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Angry Army Guild?

6 posts in this topic

Hi guys I'm new to AJSA and I wanted to know if there's a Angry Army guild in GW2?

Anyway, I'm looking for an active guild and people to play with. :)

My homeworld is Underworld..

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There was a guild but it failed because Joe had to go on with his job. But there is a poll for what server they want to put up there new guild so its going to be awesome. Also we are probably be heavy on WvW.

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That poll is useless though which has been brought up by more than one person.  Due to latency issues alone we shouldn't force NA to play on EU server or EU players to play on NA servers.  There needs to be two polls, one for the top 20 NA servers based on world rank and one for the top 20 servers based on EU rank.  Also bear in mind that high ranked servers have to put up with more of a wait time if you are wvw focused.  I'm on Stormbluff Isle currently and its generally a 3 hour wait in the queue if you don't get in the first rush on rollover and at least a half an hour wait during prime time the rest of the week.  SBI is only silver ranked for the season and ranked 7th overall according the leaderboards currently.  I wouldn't want to see what the T1 servers have for queues.

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No because the guild hasn't been reformed yet.  At this point there is no AJSA guild at least in NA, someone created one on Piken Square in the EU, there are the remnants of the old AA from when Joe first reviewed the game, but the community fell apart when he could no longer play because he had to move on.

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