for what it is. 


15) Persona 5 Scramble

Platform: PC

Weeks later, and the kickass soundtrack is still stuck to my head. God I love this game! Shame about that one alt-tab area glitch though........


16) GRIS

Platform: PC

This is that very pretty looking artful game

At first I just enjoyed the scenery & the great music, then I realized from each chapter's title that this game's plot follows the 5 stages of grief, which means that this game is yet another one of those games where it's a manifestation of letting go loss, just like RiME that I played last year....... thankfully the journey this time is not depressing as hell and a lot more peaceful, with a bunch of soothing art to guide you along the ride. By the end you'll feel happy instead of getting depressed, and that's good.


17) Introvert: A Teenage Simulator

Platform: PC

Oh boy, a free game about being a new kid on a really depressing town where you befriend a boy that said if he couldn't get a friend in a week, he'll shoot things up in the place.......... this is exactly the kind of game you're thinking about. Thankfully it's free & it does have some weird LSD & supernatural vibe to it so it's not THAT depressing, but it will still end the way you think it will end.


18) Spyro The Dragon - Reignited

Platform: PC

AAhhhhhhh, Spyro. How I miss ya little guy! I played the shit out of Spyro 1 & 3 back in the PS1 days, though unfortunately I never managed to complete those games back then, and to find that the Reignited Trilogy, just like the Crash remake, is a faithful upgrade of the original trilogy on PS1, made me real happy to revisit these games & FINALLY complete the first Spyro. And this time I 100%, NO, 120% completed it thoroughly till the end. The bonus missions are a pain in the ass, buuut the entire game is straight-up just like playing the original PS1 game again. AND THAT'S AWESOME!


1 down, 2 more Spyro to go & I can't WAIT to beat 2 & play as Sgt. Byrd & Agent 9 in 3 again!

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On 4/5/2021 at 6:47 AM, Kaz32 said:

Ahhh, back from a pretty busy easter & work schedule. Finally the poster decide to join in. Good thing I don't have to be the lone one contributing this year. XD

13) Little Nightmares 2

Platform: PC

I completely skipped the first Little Nightmares because I saw what happened during that game's story & there's no way in hell I'm going to play as that complete asshole Six. So since 2 stars a much2 better & nicer hero this time around with this game being a prequel to 2, I finally decide to join in the fun of playing this game. It's pretty much what I expected it to be: cinematic horror platformer where you mostly run from incoming enemies, while solving puzzles & soak in the atmosphere of this game just like other similar games Inside & Limbo did before it. I was actually pleasantly happy that there's actually simple combat in this game because your main character can grab a weapon & whack enemies with it, and later before the final boss you actually do get to use a SICK ability.


And then the ending happened, and I am completely broken afterward. Not broken in a "fuck this game series I hope it burns" kind of way, but more like "after THAT downer, I can't wait to see how this story ends in the sequel" kind of way. You'll see why when you play the game yourself. Even though I finished the game & enjoyed it, I am NEVER playing it ever again after that shit. And the downer is that the dev actually quits Bandai Namco, so this game is officially the end of Little Nightmares under their hands. Bandai Namco though will definitely have other developers continue the story, so when that happens, I really hope it's a great continuation & not a sloppy mess. Though considering how simple the story is anyway, I have good hope for the next part of this series.

Ah, there's not going to be any sequel. The devs stated the Little Nightmares series is complete.

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Yes, but as I said, Bandai Namco still owns the series, so they can have other developers make new games. 

19 & 20) Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage & Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon- Reignited

Platform: PC

AT LAST. The trilogy is complete! Like the first remake, these 2 are pretty much 2 & 3 with current gen upgrades, but there are changes that makes them nice to play. For starters, the new character designs are MUCH2 better here in these games, especially Elora.

I definitely much prefer her here compared to the original, cause she's not bland & actually a cute match with Spyro.

Gameplay of these 2 are an upgrade compared to the first game because of the MANY minigames that spice things up. 3's my personal favorite in the series cause you get to play as sgt. Byrd & Agent 9, which changes the game into an FPS in some portions of the game and that still makes me giddy with excitement everytime I play em. :D


I 100%+ all 3 games, looking for those pesky secret walls & gems all over the damn place, and it's awesome. Welcome back Spyro, hope if they make the next game, it'll be like Crash 4 & not a remake of whatever that Legend of Spyro game series are..... urgh.


