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Sorry to keep ya waiting: best games of 2021 time!

1 post in this topic

Sorry for the lateness of this to whoever is reading in this warzone of bots & spammers. I have been very2 busy with life in general so I don't visit this place as often. Eh, not that it matters much cause no mods seem to be here anymore :D


2021 has passed, and just like before, tradition dictates to make the hallowed list of best games. So here are my own personal list of great games I played & highly recommend:


Before that though, I would definitely put Guardians of the Galaxy, It Takes 2, Psychonauts 2, Metroid Dread & Returnal and this obscure but great game UNSIGHTED but I have not played those games cause well, busy with stuff. ONE DAY, I will get to em. 


These 2 are all damn good metroidvanias that I highly recommend

16) Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights

Pain in the Rain — Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights Review – GAMING  TREND

A very pretty, but also grotesque metroidvania where it mixes this slick pretty artstyle with truly messed up monster designs. Gameplay & story wise, think Dark Souls, but you do combat by using stand ahem I mean "spirits" to help you out. You start with a knight spirit that helps you throughout the entire game, but you'll get the spirit of bosses after you beat them & they'll give you the usual metroidvania perks like double jump, the "I can't get there before but now I can fly forward a great distance" ability, you know how it goes. It's decently lengthy with plenty of areas & secrets to uncover, multiple endings and with a bunch of cool bosses to fight.


15) Record of Lodoss War: Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth

Record of Lodoss War-Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth- | Xbox

A game based on this old anime that was based on a D&D session in 1990, and it also has Deedlit, one of the very first hot long eared elf girl in anime adaptation & will be copied by other Japanese things since. Basically the series is pretty much like Lord of the Rings minus Gollum & it's pretty standard, but it was pretty popular in Japan. The game is a 30th anniversary celebration & is a prequel to the manga story "Diadem of the Covenant" which was the most recent adaptation. Very obvious since this game ends on a damn cliffhanger that I found out leads to that new manga much later.


This metroidvania's a lot shorter than others. I beat the entire game 100% in just 6.5 hours, but what makes this game stood out is how AWESOME the combat is. Deedlit is a freaking badass girl & she's not afraid to show it. This game is unashamedly inspired by Symphony of the Night & they even use the exact same attack & move animations as Alucard, but Deedlit can also shoot her arrows like Robin Hood which makes for some cool sniping moments & she also has 2 elemental spirits that can change your playstyle. One's wind which allows her to float like Magneto & the other's fire which lets her walk through dangerous fire based traps. Some enemies will attack you using wind & fire attacks, so if you switch to that element, you'll avoid the damage. Also, the boss battles are freaking awesome. After I beat this game, I can't wait to see what's next from the game dev. Hopefully it'll be much longer, but even if it's short, it'll hopefully still be as kickass.


14) Legend of Tianding

The Legend of Tianding for Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Game Details

A great game based on Tian Ding. He's pretty much Taiwan's version of Robin Hood. The game's a 2d platformer where you learn new martial art moves along the way & try to stop an oppressive Japanese government in the 1900s. I love the art in this game cause they're very much just like old Chinese comic books I read as a kid. Not only that, the game's combat & platforming are really slick. If you have ever played Shank 1 & 2 before, it's like that but you have more freedom, you can steal enemy weapons & you can use kung fu to truly mix and match beating the crap out of enemies in style. No combat rank system like DMC, but it's still good. Here's just a sneak preview.

There's multiple endings to this game, so if you got the worst ending, you better do all those sidequests & wipe the final boss' ass once more!


13) Death's Door

Death's Door - Reveal Trailer - YouTube

This, is a damn good game. It's very much inspired by Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past, but with its own twist. You play as a crow that's part of a "death agency". Basically it's like if the Grim Reaper has an office & the job is to collect souls of those that's supposed to die. The game is just you trying to beat these people that found their way to cheat death cause well, immortality's breaking the contract. If these guys exist in Castlevania, Dracula will only have 1 damn game he's a part of XD

Great art, fun as hell combat, plenty of well-hidden secrets to collect & great bosses to fight. And once you beat the game, you're not done yet cause there's a true ending to do.


