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Polygon PS4 review is up

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A really nicely constructed page, people should view it just to see how beautiful it is.

So after spending some time with the PS4, the guys at Polygon finally talk about their experiences. They talk about the hardware and its design, the new Dualshock 4 (there's two pictures of DS3 and DS4 overlapping and you can slide one over the other to compare yourself), the brand new OS, Playstation Network and Store, the PS Camera, the setup patches and performance, the Vita Remote Play, the launch lineup, and of course problems they had with new console and its design implementations. There's also a video review at the page, but I recommend reading the whole written reviewto get a better opinion of the console.


There's also a score but I don't really understand how you can score a console before it even becomes available to the public. They don't specify if it's only for the hardware aspect of the PS4 and I doubt it is. I hope though they keep updating the review as more people get access to the console and the usability of its features becomes more clear (video streaming, remote playing lag etc.)

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I don't really like scores with consoles, as features in a console will not be as attractive to some people than to others. Also, the idea of scoring a console because of it's launch lineup and games is quite unfair, when you are reviewing the console you review for it's performance, hardware, interface, controller and features, not the games it comes with, seeing as not everyone will like like/dislike the same games, they said Killzone and Knack are ok games, but for others they could be amazing or great. In the end, it's good to know how the PS4 performs before launch and now I fell more confident of buying one.

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Good to hear the controller is an improvement. None of the negatives I saw were anything I would care about.

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