21) Geometric Sniper

Platform: PC

You know that one game where you have to spot a single object/ person amongst hundreds of stuff in one screen like Where's Waldo or Hidden Folks? Well instead of finding them, you kill em. And that's how this game is. There's a bunch of missions to complete, some MUCH harder than others because of how well hidden the targets are, but it's quite fun. It's a shame that this game has to end on a cliffhanger, and there's definitely gonna be a sequel which, get this, the dev themselves asked us for how we want the story to progress. That's........ pretty interesting since ya know, why would we tell em what we want? Isn't it better for the dev to do it themselves since if we asked for it we'll know how the story will progress? ?_?


22) Narita Boy

Platform: PC

THIS. THIS IS AWESOME. It's a game that is so very 80s & 90s it's charming as hell. The game oozes style, and the story is like a mix of Matrix & Zelda, mixed with other cool shit from anime & films. Basically there's this one programmer dude Lionel Pearl Nakamura who made this one epic world that's like every cool fantasy + cyberpunk stuff in the 80s & 90s get mixed together, but unfortunately the in game villain decided to take over the real world by brainwashing him & erased his memory. You, a kid who's just playing a computer game at your leisure, is suddenly sucked into this world and become Narita Boy, and you must save this Matrix esque world from destruction. Why are you called Narita Boy? What kind of cool stuff will happen in the game? Play the game & find out. But all I can say: this shit is epic. And it's accompanied by a couple of sweet tunes.

The gameplay of this game is really cool since it's exploration + side scrolling hack & slash against enemies that gets varied the more you progress. Your main goal is to rescue the creator of this world by looking through bits & pieces of this guy's life from childhood to adulthood, and it gets pretty sad at some points, but it ends pretty satisfyingly. With a lot of cool shit that happened of course!


It's unfortunate that even though the game ends on a cliffhanger, it ends on a cliffhanger that's cheekily referencing Back to the Future 1's ending, and it ends while teasing you of a cool ass game mode that will be in the sequel, without you having a taste of it yourself even for a short bit! URRGHHHH, I WANT THE SEQUEL NOW DAMN IT! DX DX DX


23) Record of Lodoss War: Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth

Platform: PC

This is the next game by the same dev that did the awesome Touhou Sakuya Dio metroidvania game years back.


This game is a 30th anniversary celebration of the series Record of Lodoss War which started out as a D & D session, which eventually turns into a pretty ok anime series and a bunch of games. Fun trivia: it has Deedlit the really long eared elf in it, and her character design gets copied & modified by a lot of animes from then on. The plot takes place WAAAY later after the end of the anime series, and it's pretty much non canon since it takes place in a dream world where a bunch of dead characters in the series returns to do battle with you, but it is a really fun ride fighting a bunch of cool bosses & enemies. 


Gameplay wise, if you have played Tohou Luna Nights & metroidvania games before, you will be right at home here. This game is so unashamedly inspired by Symphony of the Nights that there's a lot of animations that are direct references to that game. But the things that make this game different is how you use the bow, and the "spirit" system. Deedlit's a complete badass with the bow here. Imagine the bow shooting mechanic in Assassin's Creed Origins/ Odyssey where you can shoot bows while in the air, and then have you able to float while doing so cause you have the assist of wind spirits. You can manually aim where you want to shoot your bow, unlike other Metroidvania games where you have projectile attacks that only shoots straight forward. There's a lot of puzzles where you pretty much have to aim at a door mechanism with your bow, doing trick shots that bounces the bow to the right switch etc, and it always makes you feel badass for completing them. There's even a really damn fun, but annoying bow shooting range to test your bow skills, which I repeat over and over until I get that S rank YEAH YOU CAN'T STOP ME FROM GETTING THAT S RANK BIYATCH!