And also fun trivia, this game is made by the same dev that did that one hard as balls boss rush game Titan Souls, but since this game gives you extra lives instead of dying in 1 hit, it's infinitely less frustrating & 100 times more fun. :) 


12) Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise Release Set for September - VitalThrills.com

This is the latest game in the Tales series & the game in the series that I returned to. The last Tales game I played was Zestiria & I got so bored of the first hours of that game I never played it again. Tales of Abyss was the last Tales game I completed, and I'm adding Arise to that list.

The story this time around is that you play as the white haired slave of this lava kingdom named Alphen, who can't feel pain at all & start the game with a full mask on him that he can't take off, like, at all. Apparently he's able to eat with that mask on but I don't freaking have a clue how he does it. Maybe he just crushes his food & slip it underneath his mask openings?

Anyways, one day while doing his work, a train with a girl named Shionne got derailed by these rebel group. Then he found out that this girl has a curse on her that sends horrible electric shockwave to anyone who touches her, but thankfully he can't feel pain at all so he's the only person in this game that can interact with her. So begins their adventure of numb of pain man & VERY hungry & very tsundere girl, and with the usual Tales companions they'll find along their way.

Unlike Zestiria where the combat & plot is so bland & cliched I stopped playing it, this Tales game is freaking sweet. The combat is very fast-paced & frantic which is great, and the fights now resemble something out of Devil May Cry which is sweet. They took what worked in Berseria with the gauge system instead of the usual TP or MP & make it even better pretty much, and just like the usual Tales game, you get to use a LOT of moves on your arsenal. Healing in this game has its own bar & they name it Combat Points (CP), so everytime you use a healing spell, this own separate bar is used without it affecting combat attack arts in any way. It helps that now the game uses Unreal Engine 4 and the game is infinitely more colorful & slick because of it, which funny enough makes me think "aw nice, now the game looks like Code Vein :p", which was also ironic since when I played Code Vein I couldn't help but think "huh, this game's more like a Tales game than a Souls a-like game", AND then it turns out Code Vein's actually a God Eater prequel/sequel thing aiodnsaodmnfoamdfoasmf

Basically it's one of the best Tales game in the series is what I'm saying. The one downside of this game though is the freaking endgame. The grinding you have to do just to be strong enough to beat the final dungeon is ridiculous & it almost made me quit playing the game, BUT I persevere & thankfully the game ends on a satisfying note. If you haven't played any Tales games before, or haven't played the recent Tales games since before 2010, this is a great game to come back to.


11) Hitman 2016 season 3

Hitman 3 - PS4 & PS5 Games | PlayStation (Australia)

Nonononono, this game is NOT Hitman 3. Hitman 3 is Contracts. This game is more accurately Hitman 2016 season 3, or Hitman 6 season 3 because I'M ACCURATE BIATCH!

More Hitman that you love from the previous season, more fun ways to kill your targets, more replayability + actual real plot development to the whole myth behind 47's past, it's sublime. And the best part is that this game is actually closer to a 007 game than a Hitman game, and it's a great sneak peek at the upcoming 007 game that IO is currently making. I can't wait to see that game eventually come to fruition.


10) Life is Strange True Colors

Life is Strange: True Colors | SQUARE ENIX

Hey look, another Life is Strange game! And this time instead of time traveling or being a Jedi with just force push, you're now a poor2 girl named Alex Chen that's given an empath ability to have fun with. And well, this game is actually really freaking sweet. You think "pffft, empath? So you can feel other people's emotions? That sounds normal", ohohohohohoho noooooo. One word: episode 3. Get to that episode & see the magnificent power unfold before your very eyes. That has the absolute best moment in the entire Life is Strange series & it will stick with you. I am dead. F ing. Serious.


It's another coming of age story like the other games, and you are given a lot of choices that thankfully will come to fruition in the longrun to the ending of this game. Well, actually the best the option does is swaying some character's opinions towards your main character, but it's still fun to see the interactions between everyone you talk to & how it all cummulates at the very end depending on how well you are with them. All in all, a great Life is Strange game, and might I say the best one in the series so far. And it actually ends happily & not like the first Life is Strange game so that's a biiiiig plus.

