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2 posts in this topic

Its my tradition to mod my controllers, now before you get offended I don't do turbos. I just move the button position around so there on the bottom. Its more comfortable and I dont have to take my fingers off the analog sticks. 

Disclaimer out of the way I have an electrical engineering question. this time i would like to do something diffrent. I would like to add different color leds to, just above the original buttons so when i push the 'x' button a blue led would light up. the problem is the led will draw power and I think the button might not activate. On a forum they said that the pcb supplies 3.3v the leds will top out around there. Ill have to look for the amperage or use a tester. I think the leds should be fine but if anyone here has training can confirm this for me id appreciate it.


As for the switches i might do regular colored button switches or cherry mx browns (keyboard switches) 

ok so i think i am going to use cherry mx switches and i'm going to just light the switch with a cycling RGB led. the switch will operate at 3.3v. I think ill have my custom xbox controller done before the end of the month it should look pretty cool.

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