The "spirit" mechanic is also another cool thing this game has. You have 2 elemental spirits with you: wind & fire spirits. If you kill an enemy with a wind spirit, your fire spirit gets leveled up and vice versa. Wind spirit lets you float like Magneto & do cool air jumping while also makes you immune to blue wind attacks, while fire spirits makes you immune to red fire attacks & do massive damage. Self-explanatory enough. The thing is to heal in this game, you have to max out your spirit levels to level 3. If you get hit, the level goes down. You can buy a potion from a shopkeeper which is actually quite expensive, but I never use it during my entire game cause, well, I can auto heal. :P


Even though this game is non cannon to the series, the game does end in a cliffhanger which confuses the hell out of me when it happens. If a sequel is indeed happening, then I'm on board for it since this game is freaking awesome.


24) Resident Evil 1 Remake

Platform: PC

I played this game again to celebrate RE8's release, played it with Jill cause man I wanna see her again after 5 was her last entry in the main series. Not counting 3 remake because that game is so damn lacking. Man........ it feels so damn weird to go back doing these backtrackings & getting ink ribbons to save, and then doing 40 minutes of going back to the previous point I was before cause I fucked up & got killed instantly by a damn crimson head. Still, the RE1 remake remains a damn great game that aged pretty well, with all the classic gameplay mechanics here to be enjoyed. Fuck those damn off screen attacks by the hunters though, those assholes can eat my shotgun shells.


25) Condemned Criminal Origins

Platform: PC

I played this game again because this game has a very similar vibe to RE7 & 8 with the FPS grittiness, and well, now that I played 8, this game is actually a pretty damn good game to play to prepare myself for 8. I used to play this game when it was released on PC the first time back in 2005, with my janky ass PC. Man, that was a damn fun time, and this game still aged really well today. 


The story's pretty simple: you're chasing a serial killer that framed you for the murder of 2 police officers, and you have to beat the shit + shoot crazy homeless people to do it while getting creepy hallucinations along the way. The combat is simple in that you have to get melee weapons/ guns from the environment, and you pretty much play a beat em up game with most enemies coming for your blood, and MAN, this game makes beating the crap out of enemies SO damn good. You will never get tired of knocking out someone with a fire axe, and then punching their face for the finishing blow. The graphics is quite old school primitive of course, but it adds to the charm & scariness of the game. It's quite a shame that this game only has 2 games in the series. I'm still waiting for the third game to be released so I can go back to beating the crap out of those pesky crazy dudes trying to kill me.


26) Resident Evil 8

Platform: PC

Get RE8 & play the shit out of it. This game is freaking awesome!


27) Immortals Fenyx Rising

Platform: PC

This is hands down Ubisoft's best game of 2020. Assassin's Creed Valhalla? Watch Dogs Legion? They ain't got SHIT on this game. Which is funny cause this was initially looked down upon for being a copy of Assassin's Creed Odyssey last year. Well, it kind of is though, only much less realistic & it takes itself WAY less seriously with the Greek mythologies, and just being a damn fun game. Sure it takes inspiration from Breath of the Wild, but it has its own take to it with all the really fun weapons & move lists in combat you can do while making explorations REALLY damn fun with having so many collectibles to collect & badass rewards to use. Unlike Assassin's Creed Odyssey which still uses that Diablo looting system which makes you have to switch weapons over and over again as your level increases, making the weapons you get not special & not fun to collect. 


I also like how funny the game's dialogues are. Your main character Fenyx is so self aware of everything insane happening around him, while also trying to become a worthy hero to save his people that got turned to stone in the beginning of the game that it's endearing, kind of like Kasuga Ichiban from Yakuza 7 actually. The other Gods you get to interact with are great too. Arphodyte's a nympho that always oogles on Ares, even though her husband Hephaestus is right next to them, Ares is, well, Ares, Athena always has things to say which she eventually had to tone down cause it's annoying everyone around her, Zeus is such a dick in this game but also quite funny at the same time, and Prometheus, the narrator of the story, is voiced by Adam Jensen. That alone is great, but he has a bunch of witty lines that he spouts against Zeus cause, well, the poor bastard is tied & eaten by birds so he deserves to complain. 


I had a damn blast playing this game, and I am actually excited to see the dlcs that came out. Hopefully they're just as fun as the normal game!

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This year has been sooooo slowwww on new big games, so since the last post I've been mostly playing old games, and surprise new games that I didn't know exist till I found them by complete coincidence. Thankfully, most of them are freaking awesome.


