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Kingdom Hearts Character Creator!

4 posts in this topic

I don't know if this topic is okay here, or if it belongs somewhere in the gaming topic. But, I hope it works here! So, since Kingdom Hearts 3 is currently being developed, I figured I would give this thing a try. Create your own Kingdom Hearts character. Give your own character his or her own cool description. Here I'll start.


If I were a keyblade wielder, my keyblade would be Kingdom Key D, the only D I'd ask for. Totally straight by the way. I would have a black hoodie on, brown cargo pants, fingerless black gloves, and grey boots, and a black headband around my forehead.


Can't wait to see what you guys put!

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Mine would dual wield Oblivion and DarkBlade, he would wear the Nobodies' clothing but shorter and with bunny ears on the hoodie and wearing black pants, he would wear a medical eye-patch. As for characteristics he would have a red eye (he lost the other one) and his personality would be chaotic evil, doing whatever he wants just to have fun.

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I'd be a key blade master that actually looked like a dude and then I'd would go smoke weed with Goofy cuz you know that nigga's holding.

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Screw keyblades I'm not into the whole Kingdom Hearts franchise as well but I made myself into a FFVIII character once and since Squall (Leon or whatever) is in this game I would look something like this


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