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Planet Coaster is a theme park management game created by the minds of Frontier, creators of Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 and the Thrillville series. It would have been the first theme park management game to come out in almost a decade, but Atari pushed up the release of RCT World (Don't buy it, it's ass.) to the day before Planet Coaster's release. tl;dr if you liked Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 or 3, buy this game immediately.


As stated before, Planet Coaster is a game where you can build and manage your own theme park by placing rides and scenery and hiring employees to maintain the park. When you first open the game you are asked to create an avatar and place it on a globe, marking where your HQ is. On this globe you can see the avatars of your Steam friends as well as several prominent content creators from the community. Clicking on an avatar brings up a showcase of the player's Steam Workshop uploads.

Selecting to create a new park will bring up a menu allowing you to choose your game mode; Career, Sandbox and Challenge. Career and Challenge mode gives you a partly pre-built park and https://trackeasy.fun/usps/ https://showbox.tools/  asks you to complete objectives, while Sandbox gives you a completely blank map where you can build everything with unlimited funding. Sandbox also lets you pick from one of 5 settings which determine what the area around your park looks like.

Planet Coaster features a freeform building mode. You can place a piece of a building anywhere on the map to create a grid. Objects can be rotated and moved to create as much detail as you can imagine. Sometimes items can even be used for purposes which they weren't originally intended, or sunk into the ground. Rides can be used as the base of a building. Roller coasters also use a freeform building style, letting you build custom drops, inversions and banked curves of any size.  Everything can be made as simple or complex as you want.

Another major feature is the guest and employee AI. Everybody has a unique "brain" which helps them make decisions as individuals or groups, unlike previous games where guests would wander aimlessly until they decided to do something. Guests have their own preferences for ride intensities and favorite attractions, as well as a budget. Managing guest happiness and excitement is key to keeping them in your park and spending money.

Linked here is a video by Silvarret, a well known creator, where he creates a wooden roller coaster and terraforms the landscape around it. 

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