28) Maximum Action

Platform: PC

This was a game that I stumbled upon while looking for a discount for another game. When I saw this trailer for the game,

There is no way I'm letting it pass me by. This is an fps game which is a mix of Max Payne with Goldeneye N64 graphics, while having short missions inspired by various action films & games. And it is GLORIOUS. The weapons feels really damn good to fire, and the movements you do is so fluid that you can do this


It is currently in early access, and for the current price of $16, that is a DAMN good deal. I will play it again when it's on full version for sure!


29) Lacuna

Platform: PC

This is a cool game about you being a detective in this cyberpunk world where it doesn't take place on earth, but instead a completely different planet named "Ghara" where humanity was founded. Basically Ghara, or alternate Earth colonized different planets, and those other planets are populated by people from Ghara, and then they decided "actually we're not Gharans, we're now the people of the planet Drovia & we want independence damn it". After the prologue which takes place in Drovia which has you escaping an explosion, you finally start the game for real as Neil on planet Ghara, a government agent that's similar to the CIA. Basically a politician from Drovia came over, and he's assassinated, so you need to put on your detective hat & solve the case, in which politic & intriguing mystery uncover itself.


Oh yeah, there's also 1 catch with this game: you can't save scum. You have to make decisions/detective deductions for your cases once, and once that is done you have to live with the consequence. And that puts extra pressure on pretty much everything you do. And that's awesome! I was so damn paranoid that I would fuck up in this game that I recheck everything before submitting my decisions when solving crimes. Luckily, somehow I actually managed to do almost everything right & end the game with minimal civilian casualty & getting the best ending in the game, or at least I think I got the best ending of the game. And the best part is there's variations on the best ending, and depending on your choices on whose side you pick, everything can end up completely different. This is definitely a game that more people should be playing.


30) Griftlands

Platform: PC

This is that game a while back shown on that PC gaming show on E3 2017

Well, the game has definitely evolved since then & was recently out of early access. You don't get to have 3 of the characters on the same team. Instead you can choose one of them to be the main character & they will have their own adventures. You must always start the game with Sal, the red scarf girl though before you unlock the other 2.


This game's a card building turn based strategy adventure game where the only thing that's constant is the main story for each characters. The rest like quests you have to do, the various npcs you will interact with & card decks which you get through adventures are all completely random because this game is actually a really cool roguelite that DOESN'T torture you with bullshit randomness that kills you whenever the game feels like it. Instead, if you die during a game, you'll just be restarted back to the day you start since there's multiple days for your main quests. It is such a welcome breath of fresh air that makes the game fun & challenging while not being so hair rippingly annoying like other roguelites. Looking at you Darkest Dungeon... urgh.....


The gist of the game is straightforward: do quests which you decide which to do, befriending/making enemies with different groups, while also doing combat which has 2 variety: normal combat & negotiations. Both combat comes with their own card decks that you can customize to your own liking. Want a negotiation card deck that's all about being a sly negotiator that convinces your enemies with sweet words, or pressure/heckle them with your threats? Want a battle card deck that's filled with quick attacks that cost low stamina, or a deck with heavily damaging attacks at the cost of them requiring high staminas to use? The choice is yours! And you can choose to replay the game again, making alternate decisions & new friends to help you out on your new adventure that you can't get in your previous playthrough. All in all, this game is freaking awesome & I will definitely play it again when feel like it.


31) Sniper Elite V2

Platform: PC

When Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 was released, I felt like playing this game instead cause I surprisingly haven't actually finished it yet even though I played this game a lot years ago, and because I want to shoot nazis & see my bullets destroy their skulls in bullet cam.

It still feels great. :D


One thing that I didn't expect though is that the second to last mission of this game decided to just ramp up the difficulty & put every enemy fire straight to your direction, which got me killed more times than I could count until I eventually wipe the floor with them. Thankfully the sequels make the game MUCH2 better in gameplay & stealth, with more freedom of choosing how you tackle the missions. This was the start of when sniping bullet cam gameplay gets really nice with the x ray shots so I appreciate it. Shame the Sniper Ghost Warrior series can't do x ray bullet cam like this game.