9) Road 96

Road 96 (Video Game) - TV Tropes

Initially, I placed this game as not in my top 10, but the longer I think about this game, the more I like it. Probably it has to do with how unpredictable it is. And the music, which surprisingly enough has songs from Toxic Avenger, aka the people who did the banger Furi songs. Diversity :D

This game is what I can describe as "choose your adventure & expect the randomness that's going to come for you" kind of game. Basically you play as a bunch of runaway teenagers both male & female that are trying to escape the country they're in, and the only way to do that is to get pass the border at Road 96. The adventures you get will be completely random & you'll meet a LOT of characters, each with their own interactions with your many characters. One of them is this....... lunatic taxi driver which has one of the SCARIEST bunch of sequences I have ever been a part of. They spook the hell out of me, but at the same time they're a lot of fun to do. And since each playthrough have you playing as a bunch of different people by design, unfortunately you can't make a deep connection with a single person, only see their story unfolding. Zoe's what I feel is the closest to a main character in this game, and even though I want to have her date my main character by the end of the crazy journey she's been through, that ain't possible at all.

Regardless, I came out of the game very satisfied with my whole journey. A bunch of my characters didn't make it out of Road 96 sadly because they died, or got put in prison from being captured, but at least some made it out alive. Farewell my good fellows, you all did the best you could ;( ;(

8) Omori

Omori (video game) - Wikipedia

Ohohoho boyyyyy, this game still stabs me in my heart & the wound is still there. :(

A damn good RPG maker game in development since 2014 & finally released in December 25 2020. But I refuse to believe that this was a Christmas game because of how FUCKED UP it is. I mean just....... look at this game trailer & you'll see what I mean.

Yeaahhhhhh. It is exactly as unsettling as it seems. All that colorful happy stuff? LIES I TELL YA, this game will make you sad & it will kick you so hard down your face. Sure there's a couple of funny stuff put in that's charming, but the dark stuff straight out of Yume Nikki will kick you HAAARRRDDD. Play the game & find out yourself cause I ain't spoiling anything. All I can say is, prepare to be sad, and love it.

7) Persona 5 Strikers 


Ahhhh, this is a good palate cleanser after Omori. Which was what I actually played right after playing that depressing ass game. The good old Persona 5 gang is back & this is another one of their nice adventure, accompanied by new companions, a surprisingly good gameplay mechanic from the dev behind the monotonous Dynasty Warriors series where they actually make the game NOT monotonous & have it be a Persona game with a bit of Dynasty Warriors gameplay only & the soundtrack which completely destroys the original soundtrack out of the water & is better in every single way possible. I legit have most of the battle songs of this game in my battle playlist & I still use them when I feel like jammin when playing fighting games. And it's beautiful. Shame that even though Royal happened, Sumire wasn't in the game since by this time she's traveling internationally, and there's vague hints of Royal, but maybe they'll show up in the next adventure before Persona 6. Can't wait to see what's next with this series!

6) Deathloop

Deathloop - PS5 Games | PlayStation (Australia)

The next game behind the devs of the Dishonored series. Funny enough, when this game was first announced at Bethesda's E3 in 2019, I was one of the few people who actually am a bit excited for this game because of how neat it is. Of course back then I was still 50-50 since I thought it'll be a multiplayer PVP game without story, but thankfully the full game is really freaking good. Cause it's a more modern Dishonored without non lethal option, a damn good use of the time loop mechanic that gives you many interesting ways to play the game like it's Hitman, but with more Dishonored funkyness, a surprisingly fun way to give incentive for playing multiplayer, and a really good lore & world to explore. Mix that all together, and you get a damn good game. It's quite unfortunate that the game will get repetitive as you repeat the same loop for the 20th time, but once you end the game, you'll leave satisfied & can't wait to see what's next from the dev. Whatever it will be, I'll be on board!

5) Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart 

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart - Exclusive PS5 Games | PlayStation - PS5 Games  | PlayStation®

The latest in the Ratchet & Clank series & one of the very few games at the moment that shows the power of PS5. And it is........ beautiful. The adaptive trigger is...... getting some time to get used to even though I've been playing my PS5 a lot, but once it clicks & the game goes ham on the weaponry & set pieces, OOOHH man it clicks. The game's story is the latest in the series where Clank's Dimensionator went haywire & he opened up rifts that send both him & Ratchet to an alternate dimension where Dr Nefarious got all "Heaven Ascension Dio" and actually takes over his world. And this dimension has a gender inverted counterpart of Ratchet & Clank too, Rivet & Kit. And the usual adventure begins.

