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The Pinball Arcade

2 posts in this topic

If you ever played pinball machines (or even if you never played one), check out Pinball Arcade, free on Steam!
(This is more of a demo mode though. You get one free machine.)

Considering how much it cost to play back then for the real deal (between AU$1 to 2 a credit), AU$4.99 for one machine (or Seasons at about AU$22!) it's a bargain!

The act of getting pinball machine ROMs and recreating the tables was around by using VBPinball and PinMAME together, but in an illegal and annoyingly hard way to accomplish. Farsight plan to recreate all the greats and the memorable tables inbetween.

If you like STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION or TERMINATOR 2 you're in luck! That's two of the ones already made!
There are a few gems in the unknowns too, and Farsight let you try them all (up to a score point - get too high? Prompt saying "Buy or Quit"). A good demo mode where you get to feel the table, see how it is.

And you get challenges too. Typical goals and Wizard goals (No, not like D&D. Think "Pinball Wizard by The Who).
(And for the achievement junkies, 117 SO FAR. High Scores, Goals, etc.)

It's a wierd kind of F2P, but it is, kind of F2P with monetization if you want the game free of "score's too high" death.

A lot of nostalgia, but even for me, I'm a 80s kid who played a LOT of the last big ones, and I'm finding tables that never made it here!

The physics are solid, and it even plays on a XBOX360 controller well!
(LT/RT triggers = flippers, A or right stick for ball hitter [?], left stick for thumping the table around!)

Give it a go, you may find you like the old school pinball/nostalgia!
(I'm now pestering them for Back To The Future, Doctor Who, Demolition Man and Addams Family. Although the last one might be a pain to get rights to thanks to Raul Julia's family...OF COURSE!)

STEAM Store Link:


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Huh...nobody went to check this out?

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