32) Shantae and the Seven Sirens

Platform: PC

Ahhhh, another nice Shantae game, another adventure for her. This time the game is straight up a metroidvania again like Pirate's Curse. It's after Half-Genie Hero and now it takes place on a holiday island where Shantae & her family + friends decided to relax & just enjoy their time there while Shantae meets up with other girls that are half genies just like her. Of course, seeing that this is a new game, it doesn't actually work out that way. Ah well, business as usual.

This is pretty much a very familiar journey for Shantae once again: beat the crap out of villains while collecting various Metroidvania abilities that lets her progress through areas that she couldn't go before. This time aside from shapeshifting abilities, you also have super power dance moves that can heal you & activate some hidden mechanism in the background of certain areas. All in all, a pretty nice straightforward metroidvania game that feels right at home, though it's quite a shame that the legendary WayForward music contributor Jake Kaufman is not responsible for making the music in this game..... still, it has nice tunes that feels right at home with the series. Looking forward to Shantae's next adventure after this!


33) Cognition Method: Initiation

Platform: PC

This is a puzzle game, or at least the prologue to the game that's going to be released..... um..... sometime later. It's said that the game is inspired by Space Odyssey 2001 and, well, yep they're definitely right about that. It's a trippy puzzle game where you solve various puzzles while navigating through rooms that does whatever the hell it wants from making you flip upside down, making you grab balls from a distance to put at another place, and other gravity related shenanigans that's definitely very drug filled. I'm quite intrigued in seeing how the full game will treat its puzzles if this prologue is like this.


34) Bright Memory

Platform: PC

The only reason I'm getting this game is because Bright Memory Infinite is coming close to release & I can get it for free if I buy Bright Memory


As it stands, Bright Memory is a game that's VERY similar to Shadow Warrior. The reboot back in 2013 of course, not the original 1997 game. The reason I haven't bought the game yet was that it only has 1 mission & the game is over in just 30 minutes. It's a great 30 minutes that's for sure though since the combat is fast & very nice with your weaponry being able to wreck shit up & you have a ranking system like DMC, in which Ultrakill also has much2 later. You might as well just call this a demo that you have to pay, but hopefully the "you're getting Infinite for free if you bought Bright Memory" thing is not bullshit so I can finally experience the full game. If it actually turns out to be a lie & you still have to get Infinite separately which will probably cost $30 - 40 on release though, OOOOOHHHHH that is gonna annoy me. 


35) Guilty Gear Strive

Platform: PC

Finally, a new Guilty Gear game with graphics that looks even better than XRD & gameplay that's much more accessible & doesn't feel like a complex chemistry assignment! Smell of the Game can go fuck itself though. That song has been played FAR too often that I want to get it out of my damn head.


I had been playing this game regularly ever since its release weeks ago & I'm still having a lot of fun with it. The story mode in this game is still a long-ass anime you can watch from beginning till the end, though I wish I can actually play it. It actually closes the Guilty Gear overall story pretty well, making all the lore make sense & not just complicated nonsense like Kingdom Hearts can be, while having a bunch of cool battles that would've made for great fights. I wish you can play it just like playing Gungrave

Arcade mode is, unfortunately, lacking in ending cutscenes and instead were filled with small dialogues that are over quickly. Not only that, but if you decide to go all out & perform well on fights with no continues until the 8th battle, you will be greeted with this year's obligatory fighting game hell final boss challenge: nightmare Nagoriyuki. 

The normal Nago doesn't play like this version. This boss has more health, moves that is invulnerable & can hit you when you're trying to attack, flash steps that teleport behind you, and blood gauge that doesn't reduce his health when it goes max. Prepare to retry a lot.


BUT WAIT, if you're one of the lucky people that actually managed to beat that version & proceeded to get to stage 9, you're greeted with an EVEN MORE difficult version of the boss where he's on full blood gauge permanently & he will whoop. Your. ASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.


I died 90 times fighting this boss until I finally beat him. That alone should tell you how much of a nightmare he is. I was using normal Nago & I probably handicapped myself severely because of it, but I can bet that even with other characters the fight will still be a pain in the ass. At the end of it, I was so done with the game that I haven't touched it again to recover from the mental anguish I experienced. Gonna take me days to get over that shiet.