This game is more of Rivet's game than Ratchet since she has her entire backstory & character development explored in this game, though both of them definitely have equal time with their missions that let them do a lot of cool stuff. And even though this game is the latest in the series, I definitely think its after the remake, which also caught up to speed with the other games in the series since Clank told Rivet "Ratchet never had a distrust of machines when we first met". And that is definitely not the case with the very original Ratchet where he was a complete DIIIIICKKKK.

Basically, this game is what happens if you multiply the good parts of the 2016 remake, amplify them & add dimension travel + REALLY fun set pieces, while also having the funny moments that was missing in the remake. And what you get is one of the best games in the series. Highly recommend this game. Definitely a great game to own on PS5.

4) RE8

Resident Evil 8 Village logo png by xGamergreaserx on DeviantArt

This game is so damn good. Basically make RE7 bigger with RE4 treasure hunting + gun upgrade mechanic, then add House Beneviento which is one of the best sections of the series that outscares most of the moments in the previous games, and THEN have it be fun ass hell from beginning to the end, with one of the best endgame section in the series. Sadly we don't have Joe Baker or Jake killing enemies with their bare hands like badass men, buuuut I am patiently waiting for the DLC for that to happen. Now I can't wait to see what's next in the future DLC & in 9, or if rumors are correct, the RE4 remake. OOOh boy I can't wait for Leon to wreck shit up!

3) Inscryption

Inscryption on Steam

When I saw this game being announced & I saw that this game was from the same dev as Pony Island, I knew this game will be special. Sure enough, many people loved this game on Steam, and once I played it myself, it is exactly as good as I thought it would be. I will not spoil any of the good stuff I experienced in this game, all I can say is you gotta play it yourself & be surprised.


The best part about this game though is unlike Pony Island & the Hex which were the dev's previous games where they're more of a compilation of neat games put into one, this game's all about the very solid card system that is always really fun to play. When you fail a run & get a new card on your deck & you're closer than ever to beating the game, and THEN the game throw you even more surprises without losing the core gameplay card building mechanic, that is when you know you're playing something special. And I am actually very excited for the next game in the series since now I know that all 3 games so far are part of 1 big universe. Whatever their next game is, I am looking forward to it!

2) Great Ace Attorney Chronicles

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles for Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Game  Details

Hands down, one of the very best Ace Attorney games out there. Yes technically this game wasn't even from 2021 & more like games from 2015 & 2017 mixed to one, BUT they fully translate it in 2021, make both games into a single epic adventure that actually is appropriate as a single game, and HOT DAMN. I still have great fond memories of the amazing final 4 chapters of this 10 chapter game.

If I actually played the 2015 original Japanese version & didn't play the next game until 2 years later, I would not think so fondly of this game, but experiencing all 10 chapters in one game like this truly amplifies the awesomeness of this game. A must play for any Ace Attorney fans out there & WHERE'S THE NEXT ACE ATTORNEY GAME GIVE IT TO ME NOWWWWWWWWW

1) Lost Judgment


I am so fucking pissed that this game is not nominated for anything in the game awards. ROBBERY. This game is undeniably the best goddamn game of 2021. An amazing game in the Yakuza series, while also having one of the best story of the entire series full of depths that makes you actually side with both Yagami & the villains, AND the best soundtrack of 2021 bar none. This was so goddamn good, that I played this game on PS4 till the end, and then when I finally got my PS5 on December last year, I replayed it all over again & was so damn happy with how much better it plays on PS5. If you have not played the first Judgment, play it then play this game. If you have not played the Yakuza series before, play it. If you played Lost Judgment & am pissed as well that it's not nominated for any award at the game award, I KNOW YOUR FEELING AOSDNOASDOASMOSDMSMGKDFLDGLGG 



That's 2021 in a nutshell. I have high hopes for 2022, especially since the games I want this year are all in February which makes me sad cause my wallet will cry. BUT I'LL BE WAITING PATIENTLY DAMN IT, 1 MORE MONTH TO GO YEAAAAAHHHHHHH


Also if you have your own personal top games & are not a mindless bot + asshole spammer, share it here. :) 

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