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Hated C&C 4? Send me to EA!

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Now for everyone who has played through the command and conquer series will know that command and conquer has had a rough road since C&C 4 Tiberium Twilight. 

This franchise has turned from one of the best RTS games to an after thought. The series has more potential then that. Victory studios has final say with the franchise as far as I know, and C&C's future in unclear.

This series does not deserve to simply die off and disappear. the past couple years it has been rough but there is still hope in this series.

For many, this series was the first RTS games any of us had ever played, and we seen it grow and improve as time gone on.

Command and Conquer Tiberum dawn: the first mainstream RTS, it opened the door for a new Genre of gaming, and ultimately inspired Warcraft, Starcraft and many other games to come into existence. This game introduced strategic planning and organization to achieve a goal. Introduced an interesting universe with a resource known as "Tiberium." and a mysterious backstory and a brilliant villain, Kane. The story has Grown in complexity as it moved on and with the conclusion of C&C 3 Tiberium wars/Kanes wrath, it built up for a finale that could tie all loose ends, open the doors for larger scale battles, and more.


The series has only gotten better, Until C&C 4. C&C online could have been interesting, but it had its issues. 

Seems to me like EA had simply ran out of ideas and options and it is backfiring heavily. If they want Command and conquer to continue being successful, it is time they get a few members of the C&C community who are long time fans of the series to assist with the development and concept and story of the next C&C game. They will require outside help. 


A friend and I had worked on our own storyboard to how we believe the story should have ended. how the campaigns for C&C 4 SHOULD have played out for all 3 factions. Yes, the Scrin would return. Thought up gaming mechanics, game modes and more. Several game modes based on fan-made multiplayer modes from the old games like Red alert 2 and Tiberian sun. 


I won't reveal much as of right now, but I may with time, as responses and support grows. 

I am NOT asking for any money. all I ask is for your verbal, written support to send me to EA, have them notice and listen and allow my friend and I assist in the development, concept and story of a C&C 4 remake. Let them know that this series has a strong following. That its community is open to the possibility of a remake from scratch. This game cannot die yet. We grown up with this series and we know it deserves more. If EA sees the support, then hopefully they will see the potential of a reboot, and end the series right. 


Now, I am not a programmer, artist, or professional in any field, but I know the lore, and I know the story. I can  point them in the right direction, if given the opportunity. 

Trust in me and give me your written support, and I can be your words and hands and ears, and as a community we can make this series strong again. 


I ask the support of the Angry army to help make this possible. Now this is not the only reason why I am here on this site, Angry joe is a great reviewer and helped influence me to get games like Guild Wars 2 and Battlefield 3. If I can get a chance to play a game or two with the Angry army that would be awesome, but back to the issue at hand: 

So please, like, share and spread this post: http://www.commandandconquer.com/forums/index.php/topic/32719-send-me-to-ea-for-cc/ let them see it and send me to EA!


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