36) Hiveswap: Act 1

Platform: PC

This is one of the latest in the chapter of Homestuck. Now if you don't know what that is, you can play the game right here. Well by "play", I mean look at the very point & click heavy page & just click stuff to see what's next. It's more like a webcomic with point & click elements to it.


To put it simply, it's a..... complicated series filled with references to various media, alternate dimensions filled with "trolls" that have their own species names but they're less like trolls and more like kids with orange red yellow horns, and it's very funny.


And it has a LOT of text descriptions so be ready to read a lot. 


Anyway Hiveswap Act 1 is a MUCH more straightforward point & click game that doesn't require you to read through the entire series beforehand. You play as a girl that likes to dance named Joey Claire, and she's playing with her dog & conspiracy nut brother Jude Harley. Then a group of monsters shows up & she has to find a way to escape the situation. And so begin your point & click adventure, which like the webcomic, is filled with a lot of text descriptions & various references to media. And it's just as funny & self aware. They even have battles just like the webcomic! And you beat it by clicking on the right objects until you get it right. One of the battles has this kickass music that is so very much something that's made by Toby Fox. And that's exactly what it is.

It even has a B side version!

Shame that these are the only ones like this in the entire game. I wouldn't mind more Toby Fox Undertale goodness.


This is a surprisingly quick game to beat. I managed to finish it in around 100 minutes, and then just as things are about to pick up, it ends & to be continued to part 2, which was released November last year. It's also not the end of the series, so I would actually wait until all the games are released before buying the rest of them.


37)  Wild Guns: Reloaded

Platform: PC

Ahhhh this game. I played a bit of the original Wild Guns on SNES, nice to see this game getting a revisit. This time you get 2 new characters: Doris the powerhouse that throws a bunch of grenades but can't shoot & Bullet the dog with his drone helping him. I go with the classic Clint cause that's who I play as on the SNES game. All in all, this is mostly the same game as the SNES version, but with 2 new stages & updated background + explosion effects. Definitely still hard as balls, but a lot of damn fun. Now I'm waiting for Ninja Warrior's revisit to make it to PC so I can play that as well. :D

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I hath awakened from my slumber. Aka: finally got back here after having to do work all month. Let's get this place partying:


38) Bannerman

Platform: PC

Not to be confused with Banner Saga. This is actually a game that I never got to finish until recently, and now I can finally put this game to rest. It's basically a side scroller rotoscope sword fighting game where you play as a man in charge of holding a banner for your army, only it's actually much more heavy in action than you'd think. Think the old Prince of Persia, but instead of deadly platforming, it's all about precise combat where if you screw up, you're gonna die. And die you will. A lot. This game does have its own interesting quirk though. After you finish a mission, you'll do a nightmare mission where stuff gets, well, trippy. And there's various annoying enemy types for you to fight. If you're unprepared, you're gonna get rekt. 


The final boss is especially a challenge, but you can decide to not fight him at all & go for an alternate ending. Which I feel like it's actually the better ending of the 2 cause well, turns out the final boss is actually a reasonable dude compared to your king. :P


39) The Supper

Platform: PC

A pretty quick point & click game where you're this, um, zombie old lady trying to serve these 3 dudes foods. That's all I gotta say cause I don't want to spoil the sad story. 


40) Adam Wolfe 

Platform: PC

Ohohohoooooooo boy..............

You know those games where you have to find 20 hidden objects scattered upon dozens of piles of craps that looks something like this and it fucking sucks balls?

Best Hidden Object Games of 2012 - Unigamesity

I can't believe I'm saying this.......... but Adam Wolfe is actually the first game that actually make it work & fun. I KNOW! The genre of game that I fucking hate all my life since I stumbled upon it in 2014 has finally redeemed itself. And all it took is a dev that actually puts the hidden collection make sense, add actual combat & a story that's actually pretty interesting to follow till the end. WHY CAN'T MORE OF THESE KIND OF GAMES DOES IT THIS WELL???

It's quite unfortunate that the game ends on a, well, less than happy note, but I enjoyed my time with this game regardless. Here's hoping more future hidden object games will actually be fun like this.


41) Haven

Platform: PC

The next game behind the developers of Furi. This, is not a sequel to that game. Instead this game is an exploration turn based RPG where you follow the life of 2 loving couples that escaped from their home planet due to interesting plot reasons that I can't spoil. You explore, find ingredients, cook & try to fix your broken down ship while seeing how cute these couples interact with each other. With a soundtrack made by Danger who also did a couple of the songs in Furi. If you want more of this song in your game,

You're gonna get it. Though I personally wish there's more kick to the soundtrack like Furi.


I was expecting the game to end on a giant boss fight with a final boss, but there's no such thing. There is however a platforming section & the ending depends on how you make these 2 interact with each other. Want the good ending? Ya gotta work hard to make these 2 loves blossom!


42) Project Warlock

Platform: PC

A sickass fps game where you play as, well, a warlock. You travel to different realms, find secret rooms, get new weapons + spells to wreck shit up. It's pretty much a throwback to old FPS games in the 90s where everyone's doin it. There are quite a few surprise cameos from FPS heroes of the past that you can find scattered around specific missions which are pretty cool. Now I can't wait to see what the sequel will bring to the table.


43) Prince of Persia (the Nolan North voiced one with the metal glove)

Platform: PC

This is that Prince of Persia with this cover art


I finally finished this game after a long time of this game just sitting on my Steam catalogue. And well, it's...... ok. This game was definitely WAAAAYY overhyped by the reviewers back in the day. 90? Seriously? All this game has which are cool are the usual parkour & a couple of the bossfights, but all you do for the majority of this game is travel to different places, parkouring, and then fighting the same bosses that protect that area 4 times until you finally get to the final boss of the game. And then it all just comes undone anyway at the very end of the game to make way for a sequel that's not even gonna happen! Well, actually there was a DS sequel but THAT'S IT! So all that repetitive gameplay, all that trials, and it all comes down to jack shit in the very end of the game............. if I actually played this game back when it was released, I would be SOOOO pissed off at the end. This pretty much explains why there's no sequel afterwards & Ubisoft's remaking the Sands of Time instead. What the hell were they thinking with this game............


44) Streets of Rage 4, with new DLC characters

Platform: PC

1 word: Shiva. He's the reason you buy the dlc for this game. The man is a DBFZ character in a beat em up game & he wreck shit up. I had SUCH a damn good time playing him that he completely outclasses everyone else in the roster.

The dlc comes with a survival mode. My personal best is stage 38. I know some people that actually made it through to stage 100+.... those guys are Gods.


45) Zone of the Enders 2

Platform: PC

Ahhhhhh this game. I beat this game a LONNNNNG time ago when my cousin showed up with this game before he had to return to Canada. Now it's time to play the Steam version. And man, this game aged like fine wine. After all these years, the graphic is amazingly still pretty damn good. The combat especially is STILL really good. Can't believe I played the first game last year & found that game's combat to really be janky AF & this game just utterly trounces on that jank. Makes me sad that there's no sequel after this game which could've been great. Ah well, then again Konami's dead now so it is for the best. I'll still have fond memories of this game.


46) State of Mind

Platform: PC

Man. This was a game that I actually am quite interested in playing from the screenshots alone. The weird character art & interesting cyberpunk futuristic setting draws me in, and the main character's voiced by Geralt of Rivia!

Unfortunately the character he played is one unlikeable piece of dogshit. The more I play this game, the more unlikeable he actually becomes because you'd think that he's just a man who had a rough life & bad things happen to him out of his control right? NO. There was a point in the game where he's a decent person, but then after he had a car accident with his unfortunate wife, he just ceases to be a person & becomes a goddamn prick. This makes playing the game from the beginning to the end so unbearable & I just want to beat the shit out of him. He does eventually realizes what a dick he is & tries to fix his shitty attitude, but by then it's the end of the game & it's already FAAAAAR too late to come back. I actually feel really sorry to the good people that actually had to deal with his bullshit. I'm surprised they didn't just kill him as soon as they can.

But at least the story's pretty interesting with a pretty cool world setting. I don't quite like how the ending was just rushed & somehow the main villain is never heard from again in the end. Would've like to see it actually conclude properly.



47) The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles

Platform: PC

AT LONG LAST. I got to play another Ace Attorney game after Spirit of Justice! And this was the localized version of the 2 games that was only available in Japan in 2015 & 2017 mixed into 1.


And it. Is. Incredible. The story is awesome, the cases are awesome...... well specifically the cases in the second part of the Chronicle which continues from where the first part left off. The first part's cases were just setups of what's going to come to fruition MUCH2 later. I seriously cannot say anything because spoiling this game is doing it a diservice. All I can say:


Cases 7 - 10 of this game: some of the absolute best cases in the entire Ace Attorney serious. The final case especially, is absolutely brilliant that I clapped HARD at the very end. I ususally don't do this here, but I'm giving this game badass seals of approvals.


Get this game. If you don't know anything about Ace Attorney before, well good because this game's a prequel & is the perfect place to start in the series. You will not regret playing this game. GET IT NOWWWWWWWWWW


48) 12 Minutes

Platform: PC

This was that game that had a trailer at E3 in 2019

Finally it's released & I got to play it. Yes it's a game where you're stuck in a timeloop ala Groundhog Day & you have to figure stuff out to finally break the cycle. Sounds simple? Welllllllll nope it's not. This game is purposefully designed to fuck with your head. You have to do VERY specific things to actually get to the truth behind everything in this game, and there are definitely moments in this game where it tricks you hard into believing you found the solution to getting out of the loop, and then it all comes crashing down... I was so heartbroken when that happened. :(


And man........ what a truth it is at the end of the tunnel. I'm not gonna say what happened, but you're gonna be in for a "wooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww............ that's fucked" moment when you finally get to the revelations. 



49) Ender Lilies

Platform: PC

Hot damn, this might be a year of sick Metroidvania games. Record of Lodoss War, Grime, Axiom Verge 2, sadly not Hollow Knight Silksong which I'm STILL waiting for :(, who can't forget the return of the queen Metroid Dread coming later, and then this game. And that's not counting other hidden small Metroidvania games that's out this year of course.


Ender Lilies is what I can describe as Metroidvania, with stands ahem I mean "spirit companions". The game as a whole is pretty much Dark Souls esque with an undead curse taking over a land. Only instead of kindling a bonfire to prolong the age of man, this game instead has the holy priestesses who acts as a protector of the land. Sadly the priestess dissapeared & the whole land descends to darkness with these undead desease consuming everyone. You play as a little girl who's the next priestess in line to stop the curse that's accompanied by a spirit of a dead ancient warrior & your duty is to find the source of the infection and, well, be the next linker of the fire ahem I mean stop it from consuming the whole land. Typical fun Metroidvania gameplay ensues basically.


It's a pretty game with a really solid gameplay. Each time you beat a boss, they'll become your new spirit companion & they all have their skills you can use. Some of the bosses are definitely harder than others, though surprisingly the hardest boss of them all isn't even the final bosses, but a boss named Ulv, the Mad Knight. Why? Cause he's like an SNK fighting boss in a Metroidvania game. Think Geese + Rugal, and have one of his ultimate attacks tracks you where ever you are on screen. That's a recipe for a boss that will whoop your ASSSSSS. He's so hard that even after I collected almost every single items & upgrade myself with the best equipment, you can fight him again as a solo boss challenge & he will STILL destroy you if you're letting your guard down. This guy should be the final boss in this game instead of the actual final boss who I easily kill in 2 attempts, and the boss has 2 forms. HOW IS THIS SO??



50) Psychonauts

Platform: PC

This is the first time I actually completed this game I heard so much about, all because the second game is finally released. And man....... this game's great! So many memorable characters, really cool levels that's based on the minds of people you meet, and to think that the whole game is basically training for Raz before he becomes an official member of the "Psychonauts" group. I cannot believe it took them so damn long to finally release a proper sequel, even though this game ends on a very obvious sequel bait. Well, the wait is over & it's time for people to finally continue Raz's adventure!


If only the Steam version isn't so goddamn overprized ($100 AUD are you shitting me), I would immediately continue the adventure straight away. A well, time to wait for good discounts.

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